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GOLOVANOV Jaroslav Kirillovich

( Writer, journalist.)

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Biography GOLOVANOV Jaroslav Kirillovich
photo GOLOVANOV Jaroslav Kirillovich
Born June 2, 1932, Mr.. in Moscow in a family of actors
. Father - Kirill N. Golovanov - founder and first director of the Theater Dept., . which is now known, . as Moscow Drama Theater named after Nikolai Gogol, . worked in management theaters Committee on the Arts, . was one of the leaders of the Central House of culture of railwaymen,
. Mother - Anfisa V. Golovanov (nee Kozlova) - under the pseudonym Andreeva almost his whole life was a leading actress of Transportation.

Barely begun, life in the capital a little schoolboy was interrupted by the war. Autumn 1941. family was evacuated to Omsk, and only in the summer of 1943. returns to Moscow. In 1950, Mr.. Jaroslav finishes school. To the surprise of parents, he does not want to enter the camera faculty of Union Institute of Cinematography, . as he tells his father, . neither in Moscow Architectural Institute, . as recommended by the mother, . and submits documents to open shortly before the secret missile department of the Moscow Bauman Higher Technical School,
. Explaining this decision, Jaroslaw said that the desire to engage in missile technology originated in Omsk, in 1942, when he read the novel by Alexei Tolstoy's "Aelita", which made a huge impression on him. In his student years Jaroslav works very much: lectures MVTU read in dozens of disciplines, and the number of tests and examinations approaching a hundred. Alumni MVTU those years were required to work on all metal-working machines, . master all kinds of welding and foundry, . excluding manufacturing practices, . Golovanov, which took place at a factory in Dnepropetrovsk, . before the appointment of an outstanding designer of rockets there Yangel,
. In Gorokhoveckij military camps gaining experience shooting from the guards mortar ( "Katyusha")

. Thesis (calculated LRE - liquid-propellant rocket engine - with a thrust of 100 tons) NK Golovanov performs under the direction of future Corresponding Member of the USSR AP Vanicheva in the laboratory N8 NII-1 of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, . but at the allocation, . suddenly he is sent to another lab, . headed future academician GI Petrov,
. To some extent Golovanov is experiencing a crisis situation: the urgent need to radically re-learn from the heat on the aerodynamics, and in general, he begins to realize that the deals are not entirely his own business. And although all his life he was proud of two secret scientific reports, which are written in 1956-1957. He feels that his vocation in another.

In November, he makes an attempt to cooperate with the science department of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which in those years led by a remarkable journalist and a talented teacher Mikhail Khvastunov. Golovanov in love with the newspaper. He manages to combine it with work in SRI, and just at the same time he starts his family life: Jaroslav marries a graduate Physico-Technical Institute. In February 1958,. Chief Editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" AI Adjoubei from among several candidates for the position of literary official at the Department of Science opted for Yaroslav Golovanov. Since that time, all life is connected with Jaroslav "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Fascination with newspaper work allows Golovanov quickly take one of the leading places among the young officers "KP". Spring 1959. he persuades Adzhubei send it to a fishing expedition to the shores of Africa. The result of this trip was not only a series of newspaper essays, . but the novel "A Clockwork monkey", . published in the journal "Youth" (N9, . 1967) and a year later published a book titled "Souvenir and Gibraltar" ( "Young Guard", . 1968),
. Even before this Golovanov publishes a small non-fiction books: "Storm of the abyss" (Geografgiz, . 1963), . "In the country of uranium" (Atomizdat, . 1963) and the novel "Blacksmiths of thunder", . for the first time in our literature there are new characters - designers of spacecraft,
. Published in "Youth" (N1, 1964), and then published a book ( "Soviet Russia", 1964), the story attracts the attention of the Chief Designer Sergei Korolev Space, which offers Yaroslav himself to fly into space. In July-August 1965. Golovanov passes all the checks at the Institute of Biomedical Problems, but the death of the Queen in January 1966. cancels plans for journalist. (In January-February 1990. Jaroslav tries to become the first journalist in space, but his marriage on health, and the first journalist becomes a 47-year-old Japanese Toyohiro Akiyama). The story "Blacksmiths Thunder" opens Golovanov way to the Union of Soviet Writers, where he was taken on the advice of Boris Polevoy and Vasily Aksenov in February 1966.

Newspaper career Golovanova develops very successfully. In 1960, Mr.. he manages a department of information in 1963. become a traveling correspondent, in 1966. - Member of the editorial. But already in 1968. Desiring to work creative, Jaroslav on their own moves to the position of the browser and is in the highest journalistic creative rank all subsequent years. For 10 years he has - a special correspondent "KP" on the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Golovanov has traveled extensively, visiting 25 countries on all continents except Antarctica, as he himself says "bathed in all the oceans of the world". In an effort to better know their country, Jaroslav Kirillovich taken in 1975-1985,. travel on Russian land Nechernozemie, visiting 30 regions of European Russia. Addresses of his stories: Crimea, Ukraine, Baltics, Caucasus, Urals, Siberia, Central Asia, mountains of Pamir and Tien Shan, the Far East, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Kuriles.

For almost half a century of work Yaroslav Golovanov has published more than 1200 newspaper articles, essays and reports, more than 160 journal articles, 20 books with a circulation of 2,300,000 copies, was published in 25 languages. Ya Golovanov - winner of the highest journalistic prize "Golden Pen", a knight of the two Soviet orders, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia.

The main theme of creativity journalist and writer Yaroslav Golovanov has been and remains Space. With the theme of space related to the book: "Blacksmiths of thunder," "Perceptions of academics," "Sketches of the Great", "Architecture of weightlessness," "Our Gagarin", "Martian" (The Tale of Friedrich Zander). Separately must call the book "The Road to Baikonur - the history of the world's space for young people from the mythical Icarus to the actual flight Gagarin (Publishing House" Children's Literature ", 1982). Business of the whole of his life Golovanov finds work on the fundamental book "Korolev. Facts and Myths ", published by" Science "in 1994. It began in 1966. and, in the opinion of the author, is still going.

In 1998-1999. in Komsomolskaya Pravda published notebooks Yaroslav Golovanov Notes for your Contemporary, covering almost the entire second half of the twentieth century, which caused great interest of readers. The author intends to publish them in book form

. NK Golovanov was married three times and from all the women had children: Valentina Zhuravleva - the sons of Basil (1960 g.rozhd.) And Alexander (1965 g.rozhd.), . by Natalia Laskino - son Dmitri (1974 g.rozhd.), . by Eugenia Markovna Albats - the daughter of Olga (1988 g.rozhd.),
. All children Jaroslav Kirillovich supports the most delicate relationship. At present - a confirmed bachelor

Lives and works in Peredelkino.

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GOLOVANOV Jaroslav Kirillovich, photo, biography
GOLOVANOV Jaroslav Kirillovich, photo, biography GOLOVANOV Jaroslav Kirillovich  Writer, journalist., photo, biography
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