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Zhiltsova Svetlana

( Honored Artist of the RSFSR)

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Biography Zhiltsova Svetlana
Born November 30, 1936 in g. Moscow Zamoskvorechye, not far from home Ostrovsky.

Father - Lodgers Alexei Ivanovich (1914. born.).
Mother - Lapshova Olga Yegorovna (1918. born.).
Spouse - Serebrennikov Vladimir Ivanovich (1929. born.) - lecturer, lecturer VZPI.
Son - Serebrennikov Ivan (1962. born.).
Daughter in law - Serebrennikova Tatiana Vitalyevna (1963 g. born.)
Granddaughter - Serebrennikova Yekaterina Ivanovna (1992. born.).
During the school became involved theater. The 4 class began studying with a wonderful teacher Tatyana Devleshovey in the studio of artistic expression in the Moscow City Palace of Pioneers. At the same time participated in the city of amateur contests, took prizes. Mathematics is not liked and did not understand, . but easy given all the humanities, . especially the English language (like most English pronunciation), . so easily admitted to the Institute of Foreign Languages in the English Faculty of Education,
. It wanted to get to the translation department, but at the time the girls did not take to it than it was immensely disappointed. Television Soviet Union and Canada have worked together a film about the stars of Soviet variety. It was called "Russia in the beam of a searchlight". In the competition for the role of speaker and interpreter attended by twenty students inyaza. Learning from the IV course Svetlana also took part in this competition. A competent committee, which consisted of television producers, cameramen, radio announcers on the English opted for Zhiltsova. In addition to the data required the speaker, they found more and spicy English pronunciation. Thus, the hit television. Happy studying at the institute, the evening was aired with the words: "Good evening, we begin our broadcasts ...". After graduation he stayed to work on television. The creative activity of the speaker depends not only on his talent and hard work, but also from a mentor, with whom he is close. Svetlana believes it has an unusually lucky: in the first years of her teacher on television was the announcer Olga Vysotskaya. Initially led only program schedules. It was a very short period of time. It was noticed in the children and youth staff. Vela virtually all children's programs: "totally fun", . Alarm clock, . Good Night, . kids ", . newsmagazine "Pioneer", . reports from school gyms, . Zoo, . various youth quiz horizontally and vertically, . "Prospect Youth", . then very popular in the 60 - 70's program "KVN",
. Later they are invited to a music editor. A few years been the leading program of "Song of the Year, led concerts, has repeatedly participated in the program" Morning mail "," Ogonyok "," Music kiosk "," In your letters ". Participated in training programs for English language. List all the programs in which Svetlana Zhiltsova participated simply impossible. Twice was in Japan. At the NHK television station carried a half-hour transfer "Speak in Russian" (1974). During the second trip to Japan (1983), for 7 months, Zhiltsova led the transfer of "ABC" - Russian lessons on Japanese television. Programs these were extremely popular. She learned on the streets, in the subway, at exhibitions. Bowing politely, asked for an autograph. Appearance Svetlana as well as possible consistent with the concept of the Japanese female beauty: the soft facial features, smile, light, smooth motion. Who refuses to work under the guidance of the charismatic sensei. Japanese TV viewers still recall with gratitude sensei - a teacher of Russian language, the language of Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy, - Svetlana-san. She receives many letters of congratulations, best wishes, requests. Traveled with the programs in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Cuba, Vietnam, participated as the lead in the competition "Golden Orpheus" in Bulgaria in 1975. (the one which won a. B. Pugacheva) and festivals of Soviet Song in the Green Gora in Poland (1973). Honored Artist of the RSFSR. She was awarded a medal, honorary diploma "Excellent TV". Repeatedly awarded Certificates of Honor for holding competitions, festivals, concerts, devoted significant dates in our country. The school is seriously involved in sports, especially volleyball. Played in a team of girls, then girls' MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute). She has 1 place to ski at the Institute. Collected a large library, still chooses interesting books. Favorite of them - works Andreeva, Dostoevsky, Afanasyev, Rasputin. Favorite artists: Nikolai Simonov, George burning, Oleg Strizhenov, Nina Urgant, Olga Yakovleva. Musical preferences - classical music by Tchaikovsky, Wagner, songs performed by Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Hamperdinga. Currently enjoys working in the country, especially in breeding colors: "... can not tear his eyes from the colors of". It is like to grow cucumbers - green with bumps, and then pickle them in banks with lovage (there is such a fragrant grass). Likes to go for mushrooms and pickled do, "... and then, in the fall, invite friends for their pickles and mushrooms and crumbly potatoes. Very tasty! "The whole family is very fond of dogs: a favorite Fido Kado. After his death, picked up a pooch Nyusyu. Having worked many years as an announcer and host of television programs, Svetlana believes that television announcer should have this trait, as, above all modesty. It is important to not get "starry virus" does not consider itself already established a master. And, of course, perseverance, helps us to continuously accumulate knowledge on a daily basis to refine the technique of speech. Without it, can not imagine a person acting in front of a microphone or TV camera.
Lives in g. Moscow.

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    Zhiltsova Svetlana, photo, biography
    Zhiltsova Svetlana, photo, biography Zhiltsova Svetlana  Honored Artist of the RSFSR, photo, biography
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