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Valery S. Sysoev

( A member of the National Olympic Committee of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports)

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Biography Valery S. Sysoev
photo Valery S. Sysoev
Born June 1, 1942 in Moscow. Father - Sysoev Sergey Timofeevich (1916g.rozhd.). Mother - Borisova Serafim S. (1920g.rozhd.). Wife - Sysoeva Ludmila (1939g.rozhd.). Son - Boris V. Sysoev (1962g.rozhd.). Daughter - Sysoyeva Valeria V. (1972g.rozhd.).

Childhood Valeria Sysoeva passed in the suburban area adjacent to the current Kuntsevo. There he first began to take up the sport. From 6 th grade engaged in skiing, gymnastics. At the same time continued to be actively engaged in skating, skiing, cycling.

Sportsmanship overcame, and in 1963 Sysoev goes to work on sport in the Institute of Biophysics, Academy of Medical Sciences. In the same year he called the Soviet Army, where he initially served in the training units of Baku garrison, and then for 2.5 years - in the sport one of the leading company in the Army Sports Clubs movement - SKA Baku

. After demobilization Valery Sysoeva offered the post of instructor training and sports department of the Central Council of Physical Culture and Sports of the Central Committee of Workers' Union of Medium Machine Building, . and in 1969 he was offered a job as chief of cycling in the Committee on Physical Culture and Sport at the Council of Ministers of the USSR,

. In 1971 Valeriy Sysoev, . at the invitation of the then chairman of the CA Dynamo Alexei Dmitrievich Kupriyanov, . moved to the Central Council of Dynamo Chief of the Department of Applied Sports, . after which he worked in the Moscow city organization, . where he started as deputy to the chairman,
. In 1973 he graduated from the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute named after NK Krupskaya.

During the Summer Olympic Games 1980 in. Sysoev also was chairman of the Moscow city council and deputy chairman of the Central Council of Dynamo. Until January 1992 he served as chairman of the Central Council of Sports Society "Dinamo".

During this time he was lucky to get acquainted with many outstanding athletes and coaches, defending the honor of "Dinamo". This Arkady Chernyshev, and Nikolai I. Malin, and Lev Yashin, and GD Kachalin, ID Gerevich, GA Ahlediani and many other remarkable athletes, coaches, organizers of sports.

As chairman of the Central Council of Dynamo, he was engaged directly in the development of the productive base Dynamo sports industry and society.

Parallel VS Sysoev led an active social life. For a long time, he was chairman of Cycling Federation of the Soviet Union, represented the interests of the Soviet sport in the international arena. In 1976 he was elected vice-president of the International Cycling Union, brought together amateurs and professionals, and in 1981 he was elected president of the International Cycling Federation, where more than 10 years has been the President.

Over the years, VS Sysoev was a member of the Olympic Committee of the Soviet Union and then the National Olympic Committee of Russia, a member of which remains to the present.

In 1992, VS Sysoev first headed the Coordinating Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under the Government of Russia, and in 1993 he was invited to work in the State Committee for Physical Education as its chairman.

The beginning and the mid-90's were a period of formation of the club movement in Russia, creating a highly professional team. Considerable importance was attached at this time of the creation of mechanisms for their livelihood activities and the development of the financial base. One source of such development was the lottery business. While fully aware of what kind of burden he has taken on his shoulders, in January 1995 VS Sysoev consented to head the Federal Communications Commission lottery and gaming Russia. This committee has existed not long. Because certain organizational circumstances in October the same year it was abolished.

VS Sysoev returned to his native society and is currently the chairman of the board of directors of football club "Dynamo" (Moscow).

Contribution VS Sysoev in the development of physical culture and sport in our country and the Olympic movement is marked by a number of state awards. He was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Russia", awarded the Labor Red Banner (1988), Friendship of Peoples (1980), Friendship (1995), medals. In 1987 he was awarded the first international award for achievements in the development of world cycling, and in 1989 was awarded the Order of the International Olympic Committee for participation in the development of the international Olympic Movement. Reserve Major General.

Valery Sergeevich very much appreciates spending time with friends. In addition to the sport enjoys cooking, speaks German and French. His favorite film is based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov M. "Race", and your favorite artists - E. Leonov and A. Batalov.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Valery S. Sysoev, photo, biography
    Valery S. Sysoev, photo, biography Valery S. Sysoev  A member of the National Olympic Committee of Russia, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports, photo, biography
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