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Vyacheslav Koloskov

( Rossiyskogo Football Union president, vice-president of the National Olympic Committee of Russia)

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Biography Vyacheslav Koloskov
photo Vyacheslav Koloskov
Born in Moscow on June 15, 1941. Father, Koloskov Ivan T. (1913-1992), - driver. His mother, Alexandra Koloskova Ilyinichna (1915g.rozhd.), Now retired. Wife, Koloskova Tatiana G. (1947g.rozhd.) - Deputy Director of the Historical Museum, the candidate of historical sciences. Sons, Vyacheslav Koloskov (1969g.rozhd.) - Vice President of Financial and Industrial Company Interhimproma; Koloskov Konstantin V. (1974g.rozhd.) - CFO U.S. Soccer Federation (Chicago). Grandson - Koloskov Nikita V. (1992g.rozhd.).

. After the war his father called to the front, and a mother with a two-month son was forced to go to the home of her husband in the evacuation area Kasimov, Ryazan region, where they spent about four years before returning to Moscow
. The family gathered together at the end of 1945, when Ivan T., the driver "Katyusha" (at the front was wounded), demobilized and returned home. He was awarded medals "For courage", "For the liberation of Budapest", "For the liberation of Bucharest", "For the liberation of Belgrade."

Boy in Izmailovo, where native Koloskov was freely: in the summer they played football in the winter - in Russian hockey. The first time with a professional football Vyacheslav met at 9 years old at the stadium, "Labor Reserves", . which still exist, . Two years later, first played in the championship of Moscow for the team boys club "Wings of the Soviets" (aircraft plant N 45),

Being drafted into the army, Koloskov was in a sports company famous Taman Division - played football and ice hockey championship MVO, was a team of district. Preparing to become a student of the Institute of Physical Education. In the third year of service passed the entrance exams, and then in connection with entering into higher education was prematurely discharged. Passion for football continued in the Institute of Physical Education - Koloskov immediately got into his first team, one of the strongest in the "Stormy Petrel". For four years she has won virtually every competition in which participated. Among the then partners Koloskova were the future prominent players, including Vadim Nikonov, Yuri Savchenko, who scored the winning goal in the final of the Cup of the USSR in 1976, not less known and in judging.

Koloskov continued to serve in the championship of Moscow for the "Wings" - a central defender, midfielder. Once he was assigned to take care of itself Streltsov, when he was the first time after a long break out on the field. And when the winter season begins, Koloskov became a hockey player - played for the second university team, also campaigned in the championship in Moscow

. The Institute Koloskov, . student of the Faculty of Education for the specialization "Football-Hockey", . was a prominent figure - YCL group, . Deputy Secretary of the Komsomol Committee Institute, . participated in KVN, . in student construction teams, . traveled with other students to organize sports activities in northern Kazakhstan,
. Vuz graduated with highest honors, after which he invited me Noginsky "Trud" (team grade "B"). He visited several training camp, but considered it unwise to 26 years to start career as a professional footballer. He preferred to go to graduate school. Here in his life intervened Mikhail Davidovich Tovarovsky, an outstanding teacher, one of the first theoreticians of the Soviet football. He invited Koloskova Department of the Institute of football, hockey. The youngest teacher was given a tough load - daily six o'clock in the afternoon class faculty and four - in an evening or correspondence. At this time Koloskova developed an interest in the advancement of the sport (from a scientific point of view). Famous Anatoly Tarasov, one of the students Tovarovskogo, suggested Koloskova not sprayed, but to concentrate on hockey, especially at that time in the USSR is not a single thesis on the theory of this game.

Competitions in hockey last year and eight months, meanwhile, sports a form of players, understandably, varies. No one yet knew how to manage it, how to ensure that a peak in the most responsible Tournaments. R, as seen, was at the junction with the physiology. As the experimental group was derived team CSKA Moscow, which had a lot of stars, including Alexander Ragulin, Anatoly Firsov, Boris Mikhailov, Valeri Kharlamov, Vladimir Petrov. At the training sessions and games for the hockey players were attached special devices for research.

B. Spikelet was first obtained by the so-called energy cost of exercise used in ice hockey. This is approximately 150 - 200 exercises on athleticism and about 100 different combinations on the ice. The coach, knowing the energy consumption by setting the required load, was able to plan the whole year training cycle. Vyacheslav brilliantly defended his thesis "Investigation of the conditions of maintaining a high performance gaming in a long-Competition" (supervisor - doctor of science, . Professor Leonid Matveyev, . opponent - a great coach Arkady Chernyshev), . received the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences,
. Continuing to work at the department, published two monographs, became a senior lecturer, associate professor. Later Koloskov was scientific leader of team "Wings of the Soviets" (Head Coach - Boris Kulagin), . which in 1974 made a double - has won the championship and Cup of the USSR, . Alexander and her trio Bodunov - Yuri Lebedev - Vyacheslav Anissine for several seasons was taking firm root in the USSR national team, . win the glory of one of the strongest in the country.,

. At the invitation of Valentine owl, the then head of winter sports, the Sports Committee of the USSR, Vyacheslav Ivanovich went to work for him coach and instructor for the scientific support and training of club teams hockey teams
. He then headed the department of hockey, eventually transformed into the management of hockey. During his team defeated the Soviet Union at the Olympics in 1976, . at the World Championships 1975, . 1978 and 1979 There was a famous hoax 'Cup Call, . when our boys in 1979 in a series of three meetings in New York on the ice at Madison Square Garden twice defeated the team of "Stars of the NHL", . and in the decisive third game abandoned six unanswered washers!,

. After that, Vyacheslav Ivanovich is appointed head of football administration, converted in 1987 to control the football and hockey Sports Committee of the USSR
. During these years the Soviet hockey is still the best in the world. Won the world and Europe in 1989 and 1990.

Successfully advocated and football team of the USSR. Olympic tournament is won in Seoul in 1988. At the European Championships the same year the team won the silver medal. In 1990, Koloskov was elected chairman of the Football Federation of USSR. In this position he finds the painful process of disintegration of the Soviet football, and by 1992, largely on his initiative and thanks to his vigorous action establishes Russia Football Union (RFU), which he heads as president. It is this union becomes the main tool in the development of national football.

In 2000 the RFU conference, where representatives of all regions of Russia, VI Koloskov almost unanimously re-elected President of the RFU. Earlier this year he was elected to another and vice-president of the National Olympic Committee of Russia.

. Koloskov gained enormous prestige in world football, his management structures - the International Football Federation and the European Football Union
. In 1980 - 1984 years he served as vice-president of FIFA. Since 1982, working in the FIFA Committee for Security and fair play. V. Koloskov chaired the FIFA Executive Committee for the Olympic Tournament 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000. In 1986 Koloskov oversaw the development of the game in the FIFA women, was a member of the organizing committee of the World Championships. July 1, 2000 re-elected to the executive committee of FIFA. His efforts marked the Order of FIFA.

. Koloskov - a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, . many years as president of the club committee was responsible for the conduct of the UEFA Cup, . committee headed by UEFA fair play, and since 2000, will represent the Board on the Committee for the development of football in some regions,
. VI Koloskov - Professor, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the RSFSR, was awarded medals of Friendship of Peoples, "Honor," For Service to the Fatherland "IV degree, was awarded the Olympic Order.

In his spare time he plays midfield on a soccer team of the Government of Moscow, as one of its founders (in 1994). He loves tennis, cross-country skiing (a 1 st level), mountain skiing.

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    Vyacheslav Koloskov, photo, biography
    Vyacheslav Koloskov, photo, biography Vyacheslav Koloskov  Rossiyskogo Football Union president, vice-president of the National Olympic Committee of Russia, photo, biography
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