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Venhlynsky Gennady Petrovich

( Director-General of the sports complex of Olympic Village, president of the social protection of athletes named after Lev Yashin.)

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Biography Venhlynsky Gennady Petrovich
photo Venhlynsky Gennady Petrovich
Born May 10, 1941, Mr.. in Moscow. Father - Venhlynsky Petr Ivanovich (1910-1994). Mother - Sychev Fedotovna Zinaida (1918-1997). Wife - Tomeeva Olga (rod.20.08.1946), the music teacher in kindergarten. Son - Venhlynsky Roman G. (1968 g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Military Institute, worked as an investigator military prosecutor, Major Justice. Daughter - Anastasia Venhlynsky Gennadievna (1976 g.rozhd.), A graduate of the Academy of Law. Grandson - Danila.

Childhood Gennady took place in Sokolniki, where his parents had lived, grandfather, grandmother. The area had an amazing aura - warm, friendly - and thus differed famous in the postwar years all over Moscow hooligan tradition. Disassembly, knifing, punks ... In these circumstances, in order to survive physically, we had to be strong and be able to strike back. This resulted in a section of freestyle wrestling "Junior" Dinamo ", where Gennady joined with his friends.

He was lucky with the coaches, especially with the famous Andrei Sergeyevich Chelidze, who has trained many fine artists. Under his leadership, Gennadi to 18 years became the champion of the USSR (1959), winner of Games of the peoples of the USSR, the master of sports (1960), Instructor of Sport of the Moscow City Council "Dinamo" (1960). He is famous for its fighting spirit, his way of fighting differed high elegance, soft plastic movements, as much as possible in such a hard form of martial arts, like wrestling.

Cases in sport were very nice. Gennady joined the national team. Served on the rug with the most famous fighters of the Soviet Union and the world, took part in many international competitions and, turn to him the fate probably could have become a world champion. But it so happened that his future athletic career unfolded, first on the social life, and then the administrative and economic, in which he was not parting with sports, has created a very good name and the highest authority.

In 1965, Mr.. GP Venhlynsky finishes school coaches in the same year he was elected as secretary of the Komsomol "Dinamo" and then chairman of the Leningrad district sports committee (1968-1973 gg.). In this capacity, GP Venhlynsky worked for five years while earning degree in teaching in the department Malakhovsky Smolensky Institute of Physical Culture (1965-1971 gg.). While working in the sports committee, he gained invaluable experience in various events, including mass. For example, when Moscow Athlete Day is held annually, there was no stadium or swimming pool, where there were organized to massive competition. Carried out even a competition as to who better to celebrate this day. And, as a rule, in Moscow there was no equal Leningrad district, Sports Committee headed by then honorary Master of Sports of the USSR GP Venhlynsky.

Continuing to move up the career ladder as a sports functionary (in 1973-1975. He was elected Vice-Chairman of the Moscow City Council's "Spartacus", and from 1975 to 1980. works as the chief specialist of the Organizing Committee Olympic Games-80 and deputy mayor of the Olympic Village), continues its activities in the field of freestyle wrestling, . as arbitrator, . received first-Union category (1975), . and then the international category (1979),
. He was elected chairman of the All-Russia panel of judges.

Olympic Games in Moscow during their preparation and conduct became fatal in the life of GP Venhlynsky. From 1980 to 1981. He worked as General Director of the sports complex of Olympic Village. The very status of this post talking about extremely intense, very complex and important area of GP Venhlynsky as sports manager of high international level.

Since 1981, Mr.. it is transferred to work in the system of Moscow City, and he for 12 years, is the deputy manager of country facilities major metropolitan departments. In the period of work in this capacity, GP Venhlynsky without interruption from work graduated from the Higher Economic Courses of the USSR State Planning Committee (1983-1985 gg.). However, as the judge did not miss a single USSR Championship, European Championship and World. In the same period GP Venhlynsky elected chairman of the board of the coaching Wrestling Federation Moscow. Under his leadership, the combined team of the capital took to the sports meeting of the USSR second. It was the undoubted achievement, as well as Moscow's fighters have never until now did not rise to this level. For this achievement he was awarded top mark of the USSR State Sports Committee.

In 1993, Mr.. Life returns GP Venhlynsky the Olympic Village. He was appointed Director General of Sports Complex. By this time the complex has come almost to decline. Affected by deficiencies in writing during the Olympic Village. Had to carry out a deep reconstruction of the sports economy, . repaired numerous gyms, . where wrestlers compete, . volleyball, . football, . unique pool for diving and synchronous swimming, . soccer fields, . tennis courts - all this in order to attract boys and girls in sports, . provide opportunities for adults, . older people do their health,

Today sports complex on Michurinskom Avenue - is a 128 health groups, which are engaged in swimming, shaping, rhythm, figure skating, tennis, and wrestling is about 130 thousand children and adults in the year. Here are regularly arranged sessions are free for pensioners and disabled people, for young people to "Chernobyl". Under the wing of the GP Venhlynsky found shelter for children's sport club Olympics, women's football team "Katyusha", already visited more than 20 countries, including the United States and Canada, the club runs. On the basis of the sports complex of Olympic Village trains one of the leaders of the world mini-football team of the Moscow "Dina". Support the school N714, with its predilection for Sambo

. For modern domestic business practices, it seems unbelievable, . but this fact: CEO sports complex did not surrender a single meter of their premises for businesses - car dealerships, . Fair, . Markets, . Offices, . Although proposals have been plenty,
. Sometimes confronted with the harsh criminal situation. But even after this GP Venhlynsky not succumbed to pressure and temptation, and continues to engage in the development of physical and sports facilities of the Olympic Village with the desire to make it one of the most modern in Moscow.

Since 1994. He headed a charitable fund of social protection of athletes named after Lev Yashin. This fund assists the outstanding sportsmen of Russia retired from the big sport and find themselves in very difficult economic conditions. Among them are world-famous athletes E. Mukhin, V. Brumel, N. Balboshin etc.. Fund is well-known athletes, wrestlers Y. Vorobiev, A. Sukhanov, football player and coach K. Beskov, biathlete Tikhonov, widow of the great athletes V. Yashin, E. Bobrov, folk artist LV Rumin, V. Tolkunova and many others. Subject charity, patronage has become a GP Venhlynsky not simply an internal need, but also professional business.

Since 1995, Mr.. Fund has become the organizer and sponsor of the relay race performer on the Garden ring in the prizes from the newspaper "Evening Moscow". This mass sports festival, held annually in the capital for decades, because of the financial crisis threatened to cease to exist. GP Venhlynsky revived Muscovites favorite sporting event. Among the projects fund, aimed at maintaining the morale of the athletes and not only, not small and very original projects. Thus, the fund held in the evening on the anniversary of the entry screen films about sport. It is loved by many generations of Soviet people pictures "goalkeeper" and "The first glove". Holidays have become a tradition, which organizes the fund for the children of employees of the Ministry of the Interior, affected the performance of official duties. Each of the boys, but they happen on holidays for a few hundred, the fund gives tracksuits firm Adidas. In the Variety Theater in 1994 and 1998. Fund held competitions "Sports Song", on which the very famous and very young singers, composers, poets sang songs about sports. The Foundation also provides specific support to young musicians. Bidders Tchaikovsky, the best violin master, pianist and vocalist, on behalf of the Fund were awarded to reputable award. How precious relic is considering GP Venhlynsky icon of the Holy Gennady, who handed him over charitable assistance Holy Trinity Church cemetery at Pyatnitskaya

. The main purpose and meaning of their lives GP Venhlynsky sees in giving this sport sound, . where the stars of domestic and world sport, . such as Alexander Karelin, . Vyacheslav Fetisov, . would have been real heroes of the nation, . helped the younger generation to find their way in life, . be healthy and strong,

GP Venhlynsky has the honorary title of "Outstanding Physical Culture and Sports" (1971), "Honored Worker of Physical Education" (1994). Government of Russia highly appreciated the contribution of GP Venhlynsky in the revival of traditional sports, training athletes, successful at the Olympics in Atlanta and awarded him the Medal of Honor. He was awarded medals "In memory of the 100 th anniversary of VI Lenin", "Veteran of Labor" and "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow". He was a deputy of the Leningrad District Council of Moscow (XI and XII convocations), ran for the State Duma of the university district of Moscow. He is currently chairman of the Public Council of the Academy of Management Ministry of Russia, a member of the board sports committee of Moscow, a member of the board of the newspaper "Sport Moscow. In 1998. thesis for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences, published Instructions and guidelines for the selection and special psychophysical training of judges in race against the responsible competition (1998).

Likes to go to the bath. In leisure time he likes to read books on the history of Russia, works by Pushkin and Esenina, listen to music of Tchaikovsky. Favorite movie - "Nine Days in One Year. Favorite artists - Cherkasov, Stolyarov, Leonov, Kryuchkov. Among the sporting passions, but to fight, football, especially in the performance of the Moscow Dynamo.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, Michurinskij Ave., Olympic Village-2, a sports complex. Tel.: (+7-095) 437-19-66

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Venhlynsky Gennady Petrovich, photo, biography
Venhlynsky Gennady Petrovich, photo, biography Venhlynsky Gennady Petrovich  Director-General of the sports complex of Olympic Village, president of the social protection of athletes named after Lev Yashin., photo, biography
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