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Zirlin Evgeny

( press attache basketball club CSKA)

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Biography Zirlin Evgeny
Born October 27, 1946. in Moscow in a military family. Father - Tsirlin Aleksandr Danilovich (17.11.1902-06.11.1976), a prominent military leader, Colonel-General, Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor, State Prize winner, for a long time (1961-1969 yy) headed by the Military Engineering Academy. Kuibyshev. Mother - Tsirlina Etya Yakovlevna (17.12.1908-18.04.1961). Wife - Tsirlina Ludmila (rod.26.03.1948 g.). Children: Marina (14/03/1970), the Natalia (rod.07.11.1977 g.).

He graduated from the Physico-Technical Faculty of the Moscow Mining Institute (1965-1970 yy) specializing in radio engineering ". In his student years - member of the team of KVN Mountain Institute in that capacity - the champion of Moscow, the vice-champion of the USSR 1968-1969 season i.i.

In 1971, Mr.. been employed in the Research Institute of Information Technology, for many years headed the sector determine the cost-effectiveness and scientific-technical level systems (1975-1993 yy).

In 1968 he began to publish as zhurnalst in newspapers: "Moskovsky Komsomolets", "Soviet Sport", "Red Star", "Week", "interlocutor", magazines "Physiotherapy", "Sporting life of Russia". Main themes - sports. Author of essays about famous basketball players: A. and E. Gomel, . V. Garastase, . A. Sabonis, . R. Kurtinaitis, . S. Jovaiе?a, . V. Homichuse, . S. Tarakanovo, . A. Lopatove, . V. Pankrashin, . S. Eremin, . E. Chausova; volleyball: Yu Chesnokov, . V. Kondra, . Savin, . O. Moliboga, . V. Loore, . Losev, hockey players: I. Dmitriev, . A. Sidelnikova, . an outstanding handball Yu Kidyaeve,
. The first domestic journalists wrote an article entitled "Dynamite on stage, dedicated to Gennadi Khazanov (1972). In the 80 years was a columnist weekly Sport Moscow "and the magazine" Sports ".

In 1989-1990 i.i. was a press attache for the first time held in the country of "Miss Russia", "Miss Moscow" and other. As Director of competitions held "Mothers and Daughters" - 90 and 91, GG, director-coordinator of "Miss Media" - 91, 92, 94 GG. In 1993 he organized and led as CEO presentation Agency Laboratory Image Express. Under his auspices, held a presentation of joint ventures "Comstar" and "Golden Line", . Bank Nefteprodukt, . magazine "Capital", . bowling center, . Shop "Office Club, . games-lottery "Russian lotto", . 5-th model car "BMW", . firms "Ryan", . "Constantine" and other,
. Managed press-support on its own technology and the press center of the art fair "ART MIF-92" and "ART MIF-93", . XIX of the Moscow Film Festival, . to celebrity basketball game at the Red Square and the East-West ", . Cup basketball tournament at the Gomel and other cultural and sport actions and projects,

In 1994. worked as an advisor on public relations AO Baltschug, in 1995. - Deputy General Director of JSC "Interfest". Since 1996. by 1998. - Spokesperson basketball club CSKA, a columnist for "Trud" and "Moskovskaya Pravda".

Member of the Presidium of the federation of sports journalists of Moscow (since 1997), founder and president of the country's only basketball Press Club "Uncle Zhenya".

Favorite writers: V. Aksenov, Gladilin, D. Harms, I. Guberman, Fitzgerald, Leacock; artists: V. Gaft, Kozak, A. Kalyagin, E. Leonov, EV Evstigneev, O. Tabakov. Loves music ensemble of the Beatles, Elvis Presley, the "Bravo". In his youth was arrester badminton, likes to play table tennis, strong preferansist, indispensable toaster, a lover of aphorisms.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Alena for Zirlin Evgeny
  • Hello, Yevgeny. In 1990 I was a party to the final Miss USSR-90, where you were the press attache. I know the fate of little girls, only that was able to find on the Internet. I live past 15 years in Moscow, in the competition represented Kyrgyzstan. If you know any contact details for participants, please e-mail, it would be interesting to talk. Thanks :-)
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    Zirlin Evgeny, photo, biography
    Zirlin Evgeny, photo, biography Zirlin Evgeny  press attache basketball club CSKA, photo, biography
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