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Andiev Soslan Petrovich

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, two-time Olympic champion)

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Biography Andiev Soslan Petrovich
photo Andiev Soslan Petrovich
Born April 21, 1952 in Vladikavkaz (Republic of North Ossetia - Alania). Father - Peter Andiev Ahmetovich (1905g.rozhd.). Mother - Andiev Natalia Danflovna (1909g.rozhd.). Wife - Andiev-Phalagova Lina V. (1955g.rozhd.). Daughters: Zarina (1978g.rozhd.), Maria (1980g.rozhd.), Lina (1985g.rozhd.). Son - George (1992g.rozhd.).

Knights of the Ossetian land is not uncommon. Was a strong man and Peter Andiev, the father of the future Olympic champion. Peter Ahmetovich with growth of 2 meters 18 centimeters weighed 136 kilograms. Fascinated weightlifting and wrestling sports, no time was an absolute champion of the North Caucasus against. At the factory met with a Russian girl Natalia, this Kuban Cossack.

In a family of four children grew Andiev. Svetlana beauty and stateliness went to the mother, and Gennady, Sergei and exiled - in the hero-father. Older sons father has identified the fight, but the youngest of his son in sports did not have time to enter. Soslan was only 8 years old when his father was no. Taking care of the family fell on the shoulders of his elder brother Gennady.

Following the family tradition Gennady and Sergey were in the heavyweight division, were the champions of the RSFSR, winners of national championship. "I was 12 years old, when Gene firmly took my arm and led him to Aslanbek Z. Dzgoevu - recalls exiled P.. - In the sixth grade, I already weighed 85 kilograms, was plump, fat man and do not really want to engage in struggle, then I liked basketball. But the elder brothers and hear about basketball did not like: "All Andiev - wrestlers! And you must be a fighter!" So Soslan Andiev got to one of the founder of the Ossetian school fight and one of the most famous coaches in the country. All the strongest masters of North Ossetia, the country's champions, champions and Olympic medalists and world tournaments have passed through the hands Aslanbek Dzgoeva.

Five years after the start of training Soslan Andiev claimed his first significant victory - won the world championship for youth in the U.S. (1969). Soslan trainer was his brother, Gennadi. Two older brothers were sparring partners Jr.. In 1971, all three of them fought for the championship of the RSFSR and occupied the whole wrestling pedestal: Gennadiy - champion, Sergey - the second, Soslan - third. A unique achievement to surpass that hardly anyone will.

1973. The first USSR championship in wrestling, in which the invincible Alexander Medved played the role of arbitrator. 20-year-old exiled Andiev becomes a champion. Shortly before this team was headed by the Soviet Union Yuri Shakhmuradov. He took a newcomer to the world championship. Fighting baptism took place in Tehran. The Iranians have called the new world champion Soslan Andiev second Bear ...

In 1974, exiled Andiev Gorski graduated from an agricultural institute, began work on his thesis "The economy of collective farms in North Ossetia, but did not defend it: I saw that there could no team without a fight. In 1975 Andiev was hired by the Interior Ministry of North Ossetia as an inspector for the sport and worked there until 1989.

At the Olympic carpet Montreal (1976) referred Andiev went quadruple champion of the USSR, twice champion of the world. High (198 cm), slim and impetuous, he wove the carpet "Ossetian lace, of the loops which his rivals could not get out. Compared with its sinewy 130-pound opponents of the 108-pound Andiev looked like a skinny boy. But he fought remarkably. Spent six bouts - four wins and two net scores on. In the final, defeated a fighter from the GDR Roland Gerke with a score of 22:9.

In the period between the two Olympiads Soslan Andiev much to fill his collection of awards, and the Moscow Olympic carpet-80 national team brought the Soviet Union in wrestling as captain. And again he was not equal. Five fights - five wins. Cricket calm, confident, powerful. And then - podium and tired smile twice Olympic champion Soslan Andiev.

The style of fighting Andiev testified to his excellent technique, a wise tactic, uncommon, seemingly invisible force and courage. He never pulled cautious fancy manoeuvers scores of rivals, was always aimed at tight contact. Elegant Soslan Andiev not frighten the already terrified by the enemy, and gently caught him on the "mill" or throw hooks with his feet outside, and then simply carried out the coup, seizing the leg.

In 1984, exiled Andiev preparing to speak at the Olympics in Los Angeles, but fate decreed otherwise. In the U.S., the Soviet Olympic delegation did not fly, and in 1985 Andiev became a coach, leading the Soviet team in wrestling. "On the role of coach is difficult to get used to. But no other way to see. It turned out that I can not without a sense of struggle, without a carpet, to whom he gave many years of life, "- said at the time Andiev. As a coach, exiled P. has done much to ensure that the national team retained the traditions of friendship, mutual support and the high demands of himself, the traditions, which cemented the staff team for many years. Work in a team Soslan Andiev was successful, national school fight constantly prove their superiority in the world. But in 1989 he was offered a worrisome position of the Chairman of State Committee of North Ossetia, and he took this post.

In the history of the development of physical culture and sports of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania last decade, is considered the most fruitful and effective. And in this great merit Soslan Andiev. In the sphere of his attention and care, almost all spheres of activity - from mass health physical education to high achievement sports. As a result, summary measures of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic came in and remained stable in the Top Ten in Russia. One example of this - successful presentation team of North Ossetia-Alania in Russia I Spartakiada workers, . all sports games of the North Caucasian, . brilliant performances at the world championships, . Europe and Russia freestyle wrestlers, . judoka, . athletes, . football, . horsemen, . Rifles, . volleyball, . billiards players, . armrestlerov, . thekvandistov and other athletes,
. Climbers North Ossetia during this period twice conquered Everest and all the highest peaks of the Pamir and Caucasus. In the national team of Russia on sports constantly appear up to 60 athletes Ossetia. At the Olympics of 1992 and 1996 athletes of the republic won 4 gold and 2 silver medals. In all, between 1990 and 2000 championships and world championships they have won 102 of the top awards.

Of particular concern for the Minister of SP Andiev shows the status and quality of sports reserve Republic. He manages, despite financial problems, while maintaining the network and Coach SDUSHOR, with open 3 new sports schools. Total international sports, sports clubs and sections of the small Caucasus republic are engaged more than 30 thousand people.

As an outstanding athlete and organizer of sport, SP Andiev included in the executive committee of the National Olympic Committee of Russia. From 1990 to 1997 he was vice president of the NOC

. SP Andiev - two-time Olympic champion (1976, . 1980), . four-time world champion (1973, . 1975, . 1977, . 1978), . World Championship silver medalist (1974), . World Cup winner (1973, . 1976, . 1981), . European Champion (1974, . 1975, . 1982), . won the Olympics of the USSR (1975), . Champion of the USSR (1973-1978, . 1980), . winner of the absolute primacy of the USSR in freestyle wrestling (1976),
. He - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1973), Honored coach of Russia (1988), Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia and the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (1993).

Awarded the Labor Red Banner (1980), Friendship of Peoples (1976), Friendship (1993), the medal "For Labor", the Golden Order of the International Federation of freestyle wrestling FILA. Has the rank of Major internal service.

Family, loved children - the main thing in life Andiev. Home Soslan Petrovich, as this Ossetians, always full of guests. Leisure occupy his book Chekhov Dzh.Londona, O'Henry, music (he is - loyal fan of "Beatles"), theater, billiards.

Lives and works in the city of Vladikavkaz.

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    Andiev Soslan Petrovich, photo, biography
    Andiev Soslan Petrovich, photo, biography Andiev Soslan Petrovich  Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, two-time Olympic champion, photo, biography
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