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Vladimir Pakhomov

( Honored Worker of Culture of Russia)

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Biography Vladimir Pakhomov
photo Vladimir Pakhomov
Born in Moscow on Sept. 6, 1935, Father Nikolai Pakhomov Sidorovich (1909-1952). Mother - Pakhomov Antonina Vaslevna (1907-1984). Wife - Pakhomov Lidiya (1943g.rozhd.), An inspector in the Joint Administrative and technical inspection of Moscow. Son - Pakhomov, Nikolai (1982g.rozhd.), A student at the Faculty of Political Science MGIMO, as a schoolboy was a member of the delegation of Russia's Young People's Assembly of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg).

At the end of April 1957 "Evening Moscow" has announced a competition for the best record of the forthcoming May 2 football championship match between the country teams of the Moscow "Spartak" - "Dinamo". A May 11 newspaper named the winner. The best student was recognized record of 1-st Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages Vladimir Pakhomov, written in the form of an open statement to the match on 2 May.

Journalists Evening Gazette after the student is offered the 1 st MGPI In. Pakhomov cooperate with them. During the same year his name appeared several times on the pages of newspapers. With well-known sports officials and deputies of the Moscow City Council, he participated in the raid, . on the preparation of the Moscow stadiums for the VI World Festival and students (the results were published in the Evening Moscow), . wrote at the beginning of the athlete factories Kalinin, . "Red Proletarian", . "Izolita", . Metro, . "Trekhgorka",

. In 1971, . going to the state "Evening Moscow", . Vladimir Pakhomov year was to prepare and conduct two traditional relay races for the prizes of the Evening Gazette - 2 May on the Garden Ring and 9 May at the Olympic channel in Krylatskoe - Search sponsors, . invitation to the place start and finish of the best military bands, and much more, . is connected with these competitions, . unique in the history of national sport,
. Born into the light, respectively, in 1927 and 1933 they did not know the break even during the Great Patriotic War. More respectable age competitions in Russia today there.

After the debut in the pages of "Evening Moscow" in. Pakhomov was printed in the Moscow week of sports, "" Soviet Sport "," Red Star ".

In October 1959 Vladimir Pakhomov adopted in the apparatus "Soviet Sport". Before that he had a certificate correspondent of this newspaper on the GDR, . from notes sent to the Racing world with the strongest cyclists in Europe, . including the USSR national team, . coverage of sporting life in the Democratic Republic of Germanskoy, . eventually became one of the strongest in the world of sports powers, . of physical education classes in the GDR,

. Later, . falling into foreign trips as a translator of Soviet sports delegation, . Vladimir Pakhomov has remained a reporter - has always conveyed the operational correspondence of speech compatriots in international competitions, . including the Olympic Games in Innsbruck (1964) and Munich (1972),
. Never in the reports in. Pakhomov, . transferred from abroad, . not received complaints, . although he, . most frequently at home football and hockey theme, . had a mission to write about sports, . not so popular in our country (fencing, . sail, . kayak and canoe, . Diving, . Equestrian, . Skiing, . Ski jumping),
. Passing marked "Room" was not easy - most often at night, when the entire delegation went to bed, often dictating under the blanket so as not to wake the neighbors to the number. But the next morning, millions of readers from the next issue of the newspaper learned, . as preparing to win his third gold medal Vyacheslav Ivanov, . as advocated in Germany next Olympic champion Vladimir Vasin, . a Czechoslovak ice hockey coaches egged fascist thugs in a West resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen to provocations against the Soviet team, etc.,

. In 1975 it happened, . that after the hockey world and European championships in 1975, the then Deputy Chairman of the Sports Committee of the USSR, Valentin Sych banned direct Pakhomova interpreter in foreign travel (affected hairy character), . then that for 11 years was restricted to travel abroad,
. Only in 1986, he was again sent abroad, as this time, the designated leader of the second team of the USSR in hockey, took part in an international tournament in Czechoslovakia.

The name of Vladimir Pakhomov well-known sports fans. For almost 30 years, he regularly published in the Evening ", . "Soviet sport", . its Sunday supplement "Football" (and then - "Football, Hockey), . in the central press of the former Soviet Union ( "The Truth", . "Soviet Russia", . "Komsomolskaya Pravda", . Trud, . "Red Star", . Ogonyok),
. His eagerly printed "Moscow sports week", . Moskovskaya Pravda, . Moskovsky Komsomolets, . "Lenin's banner", . Gudok, . "Building the newspaper, . weekly Soviet patriot ", . magazines "Physiotherapy", . "Sports", . "Sports life of Russia", . "Soviet soldier", . "Soviet miner", . "п▓п╬п╤п╟я┌я▀п╧",

. Last Pahomova met in the pages of national newspapers ( "Ukrainian Truth"), . regional and city of Lvov (Lviv truth "and" Vilna Ukraina "), . Volgograd, . Ust-Kamenogorsk (Rudny Altai), . Novokuznetsk (Kuznetsk worker "), . Kuibyshev, . evening newspapers in Leningrad, . Sverdlovsk, . Kiev, . Rostov-na-Donu, . youth newspapers in Sverdlovsk, . Kalinin, . Donetsk, . Kuibyshev, . Rostov-na-Donu, . Leningrad (local "Change" published a documentary about the story Pakhomova Bobrov), . sports newspapers Ukraine, . Belarus, . Uzbekistan, . Moscow,
. In the magazine "Start" (USSR) published a series of materials Pakhomova of the stars of the Soviet football.

Particularly high prestige Pakhomova in football and hockey world. "Pakhomov, wrote about us, perhaps better than we were in fact," - says Valentin Bubukin. All correspondence Pakhomov, all his speeches in the press filled with amazing kindness. Sometimes hot on the trail could be offended by Pakhomov, and then ostynesh and say to yourself, and he's human. Even someone criticizing, he fell to the humiliation of his hero ". These words belong to Nikita Simonyan. Great Vsevolod Bobrov called Pakhomov loyal and sincere friend.

Vladimir Pakhomov - author of "Vsevolod Bobrov, participated in the collection" It's ice hockey "(" Young Guards ", 1971) under one cover with Yuri Trifonov, Konstantin Simonov, Yevgeny Yevtushenko. They were created about 30 football and hockey manuals that came at different times in Moscow, and Minsk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, many programmok to football and hockey matches at the Central Stadium in. I. Lenin, as well as in the sports complex "Olympic". He - the author of pamphlets, booklets about the round of dates in the history of both sports complex. Edited Pakhomova came first in the country four directory of rugby in the future of such publications was not. On the pages of "Fu-in", he published two documentary novel, one of them about Lev Yashin.

Sport - not the only issue, which is devoted to the publication V. Pakhomov. Working in the "Evening Moscow", he sent them to set their operational notes, . At the same time telling readers about his meetings with commanders of the Moscow Military District (Peter Lushev, . Konstantin Kochetov, . Viktor Arkhipov, . Nikolai Kalinin, . Vladimir Toporov, . Leonti Kuznetsov, . Igor Puzanov), . with the commander of the Moscow Air Defense District, . and then Air Force Commander Anatoly Kornukov, . prominent warlords (marshals Oleg Losik, . Sergey Rudenko, . Eugene Sawicki, . Army Gen. Alexander Luchinsky, . Joseph Gusakovskaya, . Andrew Getman), . Alexander Rutskoi, . Soviet cosmonaut Boris Volynov, . Pavel Popovich, . Georgi Shonin, . USSR People's Artist Olga Vysotskaya and Innocent Smoktunovsky, . outstanding sports personalities of Alexander Gomelsky and Alexander Mazur, . writers Vladimir Belyaev, . Mikhail Alekseyev, . Sergey Mikhalkov,

Vladimir Pakhomov - winner of the first degree of the All-Russia competition of sports journalists, dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of the Victory, the winner of the Prize (1985). Board of the Moscow Soviet and the Moscow city branch of the USSR Union of Journalists of the organizational work and the creation of a series of reports and correspondence, . Muscovites on employment physical education, . Diploma Exhibition of Achievements of the USSR national economy,

Vladimir Pakhomov has repeatedly elected as a member of the Presidium of the USSR Ice Hockey Federation. Pakhomov was accredited at the hockey world and European championships 1963, 1964, 1965, 1970, 1973, 1986, the Youth World Championships 1988 Junior European Championships 1969, 1970, 1971, 1974 years. In connection with the 50 th anniversary of national hockey, along with famous players, coaches he is marked by the Decree of the President of Russia - was awarded a medal "For merits before Fatherland" of the second degree. His correspondence relating to the preparation and holding of the Olympic Games in 1980 estimated the medal "For Labor". Pakhomov - Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR, . first among journalists Olympic Committee of Russia was awarded the Medal "For Merit in the development of the Olympic movement in Russia", . and the Medal "For Merit in the development of physical culture and sport",

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Vladimir Pakhomov, photo, biography
Vladimir Pakhomov, photo, biography Vladimir Pakhomov  Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, photo, biography
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