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Mamiashvili Michael Gerazievich

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, Olympic champion)

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Biography Mamiashvili Michael Gerazievich
photo Mamiashvili Michael Gerazievich
Born November 21, 1963 in the town of Konotop Sumy region Ukraine. Father - Mamiashvili repas Archilovich (1937-1997). Mother - Mamiashvili Vera (1938g.rozhd.). Wife - Mamiashvili Margarita (1962g.rozhd.). Children: Mamiashvili Tamara (1984g.rozhd.) Mamiashvili Tatiana (1989g.rozhd.).

Doing the classic Michael began to struggle in his native Konotop. In 1978 he moved to Moscow, where he continued to struggle in wrestling training center of Olympic training, "Labor Reserves" under the guidance of coach EK Zadyhanova. In 1986 he graduated from the Omsk State Institute of Physical Culture, with the specialty coaches.

Since 1981, Michael Mamiashvili favor of the Central Army Sports Club. In 1983 in Kiev, he became world champion in the fight among adults in the weight category 74 kg. Then the youngest member of the tournament was named the most technically journalists fighter championship. Despite his youth, Michael by this time already had a title winner III All-Youth Games (1982), the world champion junior champion VIII Summer Games of the Soviet peoples, and in 1983 became the champion of the USSR.

In 1984, Michael Mamiashvili again becoming the first in the national championship in the same year won the World Cup in Finland, the competition "Druzhba-84", won a bronze medal at the European Championship.

In 1985, the Super Bowl in Tokyo, he took the highest step on the podium, and in Norway once again became a world champion. He was awarded Time World Champion on the classical (now the Greco-Roman), combat. In 1986, Michael Mamiashvili wins the championship in Greece in Europe and in Hungary - World Champion. By year end, to him as the best fighter of the world, was awarded a gold belt, established by the International Wrestling Federation.

In 1988, Norway Michael Mamiashvili wins the European Championships and the Olympic Games in Seoul, became the Olympic champion in the weight category 82 kg. He again recognized as the best fighter of the world and was awarded the second gold belt of the International Wrestling Federation. In 1989 in Finland won the European Championship.

During his sporting career Michael Mamiashvili repeatedly elected captain of the USSR team.

In 1991, he left the big sport and in 1992 moved to coaching. In the same year at the Olympics MG Mamiashvili acted as the head coach of the national team against the CIS. Since 1995, he was - the vice-president of the Federation of wrestling Russia, in 1997, becoming its president. In November 1998, the order of Defense Minister, he was appointed chief of the Central Army Sports Club.

MG Mamiashvili - Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1984), Honored trainer of the USSR and Russia (1992), a member of the executive committee of the International Wrestling Federation (FILA), candidate of pedagogical sciences (1998). Decorated with Orders of Friendship of Peoples (1989), "Badge of Honor" (1985), the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "II degree (1997), other awards. Has the rank of colonel

. He is the author or co-authored several scientific and methodical works and publications, . including "Target comprehensive training program for the national team of Russia in the Greco-Roman wrestling to the Olympic Games in 2000" (1996), . "Functional scheme of management improvement process in the types of martial arts" (1998), . "The method of speed-strength training fighters" (1998), . "The system of integrated control in the types of martial arts" (1998),

In his spare time with great pleasure that deals with the beloved dog named Lucky. Likes Ukrainian folk songs.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • This Konotopchanin, and our gorlost !
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    Mamiashvili Michael Gerazievich, photo, biography
    Mamiashvili Michael Gerazievich, photo, biography Mamiashvili Michael Gerazievich  Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, Olympic champion, photo, biography
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