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Valentin Nikolaev

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR)

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Biography Valentin Nikolaev
photo Valentin Nikolaev
Born August 16, 1921 in the village Erosovo Vladimir province. Father, Alexander Nikolaev (1885-1962), - railroader. Mother Alexandra Nikolaeva Ivanovva (1895-1981), - a senior clerk in a bakery. Wife - Evdokia Nikolaevna Nikolaeva (1922g.rozhd.). Son - Alexander V. Nikolaev (1955g.rozhd.) Colonel, Chief of Department of physical training of the Academy of Frontier Troops. Grandchildren: Alexander Nikolaev (1982g.rozhd.) - Student Military University, Nikolaev, Ivan Aleksandrovich (1985g.rozhd.) - A schoolboy.

. That's what I wrote once about Nikolaev Ogonyok magazine: "He is, perhaps, not as good as others, but it is certainly the strongest Welterweight
. In the attack, where so important understanding, he has no equal. No one better Nikolaeva not feel what was expected of him Partners. Nikolaev - is a brain attack, is it mostly strikes up a combination of. Unusual endurance allows Nikolaev play with a full load of 90 minutes. "

Valentin Nikolaev in the victorious army ensemble team served four attackers, made it possible to complete an attack without first race for the ball. High class game let Nikolaev and most time to get into another penalty. In memory of connoisseurs of football a lot of spectacular goals scored by Nikolayev personally ". This view of Nicholas Starostin (especially beautiful Nikolaev scored a goal in the 1948 final match in the Cup of the USSR - like a torpedo, he flew a few yards along the ground, took the ball head and thrust it into the net Spartak goal).

. But remember how Nikolaev journalist Lev Filatov: "Right Inside CDKA not only in the amount of, . as it is now customary to express, . was equal to the modern midfield player, . what is itself surprising, . because then no one has this not been forced, . but he has not thought for themselves without the completion of football attack,
. Nikolayev was a player very concrete. To some extent, and his partner on the right Grinin, and Fedotov, with a beaver that were considered dual-center attack depended on Nikolaeva - he unloaded them from the so-called rough work. Spectacular he lost the remaining four. From those expect miracles, as he bustled around these wonders as an assistant, he usually pocketing goals as it only accounts. But without the Nikolaev and the whole game CSKA's not the way went smoothly, and many of the miracles would not take place.

"Nikolaev has enormous capacity for work, combining this quality with a very fine skill to play a pass. The general style of offensive play in the team is largely determined by the game Nikolaev "- so described Boris Arkad'ev one of their wards in the command of Lieutenant."

. The first lessons of football future Honored Master of Sports uncle taught through the maternal line - Grigory Ivanovich Rodionov
. At age 15, Nikolaev enrolled in the youth team sports mug "Kazanka" at the railway depot Moscow-Kazan railway passenger, then became a club named after the October Revolution, the forerunner of society "Lokomotiv". In the boys' Kazanka "was an excellent coach - Vasili Z. Rud, with which they won the championship of Moscow, for which they were awarded a two-week trip to Odessa.

. Nikolaev, the son of a railway, liked to play for Lokomotiv
. He could not imagine myself in a sports society. So when it came time to serve in the army, leaving it with a firm intention to return to the "Lokomotiv". Alas - Fate decreed otherwise.

. October 31, 1939 Valentin Nikolayev was a Red Army 1 st Regiment connection MVO, . later, . spring of next year, . he had gone through the course of a young soldier and a draft of this evil soldier, . he was summoned to Batumi on the preseason team collected CDKA, . Team, . for which he served until 1953.,

. Nikolayev lucky: Army football coach then worked Sergey Bukhteyev, and took care of 18-year-old player's outstanding players, including the great Grigory Fedotov
. And then Valentin was a sin to complain about life - played for the legendary team of lieutenants, "which is the most famous coach, our coach Boris A. Arcadia, and partners were all stars ...

. Five-time champion of the USSR, . three times with his friends but the crew are making a victory lap after victories in the USSR Cup, . four on the list of the best players of the season, . being consistently below the first number, . Valentin Nikolaev left the soccer field, . Being in good shape,
. But left the field due to dissolution CDSA, reason, nothing to do with sports. He tried to prolong life in football, playing for the MBO, but circular Army team ceased to exist.

Hang up his boots, Nikolaev not removed epaulets. He became a student of the Military Academy of armored and mechanized forces of the Marshal of the Soviet Union Malinovsky, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering. For four years he served in the army GSVG (deputy commander of the battalion on the technical part of a tank regiment, which was located on the outskirts of Potsdam), in the Belorussian Military District (the commander of a separate battalion of the repair).

. In the early 60-ies the heads of the Ministry of Defense is like the early return of the team CSKA in Champions
. Searching through several specialists at the post of senior coach, they claimed Valentina Nikolaeva from BVI, thereby returning it to the big football. After the army twice took third place, Nikolayev was released from his post and sent a senior coach of the Khabarovsk SKA pretext to develop football in the Far Eastern Military District.

. Second return Valentina Nikolaeva coach at CSKA victory marked the army in the USSR Championship in 1970, and their coach was given the rank of Honored trainer of the USSR
. Nikolayev became a prominent figure in the coach body of the country - from August 1970 to 1971 he was senior coach of the USSR, from 1974 to June 1985 - Youth team of the USSR, which has twice - in (1976, 1980) became the European champion.

. Valentin Nikolaev awarded the Order of the Red Star, Friendship of Peoples, "For Service to the Fatherland" IVstepeni, awarded the title "Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia"
. He - the author of "I - of CDKA!" Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR.

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Valentin Nikolaev, photo, biography
Valentin Nikolaev, photo, biography Valentin Nikolaev  Honored Master of Sports, Honored trainer of the USSR, photo, biography
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