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Gresko Alexander

( President of the Regional Charity Foundation "The Foundation of the Olympic program ')

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Biography Gresko Alexander
photo Gresko Alexander
Born March 24, 1937 in the city Yampol Vinnitsa region of Ukraine in the family of a soldier. Father - Alex Nikiforovich (1907 - 1972). Mother - Anna Ambrosievna (1912g.rozhd.) Resides in the Ukraine. Wife - Gresko Valentina (1947g.rozhd.), Works as a teacher. Son - Maxim (1967g.rozhd.).

Graduated College Soroksky kultprosvetraboty Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (1951-1954), Moscow Institute of Culture (1955-1959), Union Academy of Foreign Trade (1979-1981), as well as a course of Informatics, University of London School of Economics (1968).

During the final year of the Moscow Institute of Culture has been appointed Chairman of the sports committee of the town of Khimki, Moscow region, then transferred to work in the Moscow Komsomol. From 1962 to 1965 - instructor and deputy head of the department of sports and military-media work of the Central Committee of Komsomol.

As a student during their work in Moscow and the Central Komsomol headquarters proved to be not only a versatile athlete, but also a good organizer of recreational and sports activities among children and youth.

He was one of the initiators and organizers of mass child first competition "Leather Ball" and "Golden Puck". Many useful and worked in various sports federations in the country as a representative of the Komsomol Central Committee, participated in the preparation of national teams of the Soviet Union to the Olympic Games.

In 1968 he was sent to work in the Soviet Embassy in London as secretary to the foreign policy of England. His short diplomatic career was interrupted by a provocation by the British authorities expelled from England in 1971, a large group of employees of the Soviet institutions.

Since 1972, AA Gresko worked as deputy head of international sports ties of the USSR Sports Committee. It possessed extraordinary powers of negotiation in conflict situations related to the first meeting of our hockey team of professionals from Canada.

As a "sports ambassador" to focus on efforts to improve the credibility and strengthen the position of Soviet sport in the international arena, its representatives in the international sports organizations

. Among his "austere" this time - the initiative and develop a plan of "landing" in Moscow, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip, on his plane en route from London to Kiev for the European Championship in equestrian sport in 1973
. The emergence of the "Red Moscow" member of the royal family, . his visits, . Even as the president of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports leaders of the regime, . shot the royal family, . was the first precedent in overcoming the existing English court refusing to go to the contacts with the official authorities of the Soviet Union,

Special place in the work of AA Gresko is the promotion of candidacy of the city of Moscow as a potential organizer of Olympics. As secretary, he led the apparatus created for this purpose of the Preparatory Committee on the nomination of Moscow as the host city XXII Olympic Games in 1980. The delegation consisted of the Olympic Committee of the USSR and the Moscow City Council at the IOC session in Vienna in 1974, Alexander Gresko successfully defended the right of the capital of the USSR and has since worked the executive secretary of the Organizing Committee of XXII Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow. Here in the Organizing Committee responsible for formulating the ceremonial torch relay, as well as opening and closing of the Olympic Games.

Since 1990 he worked as Deputy Director General of electronic "Olympic Lottery".

In February 1997, AA Gresko was elected Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Russia, and from November 1999 to become President of the Regional Public Charitable Foundation Fund of the Olympic program ".

A. Gresko - Member of the Executive Committee of the Olympic Committee of Russia. In different years was a member of the Presidium of the Federation of the USSR on football, boxing, athletics, hockey. In 1970 - 1971 years - a member of the Royal Tennis Club in London.

He is the author of several publications on the history of the Olympic movement, on the preparation of the Olympic Games in Moscow, the physical education of youth, the role of sport in promoting international cooperation. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of Russian billiards, president of the board of trustees of private pension fund "Perspective".

Organizational and creative work AA Gresko noted a number of state awards. For contribution to the development of sport and Olympic movement in the country, he was awarded the highest award of the Olympic Committee of Russia - the golden sign of Merit.

Sports for AA Gresko not only the main area of activity, but also the favorite activity: tennis, basketball. He is an avid hunter, but in a good company is ready to look like a gun, without claiming to be bound by the success.

In addition to the universal interest in the sport, especially in sports of higher achievements, like Driving, enjoys gardening and vegetable beds, a good cook, loves her cat, Richie.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Gresko Alexander, photo, biography
Gresko Alexander, photo, biography Gresko Alexander  President of the Regional Charity Foundation "The Foundation of the Olympic program ', photo, biography
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