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Letnikov Andrei Ivanovich

( Technical Director LLP Comstar ``)

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Biography Letnikov Andrei Ivanovich
photo Letnikov Andrei Ivanovich
Born January 31, 1957 in Moscow. Father - Letnikov Ivan Yakovlevich (genus. 3.07.1931 g.). Mother - Letnikova Nina (genus. 30.06.1929 g.). Wife - Letnikova Galina A. (genus. 12.10.1960 g.). Children: Cyril (rod.23.04.1981 g.), Maxim (rod.14.07.1984 g.), Svetlana (rod.13.04.1989 g.).

. Graduated from the Faculty of Automation, remote control and communications of the Moscow Institute of Transportation Engineers (1988) and the School of International Business (1994).

. Choose an activity Letnikov predetermined radiodelom passion from a young age (13-14 years)
. For 25 years, AI Letnikov - odnolyub, "techie". His path of - operation and development of telephone networks. Almost 20 years he worked in the Moscow City Telephone Network, initially working - fitter, more - all the steps to one of the most authoritative industry experts. Especially bright talent AI Letnikova manifested itself after the transition in 1992, Russo-British company, Comstar, where he was invited for the post of technical director. AI Letnikov is a think tank "techies" Comstar ". 24 hours a day, he generates ideas, and - a rare case! - Most of them manage to implement. Innovative technical solutions implemented in such complex and prestigious sites as the Manege Square, City, Gostiny Dvor, a corporate network "Siemens" and many others, have enabled the company "Comstar" to ensure the needs of its customers. Under the leadership of AI Letnikova implemented dozens of innovative solutions for the development of communication systems, allowing to strengthen the position of "Comstar" on Russia's telecom market and contributed to its adoption at the international level. He was directly involved in the development of the transport network Comstar-based equipment SDH, IP platforms, etc.. Andrey is a rare type of people working in the communications industry, which for specific projects see the entire network, all the complex infrastructure. Taking any technical solutions, he understands how it will affect the network Comstar, at the Moscow City Telephone Network. AI Letnikov is a member of the Coordinating Council on implementation of new techniques and technologies State Committee of Russia, took an active part in the Technical Council for the preparation of perspective plans for development of communication in the Moscow region. Moscow Government for its achievements in preparing for the 850 anniversary of the capital was awarded the Jubilee Medal in 850 years, Moscow (1997). In his spare time enjoys wood carving, design and architecture of small forms. Having 3 children and working 12-14 hours a day, he constantly something crafts home: bring "conditioning" a country house, make a new antenna to the TV, improves home cinema, etc.. Andrew knows how to cook and not only the traditional male dish - shish kebab. Therefore, his main hobbies include caring for the home. He loves reading the classics of world literature (especially the works of Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Bulgakov), as well as the history books, dictionaries, encyclopedias. He tries not to miss any of the theatrical premiere. From performances particularly remember the last time For Two Hares ", staged at the theater named Evg.Vahtangova.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Russia, Moscow, 3-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, 39 / 5.

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Letnikov Andrei Ivanovich, photo, biography
Letnikov Andrei Ivanovich, photo, biography Letnikov Andrei Ivanovich  Technical Director LLP Comstar ``, photo, biography
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