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Alexey Paramonov

( Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, Olympic champion)

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Biography Alexey Paramonov
photo Alexey Paramonov
Born February 21, 1925 in the city of Kaluga region Vorovsk. Father - Paramonov Alexander G. (1891-1950). Mother - Nagibina Natalia (1895-1968).

Borovsky - ancient Russian city on the territory of which there are twenty churches, among them the well-known throughout Russia, St. Methodius Monastery.

The family grew four children: older brother Michael (1914g.rozhd.) Sisters - Anna (1918g.rozhd.) And Vera (1921g.rozhd.).

Parents are involved in crafts and gardening. My father, being a man deeply pious, served in the church. The family faithfully observe all the religious customs and holidays.

In 1927 Paramonova moved to Moscow. Reason for this is more than compelling: children grew up, and parents, understanding the benefit of education, tried to teach children. The house manufacturer Filatov's father rented a room, where the entire family huddled. Convenience, of course, were on the street, and water on the sled, and in summer on the truck had to be brought to Alexei. Children were instructed to procure firewood and charcoal. Brother Michael was a fitter-lekalschikom, specialist qualifications. She graduated from the 3rd Moscow Medical Institute and in 1941, in the first year of the war, was sent to Leningrad for the provision of medical care. Vera became a dental technician.

A Sport fate Alexei predetermined physical education teacher, Public School 430 in Moscow. Of all the mobile games Alexei particularly excelled in football. Competition was held on a daily basis: the street to street, house to house, class against class, a school for the school. Rapture football, not only did not pass, and even - accumulated. By Alexei hobby football father treated very negatively, believing that the main thing in the life of the young men should study and church. Mother, on the contrary: in secret from her father bought Alexei priceless gift - a brand-new boots, and the ball yard the boys pool their savings to become. Even before the war, capable of a young football player and noticed a peculiar note in pioneer camp. Serving his position with the permit change, Alex returned home. But behind him came fizorg camp and offered a free ticket for the next term. The fact that Alex was the strongest soccer camp and the main "killed", and was coming mezhlagerny football tournament.

Before the war, was scheduled to debut in the capital's command "Start", which is five age composition performed in the championship of Moscow. But the joy of football coincided with the beginning of the war - June 22, 1941.

Alex enters the factory woodworking machines, which was immediately re-profiled to produce mortar (M-50). Front demanded vsebolshe weapons, and Alex mastered the profession collector mortar.

In 1942, Alexei and his brother transferred to the plant order N706 of the Ministry of the Navy, where he worked until the end of the war, reached the highest, sixth, level mechanic-lekalschika. It was a difficult time for the country, workers are not leaving the factory for 36 hours. But then, in the short hours of rest, work was carried out works general competition. Today the house next to Paramonov gold medals and cups as a relic kept Certificate of Merit for the victory at a distance of 1 kilometer from the time of 3 minutes.

Earlier this event, there was one more. Alex received a summons to the army. But the foreman and plant manager Bushminsky Chuikov proved the need for a top factory, in training who by that time there were 30 boys - future locksmiths.

All war Alexei did not leave a dream about soccer. Soccer dreamed of. And he learns that his friend Volodya Kuznetsov played in the team "Builder". But to get to the command, you need to pass a "bride". Discussed the details, day, hour. What it is: happy sluchaynostN No, the man went to the cherished goal, sought to football, perhaps only subconsciously aware that this is his life's work

. Today, with the position of the past decades to the question: "Why after the war appeared in our football scores, . if not hundreds of cool players, . why our football has entered a period of great national love and the greatest skill komandN ", . without the risk of error, . can answer: "In football people came, . Possessed by this game, . passed the hardest tests of war, . people, . inspired idea, . not thinking myself out of football ",
. Among them was Alex Paramonov.

So, the "bride" in the team "Builder".

- At what point igraeshN - asked coach Viktor Sukharev.

- Forward, - said Alexei.

- Then get up at the gate.

And so it was. Next game against Torpedo ", but the main part of Alex does not get. End futboluN ObidaN No - I despair! But love for football is above! The match with a team of meat-packing plant, for which Alex played Khomich. Sunday game day was unusually rainy: rain and snow, icy cold wind. Maybe someone and will not appear on igruN So it happened. Alex plays on the left edge, "Builder" won 3:0, and the three goals scored Paramonov.

In 1945, Alex enters Malakhovskii Regional College of Physical Education. Here is a teacher of sports games worked great teacher, a man of bright, warm soul, Galina losifovna Mazin, dear mother's sister, Nina GRIGORIEVNA Tarasova, wife of the great hockey coach Anatoly Vladimirovich Tarasov. Galina Josephovna Alexei including among the most close and dear people, my godmother.

While young coach Tarasov picked a team of Air Force, which in 1946 entered the big leagues. Galina losifovna strongly advised to look Tarasov Alexei and his friend Volodya Kuznetsov. Tarasov to any: "Well, what do you know about futboleN" And yet Mazin succeeded his. She was right. The coach immediately said good physical preparation, coordination, reaction, speed - in general, the ability to play football. Tarasov invites Paramonova for CAMPS to the Polish town Shveydnitse, which means that it is composed. It should be noted that drop-out hard: "The game will be the one who" survive "in training".

Second calendar game the team played in the Air Force destroyed the local Stalingrad "Tractor". Draw 2:2, but the match for Paramonova more than memorable: he then scored his first goal in the national championship, and scored it in the famous goalkeeper Ermasova gate.

In the 2 nd round in the Air Force team arrived many new - in full command of the Soviet occupation troops in Germany. This event coincided with the dismissal Tarasova. The fact is that football and hockey all-powerful dictator, General Vasily Stalin, not only gave absurd orders (the composition of teams, training methods), but could not tolerate objections. Tarasov disagreed and ... was dismissed. In his place was appointed Sergei Kapelkin, man - "listen".

So, in the Air Force for almost 60 people, and requires 25-28. The wholesale dismissal. By all measures, and skill Paramonov held in the main part. But ...

And now the plot for Khazanova. Someone reported higher general well-wishers that Paramonov - relative Tarasova. Also resemblance "relatives" viewed with the naked eye. And this is a crime. Moreover - fire!

People saying "what God was doing, all for the better" has a vital force. A few days later in an apartment Paramonova phone rang, which today would have received the epithet of "fateful". Telephoned Nikolai Ozerov Paramonova and invited to an interview to the chairman of the IGU "Spartacus" Vasili Kuzin Anisimovich. "Do you want to play for Spartak" N - asked Ozerov. Can there be a beautiful dream etoyN

And Paramonov on the basis of "Spartacus" in Tarasovka. Penetrating interviewing and looking to his coach Albert Henrikovich Dangulov invites Paramonova team. Since September 15, 1947 in the life of Alexey Paramonov began a new, now the "golden" phase of his football career, which lasted until 1960.

It is in Spartak football world learned of the outstanding player, a wonderful person, a sincere good friend, a patriot of the club and team, for which there was and could not have goals and objectives of higher goals and objectives of the team. His team

. For a professional take-off rights, . reaching the highest results must be matched several components: an obsession to achieve the goal, . Talent, . cool trainer, . talented team, . generous in friendship and support people, . who have something to learn, not only on the football field, . but in life, . desire of each to do good,
. Most of these advantages were laid in Alexei Paramonov birth. But they got stronger and took shape in the dignity of the individual in "Spartacus". High class football star, Alexei Paramonov never thought that honors "Spartacus", speaking in its composition. On the contrary, he always remembered, and knew that "Spartacus" has given him the honor, taking in his team. So educated players and coaches great Spartacist Nikolai Starostin. Today, all generations of the famous club's proud of the fact that they - the students Starostin. For each of them is the highest score of the human and sporting activities. Paramonov worked with excellent coaches, Spartacists Dangulov, Kvashnin, Dangulovym, Glazkov, Sokolov, Gulyaev. They were taught not only to play football, but also the right to live honestly.

Intelligence - the dignity, mortgaged their parents, or the quality priobretennoeN does not matter. So Paramonov - sincerely, without the injection of intelligent man. Always courteous, polite, knows how to listen, to understand. He never talked with a woman sitting in his office, even if it is.

Paramonov came in "Spartacus" when finished playing wizard outstanding - Malinin, Vas.Sokolov, Leontiev, Timakov, Ryazantsev, Semenov, Seglin, chills, Smyslov, Dementiev. Game of each of them for it - University of cognition Football.

Today it is no mystery why the most important victory of the USSR national team falls on those years when it formed the backbone of Spartacus. They - Tishchenko, lights, Net, Paramonov, Simonyan, Isaev, Tatushin, Ilyin, Salnikov - have brought the team a unique aura of mutual respect, trust, mental penetration. Klishirovannoe, worn concept of "collective" they raised to the level of victory for the people, fans of football. Great Citizen Lev Yashin has always lived with at the training camp Spartacists, always soul was drawn to him.

At the national championships held Aleksey Paramonov 318 matches and scored 63 ball. For midfielder and defender - the result of excellent. Alex Paramonov - USSR Champion (1952, 1953, 1956, 1958), 2 nd prize-winner of the championships (1954, 1955), 3rd prize-winner (1948, 1949, 1957); USSR Cup winner (1950, 1958), finalist of the USSR Cup (1952, 1957), winner of the Games of the peoples of the USSR (1956).

In the USSR team Alexei Paramonov had 13 appearances (1954-1957). Champion Olympic Games 1956 Games Alexei Paramonov distinguished: the highest skill, the maximum dedication, hard work, discipline, play, understanding partners, dedication, reliability,. NP Starostin said: "I know the players and stronger than Alexis, but I do not know no one who could so successfully, for the benefit of the team to play at any of the ten positions".

May 9, 1969 Alex Paramonov graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute named after NK Krupskaya and received a diploma of physical education. And on June 1 Andrey Starostin invited him to work in the Office of football, where he worked in various positions for 40 years.

In 1960-1965 A. Paramonov - head coach of junior team of the USSR, 1969-1971 and 1973-1974 - Coach of the USSR, in 1967-1969 and 1979-1984 - the coach of the youth team of the USSR. All these years, he enthusiastically, . work creatively with young players, . who became the real masters, . - It Muntean, . Kramarenko, . Bonishevsky, . Bruhty, . Sichinava, . Khurtsilava, . Asatiani, . Byshovets, . Shcherbakov, . Avrutskaya, . Kozlov, . Balyasnikov, . Logofet, . Abramov etc.,

With special warmth Alex remembers working with L. Yashin. They both went to the team and masters teams, where Lev Ivanovich not only checks how organized educational activities, and Aleksei worked purely football problems - techniques, tactics and selection of the reserve. Today AA Paramonov - Advisor to the President RFU.

In 1985-1990, A. Paramonov - State coach in 1972, 1975, 1978, 1991, 1992 - Office of the football coach of the Sports Committee of the USSR. From 1985 to 1991 - Executive Secretary of the Football Federation. In the years 1983-1990 - a member of the committee of UEFA for the European cup, in 1991-1995 - a member of the committee of UEFA Futsal Cup. Since 1993 - Executive Secretary of the Council of Presidents of the Football Federation of the CIS countries since 1992 - deputy chairman of the Veterans Committee RFU, and since 1996 - chairman.

In 1964-1965 and 1975-1976 respectively Alexey Paramonov worked in Tunisia, the head coach of the team "Etoile", which led to the champions of the country and led to victory in the Cup Tunisia.

Family Paramonov - the object of envy and admiration of white. His future wife, Julia Vasilievna Chugunova, Alexei Paramonov met in the 8 th grade, she was a 7-m. In those years, boy and girl just became friends. And since 1950 they were husband and wife.

Yulia V. Paramonov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, an architect by profession, worked for many years in Mosproekt-3 ". Fluent French. In 1975-1976, while in Tunisia with her husband, worked as an architect in the construction of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sport.

Daughter, Elena Hatkina (1953g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University foreign. Four years of working in a shopping center of New York. He currently works for a company that speaks English and French.

AA. Paramonov awarded medals of Honor and Friendship. In connection with the 75 th anniversary was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree, the Olympic Order of the International Olympic Committee and ruby Order League" sports glory "for the development and promotion of football. He - by a methodological handbook "Playing midfield" (two editions), Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia.

As a fan of football has its own team and players and coaches have their own theater, its artists. Paramonova - fans of the three theaters - the name Evg.Vahtangova, Moscow Art Theater, the Lesser. It is with great pleasure to browse, and several times, with spektakali R.N. and E. R. Simonov, Abrikosov, Yu Borisova, Yuri Yakovlev, M. Yanshin, A. Tarasova, N. Ozerov, I. Elias, V. Korshunov, Sergeeva.

The house Paramonov dominates classical music. They are regular visitors symphony concerts, which orchestrate E. Svetlanov and Vladimir Spivakov, what helps them get acquainted with the great masters.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Alexey Paramonov, photo, biography
Alexey Paramonov, photo, biography Alexey Paramonov  Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of Russia, Olympic champion, photo, biography
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