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LIVSHITS Vladimir Grigorievich

( Chairman of the Sochi national broadcasting company.)

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Biography LIVSHITS Vladimir Grigorievich
photo LIVSHITS Vladimir Grigorievich
Born June 2, 1946, Mr.. in a small village Hmelevets Shchekino district of Tula region. In the same area is located near another village - Clear the field, and next - Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy's country estate, known worldwide as a center of spiritual culture of Russia.

Gravity to the origins of Russia's spirituality, culture, literature defined the fate of not one inhabitant of Russia's heartland, the province, whether it is 200 or 2 thousand kilometers from the capital of the state. Not an exception and the fate of Vladimir Livshits. His father - Gregory Yefimovich Livshits - was typical of provincial journalist, mother - Antonina Nikolaevna Lupanina - Electric Locomotive in the shaft, a telephone operator, a foreman at the mill plant, a housewife.

Since 1946 g. family lived in Novomoskovsk (previously - Stalinogorsk) Tula region, 60 kilometers from Tula, two hundred - from Moscow. In this city high school student N1 Vladimir Livshits more readily dealt with in the studio of the Palace of Young Pioneers youth participated in youth theater productions, night trains traveled to Moscow, preparing to enter the scriptwriting faculty VGIK.

However, the 'alma mater' for him was the Tula State Pedagogical University named after LN Tolstoy, History and Philology. And again - participation in the literary Theater istfila, education (in parallel with the main) at the Department of Journalism faculty of social professions, occupations in the Student Scientific Society. The practice of some students-philologists held in the museum-estate of the great countryman. After graduation, VA Livshits began working guide in "Yasnaya". By the time he managed to publish articles, . dedicated to the works of Alexander Blok and Velimir Khlebnikov in "Scientific Memoirs" Tula and Kolomna Pedagogical Institute, . worked as a freelance reporter and reviewer in the regional newspaper "Young kommunar", . worked as head of the Department of Art Faculty of Social Sciences of the Institute, . who graduated with a 'red' diploma,

In 1968-1969. VA Livshits served in the defense part of the Leningrad Military District, in the Arkhangelsk region, not far from Plesetsk and Peace. And although the service was mostly in the assembly and testing facility space objects, to the actual rocketry philologist not allowed. He was engaged in arts education and education privates, sergeants and, often, the officers. He was awarded the badge of the Soviet Army ".

In December 1969,. After demobilization he arrived in Sochi. Moving from the "center of Russia" on its south is simple: to the residence of his wife, also graduates of the Tula State Pedagogical Institute. Currently, Svetlana - translator, English teacher.

Since then, the fate of Vladimir Livshits linked to Sochi. The first place to work for him was Nikolai Ostrovsky Museum. In 1970. in his life comes a new twist, he turns on the Komsomol work: an instructor and later head of the Sochi city committee of the Komsomol orgotdelom. In 1973, Mr.. he was elected first secretary of the Central District Komsomol Committee Sochi. The spa capital still remembers cultural events, "korchaginskie watch", the initiative to create a monument Ostrovsky, struggle with the formalism of the Central Regional Committee 70-ies. This five-year period in the life of Vladimir Livshits noted the sign of the Komsomol Central Committee 'for the active work of the Komsomol'.

Already at that time, VA Livshits - active author and presenter of television studio broadcasts Sochi. From 1976 to 1983. VG Livshits works in Sochi city committee of the CPSU. In the beginning - an instructor, then - Deputy Head orgotdelom in 1978. - Head orgotdelom City Party Committee. During these years he participated in forming the development strategy of the resort city as a territorial and recreation complex, "capital" of the Soviet health resorts.

Since June 1983. VG Livshits works at the Sochi television editor in chief of the political broadcasting in May 1992. approved by the chairman of the newly established state TV and radio. In this position he was elected as a television studio and collectives radioteletsentra on an alternative basis

. From the first days in office, VG Livshits combines organizational work with the creative, acts as a screenwriter and a leading publicist telecasts, the audience is engaged in research and program policies of the local television

VG Livshits - by scripting for more than 20 documentary films and videos, written and hosted by cycles of socio-political broadcasts: "Social life club," Sochi-Moscow: in search of prospects, "" First Hand "and other. Since 1988. is the author of television scripts and videos that were shown at the central TV channels, reporting for Radio Russia. With his direct participation in recent years, created popular in Sochi transfer "Social life", "Position", "The Caucasian Circle", "Beach show," From distant wanderings ". As a videographer he was shooting various events in Norway, . Switzerland, . Israel, . United Arab Emirates, . Germany, . Estonia, . Latvia, . was the author and operator of television coverage of the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer and the Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg, . competitions at the Davis Cup in Frankfurt, and song festivals in Tallinn,

In early February 1997 as a result of the accident at the power lines Sochi remained without electricity, water and heat. These days, local newspapers called 'energy nightmare'. Even more dangerous was the information blockade: TV screens went black, not working most of the phones, the last hope remained on the radio.

Sochi State TV has lived up to, to fulfill their professional duty. Here is what wrote Izvestia in N25 on February 8, 1997: "The resort was left without electricity, with water shortages began to be over telephone, the radio fell silent, were interrupted by television: of Sochi was plunged into darkness. However, the true magnitude of the disaster could still get on local radio. Chairman of the Sochi national television VA Livshits was able to speak on urban radio. And all the city passed from mouth to mouth that said Livshits'. Chairman of the Company's radio speeches were held during the week several times a day and helped to hold sochintsam

. Over the years the chairman - chief editor of Television and Radio V. Livshits has made strengthening the authority of the sole in Sochi state media, . initiated the establishment of creative associations, . as basic structural units of the Sochi STRC, . increase their independence, . introduction of modern methods of technological process of production programs, . determine their ranking, . to market television production,
. The volume of television broadcasting SGTRK constantly growing team has a stable and high level of professionalism. Sochi state broadcasting company - one of the few regional in the country, whose TV shows and movies regularly go to the capital's canals and the creative and technical staff participate in televised competitions and festivals. Its independence from local authorities and financial institutions recognize and viewers and critics, and politicians.

VG Livshits initiated the creation of Sochi and the first independent television terrestrial-cable television ( "EFKATE"), Chairman of the Board of Directors is elected 6 years in a row. In 1983-1988 he. he creates in Sochi city branch of international information agency "Modus vivendi", teleaudiokommunikatsionnoy company "Megapolis" Agency of Russia's socio-economic information (RASI)

. VG Livshits is a permanent member of the Organizing Committee of Russia Teleforum "Azure Star" in Sochi, . board member of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAT), . Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Radio and Television (March), . member of the Krasnodar regional commission on broadcasting,
. He is - by creating the project in Sochi, southern Russia base film and television, which was included in the federal program of development of Sochi 2010, became part of film project of the Foundation for Children and Youth Fund (Rolan Bykov), "Children. Screen. Culture ", approved by Decree of the RF President Boris N. Yeltsin. To this end, working with Russia's Committee for Cinematography, the leading film and TV companies Russia

. As Chairman of the Sochi obschekurortnogo information and advertising fund (SOIRF) VG Livshits has much to popularize the resort at exhibitions, . in print and on television, . is a member of FITEZH (organization of journalists, . writing about tourism), . regular contributor and operator of television coverage of international exhibitions "Travel and Tourism" (MITT) Moscow,
. VG Livshits - member Board of Trustees of the National Institute of Continuous Education and Professional balneology, . Deputy Chairman of the State Examination Commission of the Institute of Economics of the Sochi State University of Tourism and resort business, . founding member of the Sochi International University of Business and Management,
. He takes an active part in the city branch of the Cultural Foundation of Russia, is a member of the Presidium of the city committee of trade unions of workers of culture. Member of the Union of Journalists since 1984, Mr.. In February 1999, Mr.. elected chairman of the socio-political movement "Southern Capital".

In 1996. VG Livshits received the Gratitude of the President of Russia. In the same year by order of Vsekubanskomu Cossack army, he is given the award Cross of the revival of the Cossacks "I degree. In 1997. Federal Service of Russia on Television and Radio awarded the Honorary radio operator, in 1999. - Honorable Mention FSTR.

VG Livshits, you can see on the opening days of artists in Moscow and Sochi, Riga, and Thule, performances at the capital's theaters, museums and shops in cities, where he has ever been. Since then he had a student film freak and bibliophile, but not "book worm". From childhood, playing tennis, the North went to ski in Sochi mastered waterskiing. But think of projects that embody them - it's still the main thing that makes his life.

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LIVSHITS Vladimir Grigorievich, photo, biography
LIVSHITS Vladimir Grigorievich, photo, biography LIVSHITS Vladimir Grigorievich  Chairman of the Sochi national broadcasting company., photo, biography
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