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Tikhonov Alexander

( Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, four-time Olympic champion.)

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Biography Tikhonov Alexander
photo Tikhonov Alexander
Born on January 2, 1947. of s.Uyskoe collective area of the Chelyabinsk region.
Father - Ivan G., taught physical education at school, showed good results in ski races, was the winner of the regional competition, a veteran of World War II, was wounded. Mother - Nina Evlampievna, also involved in skiing, worked as an accountant. In family Tikhonov had four children: Sergei, Vladimir (died), Victor, Senior - Alexander.

AI Tikhonov married his third marriage. Children from second marriage: a son - Alexander (1971 g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Law Faculty of Tomsk State University, lives in Novosibirsk, is working on a specialty; son - Eugene (1973 g.rozhd.) Operates in Kolomna in the company "Tikhonov and K. Wife - Elena Tikhonova (rod.21.07.1957), the administrator of "Club Tikhonov". Their daughter - Pauline (1982 g.rozhd.) Schoolgirl.

AI Tikhonov graduated from the Novosibirsk College of Physical Education (1965-1968 gg.) And Novosibirsk State University (1990-1995 gg.).

Sports Career Tikhonova started in the sports community, "Labor Reserves, but most of it related to the Dynamo, the colors of which he defended in Novosibirsk and Moscow.

Alexander Tikhonov - the most eminent biathlete world, the pride of domestic and world sport. He - the winner of four Olympic Games. In winter sports such an achievement is not no athlete planet.

The first steps in sport Alexander made in Novosibirsk, held roller skates, bicycles, skis, showing uncommon talent. It seemed that he would find a vocation in skiing, where, under the leadership of its first coach Oleg Nikolayevich Gorokhova in Chelyabinsk is a remarkable event not only in Novosibirsk, but also at the national team. Coach, with which the path of Alexander Tikhonov from novice biathletes to Honored Master of Sports - Eugene D. Glinski, man, who for Tikhonov and coach, and friend - was killed in a car accident. Alexander Privalov - famous Russia biathlete, . racer and coach - became a man, . who gave the ticket Alexander Tikhonov in the great sport of biathlon, . taking him out of skiing, . and acted as senior coach of the USSR team over 10 years,

Olympic debut Tikhonov refers to 1968. Here, in Grenoble (France), then an unknown 20-year-old athlete, . essentially junior, . in brilliant style won the silver medal in the individual race at 20 km, . yielding shooting Norwegians Magne Solberg some half a millimeter - the price of two penalty minutes and a gold medal,
. After the race, Alexander trusted by the first stage in the relay, which was to run the Olympic champion, famed Vladimir Melanin. Saucy running Tikhonova, confident shooting give a decisive advantage the USSR national team, which hold and perpetuate Nicholas Puzanov, Vladimir Bundartsev, Viktor Mamatov. Is the first Olympic champion!

After these brilliant racing Tikhonov - a favorite of all the competitions, where he participates. Five wins in individual races at the world championships - a record in biathlon. Thirteen gold medals of the world champion for 12 years as a big sport, the first World Cup biathlon in 1977, nineteen gold medals of the USSR Champion - is far from complete list of victories from the star-athlete biographies A.Tihonova.

But in the Olympics - Olympics, a dramatic struggle for the medals highest order, beyond which followed literally the whole world. It is connected with Tikhonov episode, which went down in the history of the modern Olympic movement. In Sapporo (Japan, 1972) Tikhonov is confident his stage (again, trust him first), far surpassing rivals, and suddenly ski crumbles to pieces. Neither the coaches nor the number of skiers was not to change the ski. Almost kilometer (!) Tikhonov moves almost one ski. His one after the other competitors bypass. The athlete, full of energy and desperation, suffering, struggles, and gets help from ... opponent. Dieter Speer from the team of the GDR - the main rival of the USSR national team, preparing for his stage, I saw hobbling Alexander and did not hesitate to give him his ski, which does not quite fit Russia's skiers, but it was already possible to run. Then spare the Soviet team gave Alexander a suitable ski. Rushing into the chase, Tikhonov was able to return to the leadership group and, although passed the torch to the ninth, his courage spurred partners team. Rinat Safin, Ivan Byakov, Viktor Mamatov deduce the USSR national team in the first place, winning the title of Olympic champions.

Then there was another Olympic gold race in Innsbruck (Austria, 1976), the difficult start on the World Cup, distance world championships, ups and downs ..., silver medal World Championship 1979. in the individual race at 20 kilometers, which allowed Tikhonova, already a veteran, in fierce competition with the young fellow competitors to receive the right to speak at its fourth Olympics.

Lake Placid, (SSHA1974 city) - the last hope for a gold medal in the individual race. Unfortunate cold, the temperature of 39 (and, as a result - a bad run in the individual race at 10 km), ruined the dream, the refusal Coaches said Alexander in relay race. For a great, ambitious racer it was a real drama. However, on the night coach council, just before the race take persistent proposal, but rather a requirement Tikhonova, put it in the torch. He was running second after Vladimir Alikina stage, passes it with full vigor in the bitter struggle against the most dangerous rival of the GDR Klaus Ziberg, finishes his first position. Then his partner Vladimir and Anatoly Barnash Alyab'ev reinforce the advantage of the USSR national team. Tikhonov received his fourth gold medal.

After the Olympics, Alexander took an agonizing for themselves, like any other great athlete, the decision to leave the track. However, in the memory of fans and professional sports forever remain unsurpassed passion, . phenomenal diligence, . special handwriting Athlete, . His famous brand "revolving door" (a neat, . slightly foppish, . brought to the automatic movement to take up arms from behind, . that reduces the time of the standard admission), . which was and remains the subject of envy for many white, . including prominent athletes,

In 1982, Mr.. AI Tikhonov became the senior coach the youth team of the USSR Championships. From 1985 to 1987. served as deputy chairman of the Novosibirsk regional council of "Dinamo", and from 1987 to 1990. - Coach of the experimental team of the country's biathlon. For various reasons, Tikhonov interrupted career coach.

Since the early 90-ies. a new, no less significant stage in the life of Alexander Tikhonov. Having received many lucrative offers to work abroad, Tikhonov AI aims to create their own business, and in Russia, and being a champion at heart, Alexander wins and on this field.

Since 1992. AI Tikhonov, creates a unique network of commercial firms. Company Tikhonov and K "(Partner JH Shelenko, . in the past - Athlete, . International Master of Sports Speed Skating) operates in the suburban town of Kolomna, . busy baking bread products (7 000 units daily), . has a network of shops, . numerous retail outlets, . Serving the needs of hot bread, the whole city,
. Agrofirm Tikhonov and K "since 1996. becomes a producer of grain in Rostov region. Here Tikhonova Poised for Success. On the territory of 5 000 ha AI Tikhonov (his partner SI Svitenko), their employees (about 80 people) per year global drought 1998. raised a record harvests of corn - 65 kg / ha, wheat, 33.7 kg / ha, sunflower - 22 kg / ha, and a large harvest of vegetables: cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, etc.. Autumn 1998. inhabitants of Kolomna ate bread bakeries Tikhonova, baked out of his own flour. Another company - Tikhonov, AL (partners DI Lobzhanidze, AI Charkovsky - son of a famous skier Russia) - established in Moscow, meat production (29 types of meat products per day of vacuum-packed in the original recipes Tikhonov). Zelenograd - a satellite town of Moscow - was the city another experiment businessman AI Tikhonov. Here, together with partner EI Hodos organized the production of high-grade fish products. Every customer receives more than 250 kg of fine salmon, pink salmon, herring, other varieties of fish, the quality which guarantees Alexander Tikhonov

. Ace, . successful businessman AI Tikhonov creates (together with Mikhail Yurevich Latyshev, . Igor M. RYZHIKH and Gennady Petrovich Shevyakhova) at the Central Moscow Hippodrome horse racing Club Tikhonov - the best private stables Russia,
. The beginning of this enthusiasm put a horse, received in 1994. a gift from friends. It has changed the lives of AI Tikhonov: he falls in love with horses in the equestrian sport, in 47 years begins to learn to ride. Through sports habit not to spare himself, riding lessons are gradually becoming workouts. Within six months, Tikhonov participated in competitions for overcoming obstacles on a level with the masters of sport. And soon became Vice-President Equestrian Federation of Russia.

Club Tikhonov "(not less than 30 beautiful horses of the high) - a special way of disciplining children, joy to the world of adults, in love with horses in the equestrian. Established recently Tikhonov Cup - full emulation of the highest rank. The Club run by well-known experts: Honored coach of Russia, the master of sports of international class Gennady Andreyevich Hayaynen and master of sports Galina Zotov. Students of the Club are the winners and the winners of all the equestrian sports tournaments held in Russia. Among them: Mikhail Safronov - winner of silver medal at the World Cup and an absolute champion of Russia 1997. to overcome obstacles, . Dmitry Grishenko - winner of bronze medal at the World Cup Dressage, . Victor Vitchak - master of sports of international class, . repeated prizewinner of international competitions and the champion of Russia to overcome the obstacles in 1998, . as well as young promising athletes: Anatoly Fateev, . Snezana Atanasova, . Anna Novichkova, . Maria Petrova,
. In The Club also works for children and youth group. In just one year of work prepared by 14 people that have met standards of the third level, and six - the second-class standards.

Best biathlete XX Century "- a title AI Tikhonov received from the International Biathlon Federation - does not break with your favorite sport. His experience, organizational skills, as President of the Federation of biathlon Russia, allow his successors - the members of the national team - to lead the world tables of ranks. Eight Russian athletes Biathlon - in the top twenty in the world. This means that the world's leading sports TV channels, where the biathlon occupies a special place, sound Russian surnames, Russia's national anthem. Biathlon - one of the few if not the only sport in Russia, which after the collapse of the USSR and the All-Union sports to preserve and increase sports facilities, sports industry. With the active participation of the biathlon federation and its president, AI Tikhonov in Russia introduces new biathlon base. In the Khanty-Mansiysk, with strong support of the Chief Executive AV Filippenko commissioned the most modern complex. Already in 1998. International tournament held here Ugra Cup, which according to experts, an event in the world biathlon in terms of its organization. This complex has won the right to hold the World Championship 2001. Championships and World Cup in 2003, proving its superiority among 10 other candidates from the leading countries

. Sport Base, . complex, . stuffed with electronics trails in Izhevsk, . Novosibirsk, . Istra near Moscow, . Magnitogorsk, . Krasnoyarsk, . Kama, . Yekaterinburg, . Murmansk, . Perm, . Tschaikowsky, . Bashkiria; children, . Men, . women's competition of the different levels: Tens of thousands of athletes, . their lives, . Living, . training, funding - the daily concerns of general manager of Russia's biathlon AI Tikhonov,

AI Tikhonov - the biggest patron of sport in Russia. He has a specific, non-reimbursable aid to many veterans of the sport, Olympic champions, world champions, whose career has ended. Within the union sportsmen of Russia, together with the famous Russian fencer and a triple Olympic champion Galina Gorokhovaya, A. Tikhonov find informal solutions to preserving and augmenting traditional national sport. Before the World Youth Games of 1998. they (with the participation of other AI Tikhonov Afghan Victor Alexeev) are organizing a unique ball Olympians, . which 202 Olympic champion in honor of 202 anniversary of the Olympic movement directs the country's young athletes, . which then brilliantly perform at the First World Youth Games, . held in Moscow under the patronage of the IOC,

Multifaceted activities of AI Tikhonov - is not only sports, business, patronage - is a public activity, commensurate with the high politics. In 1996. it - an agent of the RF President in the election campaign. Since 1998. AI Tikhonov - Member of the Organizing Committee of movement "Fatherland", which was headed by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. In addition, he - Chairman of the Board of Trustees' Development of tax reform of Russia.

For his outstanding sporting achievements awarded the Order of Lenin (1980), Order of Red Banner of Labor (1976), the Order of Friendship (1999), medals "For Labor Valor" (1968) and "For Labor Distinction" (1972 g.). In February 1999, Mr.. was awarded the International Olympic Committee - Olympic Order of Glory.

AI Tikhonov - Lieutenant Colonel Interior Affairs of Russia. For detention of a dangerous criminal was awarded the Order of the Red Star. This happened in 1969. However, a countryman, one of the strongest biathletes of the country, Vladimir Melnikov returned home in Novosibirsk USSR Championship, from Kirov. In the train they are risking their lives were able to apprehend armed with a knife by a robber, who escaped from prison and tried to steal the proceeds dining car, seriously injuring several people.

Fighting qualities Tikhonova, who became a legend in the sports world, express themselves and that is called a hobby. His passion - hunting. His hunting trophies he is proud of not less than sporting. Special incentive hunter - extreme bear hunting - one on one. This interest is often associated with high risk for life. During a recent "attacks", the bear managed to stop only eight shots.

Another, a kind of professional hobby - collecting rifles and shotguns, especially the old with a history of their recovery, "rebirth". During the period from 1968 to 1980. introduced several improvements to sporting arms, received the copyright certificate. AI Tikhonov - an avid cook, his specialty dish - Siberian dumplings. On the anniversaries of friends when choosing Toastmasters is rarely questioned - Alexander Tikhonov, he - the indispensable cheerleader feast. Among his musical tastes - quiet music, regardless of the style and direction. He tries not to miss nighter.

Lives and works in Moscow.

"364 days a year deal, but on the 365 th - how to give! And to all of ... stupefied ". Following this motto, biathlete Tikhonov won in sports. Now hopes to win in politics (Tikhonov will run for governor of Moscow region).
Biathlon - is when you run long and fast on skis, and then shoot straight. Then again you run and shoot again. For the ability to do well and both Alexander got into Guinness Book of Records as the best sportsman of the XX century. In the sports world, he simply deity: four-time Olympic champion, world champion trinadtsatikratny, devyatnadtsatikratny USSR champion, winner of the Olympic Order of Glory.

This sporty folk called Tikhonov just Tishkov. Once just called hockey coach Viktor Tikhonov. Now nickname transferred to Spartak football player Andrei Tikhonov. "But the ancestor of all Tishek was I," - smiling, Alexander Ivanovich.
Future Olympic Champion was born 54 years ago in the village Ujskij Chelyabinsk region. Soon doctors registered in the infant congenital heart disease. Up to three years in the development of delayed Sasha: peers were running it - crawled. In four years, managed to fall into a large pot of boiling water. Two years spent in hospitals. "Perhaps, then, that not ran off a child, then ran off on skis", - says Alexander.

Shoot straight Tikhonov began not immediately. At first, he quickly learned to ski - winter in the wilds of Siberia had nothing better to do. In 1958, the fifth grade pupil Alexander Tikhonov won his first ski race for the prize of the newspaper "Pionerskaja truth". After high school Sasha went to Chelyabinsk and became "pheasant" - entered the school factory training (FZO). Two years worked at the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant refractory bricklayer bricklaying. Day worked as the evening went skiing in the park by the - until then, until the lights were extinguished. "He came out of the shop, took a bottle of lemonade and wound circles. In the hostel all eight people were inclined to what I was crazy, "- remembers Tikhonov.

Then his "abnormality" found out at the Novosibirsk College and was invited Tikhonov learn - a budding. At the new place hope of Soviet sport robbed. On the eve of New Year from his dorm room and dragged the money off suit. Left only with ski poles, hat and tracksuit. The minimum set of skier. In general, the New Year meet Sasha was not what. Then he took the skis, picked up a bottle of lemonade and went to the park. O'clock to three nights wound laps forty. Suddenly out of the darkness appeared cheerful style company - classmates with their girlfriends. One of them, pointing to the Tikhonova, exclaimed:

. - Look, the Olympic champion trains.

. - I will have the pedestal hand pomashu - said Tikhonov.

. He soon won three medals (two "gold" and "silver") at the Sports Day of the USSR.

. Once during collection in the Estonian town of Otepaa a skier Tikhonov injury occurred - either ankle pulled, or something else
. Limping with a cane, was bored. And then he was approached by senior coach of the Soviet national team in biathlon Aleksandr Privalov: what Maecha, let's go shoot. Tikhonov and went from the very first put all the bullets in the "apple". Thus began his career in biathlon.

In the Olympic world has long been a legend story about how at the 1972 Olympics in Sapporo Tikhonov reached the finish line on one ski: the second collapsed. And not just reached, and became a champion. It is strange that he was not nicknamed the "Paganini of the Soviet biathlon". Famous Italian violinist, the legend, the enemies before he took cut the strings. And when all but one burst, Paganini play the game on the rest of the string so that no one noticed.
In every foreign trip of Soviet athletes necessarily accompanied by a security officer. True, the athletes themselves pretended to know nothing, and the security officer pretended that he - not he. In the 1980-meters at the Olympics in Lake Placid to get rid of the supervisor (he was too obtrusive), Tikhonov, then already the captain of the Soviet team in biathlon, a combination of thought. It was called "warm-up guy". First out of the hotel two sportsmen and quick step - ostensibly for training - marching around the perimeter of the city. Cerberus followed them. When the couple returned, exactly a minute later came out "mate", and the operation was repeated. After three or four such trips "guard" was neither alive nor dead. And then out of the hotel the whole team went out and sprayed in all directions.

Sportsmen much got Cheka. And before returning Tikhonov learned that on him as the captain wrote a report that he says: bad influence friend of the collective.

. - What's with us last time kordonN - asked Tikhonov in the plane with the Special Representative.

. - PochemuN - one wonders.

. - Well kakN report you will pass nevazhnetsky
. Well, we have something right: it is not clear who met and bought something that is not. We were scolded by a fatherly. But you have to answer. Okay, do not worry. You're not with us first, not you last.

. They say gebist immediately changed in the face, thanked Tikhonov, shook his hand and went to the tail of the aircraft to rewrite the report on his knee.

. Sports career, Alexander Tikhonov finished in 80 th year, when he was 33 пЁп╬п╢п╟
. In addition to 36 gold medals, ranks the best biathletes century and countless injuries (on the right leg completely removed menisci), the Tikhonov, he said, there was nothing else: "We were professionals and received as lovers". Sports retirees have one problem: how to live. Tikhonov, perhaps luckier other. Good luck with your friends.

Political opponents Tikhonov said that once he was well acquainted with the deceased Otari Kvantrishvili. However, this is nothing said. After Kvantrishvili, himself a former athlete, supported former colleagues. Tikhonov and friendly with Joseph Kobzon, who is said to be in a difficult time just passed athletes (Tikhonov including) envelopes with money.

. When it was restructuring, Tikhonov (again with the help of some friends, this time overseas) has established a Soviet-Austrian joint venture "Siberian tour
. For three years the company has successfully carried the foreigners in Siberia to hunt and rafting on mountain rivers, and then suddenly somehow hushed.

Left out in the cold, Tikhonov was selling cars in the Soviet-Japanese Joint Venture "Auto-san". He ran around, looking for buyers. The commission - five percent. His first car, a Nissan Patrol, Tikhonov earned there.

Next to "Auto-rank of" Italian salon located on sale of bakery equipment. Tikhonov and there worked on commission, but instead took a second-hand bakery percent. Sobral friends such as former athletes, together they inspected the acquisition, something fixed and decided to bake bread. Title company gave no false modesty: "Tikhonov and Company.

- What delusions of grandeur! A man must be vain. Otherwise, he simply has no right to success with women - consider Tikhonov. His favorite saying: "Do not delay the case for tomorrow, and love - in old age". The low and lean Alexander invented his own theory, the essence of which is as follows: "Not the man who apparently Apollo. On the contrary: a real man - hence, handsome.
The first time he got married, suddenly, at age 16. As quickly all over. The second marriage lasted twenty years and was successful: from him two sons in the Tikhonov. But a few years ago in the life of Alexander Ivanovich came third, a young wife (who affectionately calls her Alenushka) and baby daughter.
. Now Tikhonov one of the largest in the Moscow region agrocomplexes: some enterprises producing meat and fish semi-finished bread.

. It all began with hunting
. This lesson Tikhonov loved as a child - had stolen his father's small-bore rifle and went to shoot ducks. With Sergei Svitenko, director of an agro-firms Rostov region, Tikhonov had met two years ago while hunting. Talked. In Tikhonova just as there were problems with the delivery of flour to bakeries. He asked: "What can we grow a good harvest in the south pshenitsyN"

I immediately went to the village Kiseleva. We agreed with the villagers, have collected 120 units of land. For a long time to think over the name of the company did not - now on Kiselevsky combines adorn logo Tikhonov and K б╟ ".

This year, the result of Tikhonov fields exceeded all expectations. For example, there recently held a regional seminar farms - an authoritative commission determined that the quality of maize sown on Kisielewski field, much higher than similar varieties in other fields.

. True, some people call a property management "remote"
. For the peasants Tikhonov - a sort of wedding general. Lives in Moscow, and farm in the Rostov region, and there visited by Tikhonov, to put it mildly, infrequently. Unclear how he controls everything.

Will Tikhonov run for governor PodmoskovyaN "In Canada, - Alexander likes to say, - one of the brightest hockey became governor of the state. And nothing, all he good at it. "

Tikhonov strongly "sprayed". And the sport (he leads Rossiyskuyu biathlon federation), and business and agriculture, and horses, and even politics ..

. It is believed that increase the chances maloraskruchennogo Tikhonov in the election race will close relationship with the head of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and his wife Elena Baturina
. Sam Alexander from such rumors are not trying to distance itself. After all, his family and associates Luzhkov fascinating hobby - horses.

A couple of years ago, friends presented Tikhonov thoroughbred stallion, and Alexander carried away horses. And no less than sport, business, politics and pr. Bought a small plot at the Moscow Hippodrome, has got its own stables and Equestrian Club opened Tikhonov, where Yuri Luzhkov, incidentally, a frequent guest. Now he even intends to take part in the V Olympics in equestrian sport in Australia as ... rider.

- Yes, says, "I sometimes meet with Yuri Mikhailovich, and on horseback once rode together. I was very pleased that the World Cup on equestrian sport, which was held in Moscow, the mayor in his sixty-three years, sat on his horse and galloped. As for Elena Baturina, then two years ago, she was elected President of the Equestrian Federation of Russia. I was already there, Vice-President. Since then we have very close co -. I do not like people who are weak by nature, she also. All what she has achieved in life, she reached the very. Of course, I know mobile and office phones Elena Nikolaevna. As vice-president of the Federation, I simply must know them. But phones Yuri Mikhailovich I have no. But if there is a need to meet him, he never refuses.
In the election headquarters of Alexander Tikhonov already seething work. While he has not filed a formal application to the Electoral Commission. But this is absolutely nothing said. His tactic is as follows: 364 days a year, trains, and the 365 th - as will!
And to all of ... stupefied

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Tikhonov Alexander, photo, biography
Tikhonov Alexander, photo, biography Tikhonov Alexander  Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, four-time Olympic champion., photo, biography
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