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Anatoly Ilyin

( Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion)

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Biography Anatoly Ilyin
photo Anatoly Ilyin
Born June 27, 1931 in Moscow. Father - Michael A. Ilyin (1903-1962), worked as a tailor at the Metropole. Mother - Ilina Alexandra (1903-1982), worked as a nurse. Wife - Ilyina (nee - Shamray) Galina (1931g.rozhd.), Gymnast, Olympic champion 1952. in the team competition and the absolute world champion in 1954. in individual competitions and team competitions. Graduated from the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute named after Lenin and worked as a trainer at the gym in Moscow "Spartak". Daughter - Elena (1958g.rozhd.), Was a coach. Grandson - Sergey (1983g.rozhd.) Studying in 10 th grade.

He started playing in the amateur teams in the Park of Culture and Rest named Gorky in 1943, then in the youth team "Pishevik" (the first coach - former Spartak Ivan Ryzhov and Gabriel Puchilin), the "Manpower". First served as a central striker. In 1948, the combined team of young men in Moscow, which hit 17-year-old Ilyin, won the USSR Cup. Her training took place at the base in Spartakovskaya Tarasovka, where the future Olympic champion, was seen by Peter Isakov, known Spartacus, and invited in "Spartacus".

First Ilyin played for stand-ins, and the summer of 1949 for the first time went beyond the basic composition, replacing the course of the match with CDKA Sergey Salnikov. But he became a major player in the next season. Its included in the delegation, went to Norway, but he had never in his youth did not come out on the field. A year later participated in the matches of "Spartacus" at the stadiums Albania

. Spring 1952, . after, . as "Spartacus" has been successfully delivered to Baku in one of the zones of the tournament's strongest teams of the country, . actual vernal USSR Championship, . Anatoly Ilyin was invited to the national team (Head Coach - Boris Arkad'ev), . is preparing for the Olympic Games in Finland, . first for the Soviet athletes,
. Under the guise of national team in Moscow, and then the CDSA, she met a friendly match against Poland, Hungary, Sofia (in fact, Bulgaria), Romania, Czechoslovakia in Moscow and Finland (Helsinki). Ilyin after these meetings was included in the application the USSR national team to participate in the Olympics. In our first match, which was held in Kotka with Bulgaria (2:1), he was injured and in the next two matches of the Soviet team did not play.

In 1954 Spartacist Anatoly Ilyin, scoring 11 goals, was, along with Leningraders Antonin Sochneva ( "Labor Reserves"), the most accurate attacking USSR Championship. He began to regularly engage in the national team, traveling to Italy and Egypt, met at home and away with the best footballers of Germany, Sweden, Hungary, France. Especially memorable for Ilyina was friendly game in August 1955 at the Moscow stadium "Dynamo" from West Germany, the world champion in 1954 (3:2). Shortly thereafter, each party to victory for us, the match was able to get the car out of turn "Victory".

The following season, Anatoly Ilyin twice became a champion. Moscow team won the tournament I summer Sports of the USSR, which in addition to the capital's soccer teams participated in the 15 Union republics, the Karelian ASSR and Leningrad. A USSR team excelled at the Olympics in Melbourne. In both cases, the winners, including Ilyin, have succeeded in the final with a 1:0. And every time a single match was recorded at the expense of Anatoly. Incidentally, the "gold" team of the USSR Olympic team included 10 players "Spartacus", the champion of the country in 1956.

Fortune favored Ilyin and in subsequent seasons. He played for the team making strides. Thus, in 1957 Ilyin was a team that excelled in Moscow at the III International friendly sports games youth. In three matches, including the final against Hungary, he scored four goals.

In 1958, the USSR team first went to the final stage of the World Cup, held in Sweden. 16 teams were initially divided into four subgroups, each of whom gathered on the four participants. Our players got into the tournament, proved to be perhaps the strongest. Their opponents - teams of Brazil, England and Austria. In the quarterfinals hit by two representatives from each subgroup. If the Brazilians easily won the first place, then another team had the opportunity to determine not just. The British and we have gained in subgroup of the same number of points. The position on the competition between the contenders for the exit in the quarter-appoint additional match. His team won the USSR - 1:0. The fate of the meeting agreed to a goal scored by Anatoly Ilyin is considered to be indispensable in such situations in duels. That was a nice season in the career of a remarkable Spartacus! He scored in the championship of the USSR 19 goals, more than anyone. Spartak made double - becoming a champion, won the USSR Cup.

In 1959, Anatoly Ilyin again kicked the ball, turned out to be "golden" This happened in Beijing in the match against China in the tournament, marking the 10 anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Spartacist distinguished himself in the USSR team, which came in the Chinese capital first.

It takes three years, and Ilyina feted in Helsinki - "Spartacus" won the tournament in the next World Youth Festival. Soon eminent Spartacist left a football field. No matter how inviting it to the clubs of Leningrad, . Sverdlovsk, . he chose to stay at home "Spartacus" - went to work in Spartak football team, . benefit, . By that time they were finished training school coaches, . and in 1970 he graduated as the capital of the Institute of Physical Culture,

Not find it, how many young players engaged from Anatoly Ilyin-trainer for 33 years of his work. The best known are Galyamin Dmitri, Sergei Rodionov.

Honored Master of Sports (1957) Anatoly Ilyin was awarded medals of Honor and Friendship. Held for the "Spartacus" 227 matches and scored 83 ball. That's what I wrote about Ilyina Nikolai Starostin: "He was the apex of the triangle, which accounted for with strategies such as Netto and Salnikov. This facilitated the provision Ilyina, because he received a lot of planned goals, and complicated: the transfer of such partners was impossible not to finish.

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Anatoly Ilyin, photo, biography
Anatoly Ilyin, photo, biography Anatoly Ilyin  Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion, photo, biography
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