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Isaev Anatoly Konstantinovich

( Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion)

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Biography Isaev Anatoly Konstantinovich
Born July 14, 1932 in Moscow, in the Zamoskvorechye. Father - Isaev Konstantin Stepanovich (1903-1981) worked as a turner at ZISe, mother - Isaeva Nadezhda (1909-1993) worked there also, for the same specialty. Sister - Raisa K. (1928g.rozhd.) Worked as chief accountant and head of financial department of the Moscow "Spartak". Wife - Isayev (maiden name - Soloviev) Galina Mikhailovna (1931g.rozhd.) Teacher college Heavy Machinery. Daughter - Isaeva Irina (1964g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture and the Institute of Foreign Languages named after M. Tereza, knows English and French.

Anatoly Konstantinovich Isaev today no longer remember how old his sympathies belong to the "Spartacus". Perhaps, . since 1947, . when he was with a group of peers through one of torpedovskih coaches, . Vyacheslav Orlov, . had the opportunity to hand flowers to players "Spartacus" and "Torpedo", . participants in the final match at the USSR Cup, . he first saw near Spartacists, . winners on the day the cherished crystal award,
. Or, . passion Spartacists appeared in the days of endless yard games, . flowed in the orphanage Lane (now Street Shukhov) in Zamoskvorechie, . near the Shukhov tower, . where he lived a future Olympic champion, . and all the surrounding "ached" for "Spartacus" N,

. The first official matches in the life of Anatoly Isayev held for FC Salyut factory "Red Proletarian" led by Gabriel Putilina, ex-Spartak, the future coach of junior team of the USSR
. Then he worked as an apprentice lathe operator at the carburetor factory (one of the branches ZISa). And one day right in the shop to Isaev his workplace granted himself the plant director Vasily Polyakov, last defender of "Torpedo". Isayev had heard about the game, he invited the guy to change the football club "Red Proletarian" on their home Avtozavodskaja team. But no matter how tempting the offer director, Isaev refused. For it was only in my dreams "Spartacus"!

Then came time service in the army, and Isayev was in junior school of aviation specialists, from where he began to prepare the navigator / radio operator. But recent player Salyut found for the breeders of the Air Force commander, invited him to his composition

. Order the transfer of ordinary Anatoly Isayev in Sports Club pilots came after a long time, . why football Isayev was in the Air Force team in the spring of 1952, . when it was headed by Vsevolod Bobrov, . player-manager (about the same time with Isayev to Bobrov in the Air Force got Valentin Bubukin, . Anatoly Porkhun, . also in the future national team players from the USSR),
. Isayev learned a lot in football at the legendary Bobrov, love and respect to which he retains all his life. And do not hide the fact that he was happy in 1953 to play with a beaver in the top five offensive players "Spartacus"

. Anatoly Konstantinovich happened enough to advocate for pilots (only four times in the championship in 1952, . held with the participation of 14 teams in one round, . and to score one goal) - the spring of 1953 the Air Force team ceased to exist, . and its players were in joint command of the Armed Forces (under the flag of MVO), . which in the USSR Championship in 1953 held a total of six matches (Isaev participated in one), . After that it was dissolved,

Isaev was at a crossroads - where to play dalsheN Soon a special commission, established in the Directorate of Physical Education and Sports, Ministry of Health of the USSR, went into the distribution of players the team was disbanded MVO. Isaev was your favorite line in "Spartacus", where he was when he still served in the army, had their. In any case, the then head coach of Spartak Vasily Sokolov, especially once I went to the stadium in Lefortovo, where the players practiced MVO, to see how involved and in what form Isaev.

At the end of the same season in 1953 Isaev shared with Spartacists joy of victory in the national championship, but the gold medal he never got - he played only three matches.

Anatoly Isayev - two-time champion of the USSR, he Spartakovskaya shirt performed a victory lap after the success of the team in the USSR Cup in 1958. Then the crystal award, crowned with a figure of a football player with the ball, got the "Spartacus" after winning a national championship.

Isaev - winner of two more rare in our football titles: Champion I summer Sports of the USSR (1956) and champion III International friendly sports youth (1957). In one case in the national team of Moscow, . the other - the national youth team of the USSR, . although it played, . addition Isaeva, . Olympic champions Michael lights, . Boris Kuznetsov, . Valentin Ivanov, . Eduard Streltsov, . Boris Tatushin, . Anatoly Ilyin (Head Coach - Gabriel Kachalin),

Anatoly Isayev - Olympic champion. The success of Soviet players to come to Australia, . where ward Gabriel Kachalina at the end of 1956 had a tense matches with the joint command of Germany, . teams Indonesia, . and twice (first match ended in a draw), . Bulgaria, . Yugoslavia,
. It is believed that the Yugoslavs goal (1:0) scored Anatoly Ilyin, but in reality he only adjusted the ball, already flying into the net. And his blow, which proved decisive, Anatoly Isayev! He was not accustomed to put winning point in principle, matches, leaving the field in "Spartacus", national teams of Moscow and the USSR. He made formidable rivals of the famous clubs Fiorentina and AC Milan started the game with the center of the field.

According to Nikolai Starostin, Anatoly Isayev was more drawn to the front line of attack. "As a rule, he found himself in the quartet, who stormed the gates of strangers. However, there were games when Isaev give it back, and then the lightness of his surprising ".

In 1955 Spartak Moscow won the championship in England - club Wolverhampton Wanderers, with a score 3:0. The next day, the captain of the famous guest, Bill Wright, sharing their impressions of the game, remarked that he was struck by Spartacus "eight" speed and endurance. And he added: "He has done more than any two of us". And under the eighth number in the "Spartacus" played Anatoly Isayev!

In the same year twice Spartak (Moscow and Belgrade) with a 2:1 win the famous "Partizan. All four of the ball, caught in the gate champion Yugoslavia accounted Anatoly Isayev.

All in all Isaeva in USSR championships - 57 goals in 186 matches. Another 6 goals he scored in 16 games for the USSR national team.

Leaving the football field, Anatol Konstantinovich went to work as a coach - football school "Spartacus", the command master (he was involved in her victories in the national championship in 1969 and the USSR Cup in 1971), Yerevan "Ararat". For many years given to Volgograd "Rotor" and Tyumen "Geology" (coach, trainer and consultant). Six seasons spent Anatoly Isayev as head coach of Ivanovo, textile workers, who twice - in 1981 and 1982 - won in one of the zonal tournament second league championship of the USSR.

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Isaev Anatoly Konstantinovich, photo, biography
Isaev Anatoly Konstantinovich, photo, biography Isaev Anatoly Konstantinovich  Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion, photo, biography
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