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Kornienko Sergey

( President Athletic and Recreational enterprises 'IZMAILOVO', Academy of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences.)

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Biography Kornienko Sergey
photo Kornienko Sergey
Born September 25, 1957 in the city of Krasnodar Krai Krymsk. Father - Kornienko Vasily Ivanovich (1933-1983). Mother - Irina Kornienko losifovna (1935-1980). Wife - Elena Kornienko (1955g.rozhd.). Children: Tatiana Kornienko (1982g.rozhd.) Irina Kornienko (1983g.rozhd.).

City Life Crimea, which was born Sergey Kornienko, - is the life of a typical southern town. Her pulse was determined by the only major company, which employed virtually all the adult population - cannery. I hardly need to specifically describe the life of most citizens in these conditions.

Family itself Kornienko belonged to the few layer of intellectuals Crimean. Father was a teacher working in high school and saw their mission in teaching boys male areas: mechanics, carpentry, locksmith ... He tried to do everything in his power to prepare them for real life. Moreover, studies conducted on their own programs, often violated the instructions, for which he often battered teachers' meetings at school. And yet he constantly strove for something new. So it was with the school brass band. Father played bad many instruments and even wrote the score for his orchestra, . played at weddings, . anniversaries, . thereby helping the family to live out their fees and managed to save up for old "Moskvich", . whose appearance in town was almost an event,

Sergei's parents have since considered wealthy. Father of all his free time spent near the machine. He sometimes helped Sergey Kornienko, getting the first job skills. One day the father and son had a serious talk, when his father told the boy: "Life in our town is not too interesting, you should prepare yourself for a great life in the big city and the first thing to get an education".

Already in the 14 years he left the parental home. Since that time he began his independent life. In the city of Nevinnomyssk Stavropol Territory in 1973, he joined the Chemical Engineering College. To earn a living, he worked evenings porter instruments in a band, and then - sound engineer. This gave additional money and knowledge, not only in technology but also in communicating with people. Work-book for the boy in violation of the law has appeared in 15 years.

As a member of musical group, he participated in the All-Union review of amateur and, passing through all the rounds - and the city boundary, was the winner of the show. With this ensemble is connected and the first trip abroad. 16-year-old boy was a prize trip to Bulgaria in the tourist brigade of culture.

After college in 1977 Kornienko sent to work in the city of Nevinnomyssk to the factory foreman electric measuring instruments of production unit. Under his command at that time was more than 50 installers electro-radio equipment. This was my first real management of the labor collective. He went the length of military service, and although had the opportunity to get a respite, Kornienko decided to go into the army, because he was absolutely confident that in the Soviet Army - is a sacred duty of men to the motherland.

After six months, "SCHOOL" Sergei Kornienko, as the best sergeant, sent to Lviv, in an exemplary, demonstrative Iron Division. This division has come a long way to battle, embodied in our name - 24 Mechanized Samaro-Ulyanovsk, Berdychivska three times the Red Banner, Order of the October Revolution, Suvorov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky Infantry Division. From it came the outstanding commanders. Among them, Marshal Konev, military generals and officers, 17 Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Commanded a division in those years, Lieutenant General Igor Rodionov - the future Minister of Defense of Russia. It was then touched the fate of sergeant and commander, . to come together after two decades in Moscow, . the club "Iron Division", . which will be created in the mid 90-ies on the basis of Athletic and Recreational enterprise "Izmailovo", . which by this time headed by SV,
. Kornienko.

Service in the army was to Sergei excellent school, where he could express himself in different spheres. As a specialist in communications, a man who loves technology, he found great satisfaction in serving the communications company, servicing and repairing military equipment. He quoted the order as and appliances, taking over not only the duties. So, to ensure the soldier's table vegetables and vitamins, he built his drawings greenhouse. Paternal genes are prompted to focus on creating the music of pop group. Together with a group of soldiers - the music lovers Kornienko organized ensemble scarlet epaulets ", which gave concerts under the patronage of organizations and even performed at major venues, including the big stage of the Lviv Oblast Philharmonic. The ensemble played the officers' balls, soirees in the garrisons, spoke to the leadership of Carpathian Military District. So Kornienko mastered a new profession, which today is called "manager".

In 1978, Sergeant Kornienko, as the best company of soldiers, then the 7 th Regiment "Iron Division", was adopted as a candidate for membership of the CPSU. And when the division came to send a distribution list to study in Moscow at the Higher Komsomol School of the Central Committee of Komsomol of one man, the leadership of the division sent a sergeant Kornienko.

In 1979 and 1983, SV Kornienko is studying at HEC in the Komsomol Central Committee. During this period he met his fate - Helen. They were celebrating a wedding, they are born daughter the same age - Tatiana and Irina.

After graduating from HEC in the Komsomol Central Committee Kornienko sent to the post of instructor Perovsky District Komsomol Committee, Mr.. Moscow. Soon he was appointed head of the organizational department of the District Committee Perovsky.

At a salary of 130 rubles to feed the family could not. Had to get a night's work. Fate was favorable to Sergei Kornienko. He got to work "night-director" in Mosagroprom, where the leader was Yuri Luzhkov. It so happened that in addition to their duties nemudrenyh, Kornienko began to study the paperwork and came up with a number of improvements that were seen Luzhkov. With his filing SV Kornienko hire an assistant first deputy chairman Mosagroproma OA Viricheva (1986-1989). He suggested Kornienko do economic work in the laboratory of scientific organization of labor. Special knowledge is not enough, had to finish the evening courses All-Union Correspondence Institute for Agricultural and continue to attend graduate school distance trade Kiev Economic Institute. In preparing the dissertation published several scientific articles on problems of improving the organization of labor and production in agro-industrial complex.

As an assistant to one of the leaders Mosagroproma SV Kornienko, organized the supply of large quantities of food to Moscow from Ukraine and other republics of the. So he gained respect, the experience. Restructuring of the economic mechanism of managing the economy is not passed by SV Kornienko: he was increasingly aware that the structure of agricultural industry and others like it is just ordered to live long. In the system of trade union and Komsomol "establishment" of his future SV Kornienko not seen.

In one of the weekend winter days in 1989 SV Kornienko and his family went to a concert in a sports-entertaining complex "Izmailovo". Next to him was located stadium Stalinetz "which" fuse "in the soul of Sergei Vasilyevich. The stadium was in an extremely neglected state. However, the thirst for independence, the natural pressure, self-confidence suggested a solution - we must take the stadium in their hands. It became obvious that we must reject the stable salary of the Cabinet in the Executive Committee of the Moscow Soviet, personal "Volga" good "solder" and begin, in the fullest sense, to rake "Augean stables", which actually turned out to be "Stalinetz".

June 30, 1989 working group, headed by the new leader was in the stadium lease. It is at this time is a new countdown lives SV Kornienko, . - Path, . which he had his hands immediately start rukonstruktsiyu abandoned, . launched by the Ministry of Sports of the USSR Stadium, . find the arguments for the team and the arguments for bureaucrats,
. "Every member of the working group should become a director at his workplace - there is one law for all" - says President FOP Izmailovo SV. Kornienko. Had to go through dozens of committees of the various bodies that are literally on the hands and feet tied young businessman and his team.

Looking at his biography in this period, we restrict telegraphic style. More than 11 years of the last period of the SV Kornienko - is life reborn stadium, . that numerous innovations in terms of recovery of the population; major sporting events, . as the All-Russia, . and international scale, new production for the Moscow Sports, . usually, . military-applied nature, the creation of the Club veterans Iron Division, . presided over by the Army General I. Rodionov, . and vice-president - SV Kornienko, rebuilding from the ruins, . in the full sense of the word, . cellar "Visiting Stalin's Bunker on the site of the East direction, . disguised under the stadium, . who during the war had become a command post emergency Supreme Command of the country, creation of military-historical museum of the Great Patriotic War in the bunker of the Supreme Command of the Soviet troops I.V,
. Stalin, . received the official status of a branch of the Central Museum of Armed Forces of Russia; broad charitable activities, . aimed at improving children, . assistance to veterans, . disabilities, in memory of his father create orchestra, . who takes part in many cultural events and concerts in the prestigious capital of Russia, the title of Grand Duke, . who complained Sergei Vasilyevich Kornienko Rossiyskim gentry of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland,
. Finally, . and this, . apparently, . most importantly, . - Thanks to the tens of thousands of Muscovites, . who took part in the festivities, . festivals, . competitions, . concerts, . Representations, . national holidays, . conducted under the auspices of the FOP Izmailovo and New Izmailovskogo Cultural Center, . hence, . SV Kornienko,

Activities SV Kornienko appreciated by the state and public organizations in the country. He was elected a member of the Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, . awarded the Diploma of the RF President "For his contribution to the Games of workers Russia" (1997), . Honorary Diploma of the RF Government "For personal contribution to the preparation and conduct of workers Games of Russia 1996-1997" for the physical and moral health of the nation ", . Honorary Diploma of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov for his active participation in the preparation of activities to celebrate the 850 anniversary of Moscow, . The Medal "For Merit in the development of physical culture and sports" (1998), . Honorable Mention Russia Defense Sports and Technical Organization (ROSTO) for his personal contribution to the development of shooting sports, . Prize Marshal NM Skomorokhova, . medals "80 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution", . "To the 100 anniversary of Marshal Zhukov", . "850 anniversary of Moscow", . Diploma prefect Eastern District of Moscow for its work in the revival of historical and sports complex, . and awarded small arms from the Minister of Defense of Russia,
. SV. Kornienko - Russia Army reserve colonel.

By creating a unique project, without exaggeration, transform Stadium Athletic and Recreational enterprise "Izmailovo", his main task SV Kornienko sees further improvements. This enterprise he rightly considers his home. It is here directed all his creative ideas and experience of the entrepreneur, it takes today, almost all his life.

The rare moments of rest - is spending time with friends, trips to the theater, above all - the Central Academic Theater of Russia Army, which is a constellation of actors - L. Chursina, N. Sazonova, V. Zeldin - especially liking SV Kornienko. Very fond of creativity V. Nikulin, which has repeatedly spoken and meetings which boasts. Among his favorite actors and musicians - A. Kalyagin, A. Pugacheva, A. Malinin. He is fond of shooting with a crossbow and pistol, collects weapons, made over 20 parachute jumps.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Kornienko Sergey, photo, biography
Kornienko Sergey, photo, biography Kornienko Sergey  President Athletic and Recreational enterprises 'IZMAILOVO', Academy of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences., photo, biography
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