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Lobovsky Igor Markovic

( Candidate of Social Sciences, corresponding member of the International Academy of Informatization, Commercial Director of Comstar `LLP`)

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Biography Lobovsky Igor Markovic
Born in 1955 in Moscow. Father - Lobovsky Mark I. (1924-1990 yy). Mother - Alice Lobovsky Romanovna (rod.1932 g.). Wife - Lobovsky Irina.

Igor Lobovsky come within the scope of telecommunications in 1972, when he entered the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communications. This step, which is largely predetermined his whole life was in many ways, dictated by his father - a famous scientist electronics manufacturers and the MIC of the time. After graduating from the institute in 1977 by engineer wired telecommunications, IM Lobovsky was invited to work in the Moscow City Telephone Network. Started working career at the worst area - linear cable, Lobovsky was there the first since the revolution of 1917 specialists with higher education. For four years, has passed through several stages of job: Engineer Trainee, senior engineer, head of Central Bureau of repair, shop manager. It was a good school. If accidents, accounted for 30-40 hours to conduct on-site at night to obtain food ... until I managed to troubleshoot. Lad of twenty often had to deal with 'promotional and educational' work among adult men - his subordinates, who were good in his fathers, and sometimes grandparents.

. When in 1981 Igor Markovic took the office of the chief shop, he was in the penultimate place in the MGTS
. In 1984 he was invited to work in the MGTS already down as head of the best linear-cable plant network. With great reluctance Igor Lobovsky bye with his team. A new period in his life. Work-book stores for more than 70 thanks, made at the time.

At the initiative of the Chief of MGTS, Professor Victor Vasiliev Fadeevich he received the 'carte blanche', creates and heads the laboratory work organization and production management. This was essentially a new unit is professionally engaged in psychology and interior design, state regulations and traffic analysis, promotion, increasing efficiency and best practices, labor, international contacts. In a very short time the laboratory became the center of progressive thought MGTS and communications industry as a whole. For achievements in the development of advanced methods of labor IM Lobovsky was awarded the Medal VDNH USSR.

In 1986, on the job Igor Lobovsky with honors finishes the All-Union Academy of Foreign Trade. Diploma has been prepared on the theme: 'Basic principles of joint ventures in the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS)'. This theme was essentially a pioneer. The party and government decree on this subject in the country only prepared and appeared in six months. It is no exaggeration to say that the degree Igor Lobovsky laid the theoretical basis for attracting foreign investment through joint ventures, particularly in the telecommunication industry.

. Work IM Lobovsky becoming more interesting, original and intellectually rich
. It was put in leadership MGTS, elected a member of the working group and appointed Assistant Chief of MGTS, then head of the newly created International Division. In this capacity, he specializes in foreign economic contacts, developing the concept of a joint venture with the Moscow City Telephone Network, which was soon destined to become a reality after the approval of the Minister of Communications of the USSR.

In 1987-1989 i.i. MGTS conducting a tender among the 12 largest global telecommunications companies (AT & T, Siemens, British Telecom, NEC, GPT, Nokia, Ericson and others) and finally stops at the British company GPT. In early 1989, Mr.. signed by the constituent documents of the first Soviet-British joint venture "Comstar". Igor Lobovsky becomes its leader.

The company is developing dynamically. The first project, which proved to be a significant event for Moscow - the installation of the first Soviet international payphone with payment by credit and a special phone card. Call British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the Moscow office of Comstar "during her visit to Moscow was the premiere of a broad and accessible system of international communication in the USSR.

In 1989-1992 i.i. IM Lobovsky leads the development of the first and only in the USSR, the digital communication network for business customers with the participation of MGTS, Ministry of Communications of the USSR, the company GPT, Central Research Institute of Communications. In 1992. company reorganized in LLP 'Comstar' and IM Lobovsky becomes his business manager.

. In this capacity he is directly involved in the modernization and 'digitization' MGTS as part of General use of the country, . including the Russo-British Intergovernmental agreement (Resolution of the Government of Russia 23-p of 09.01.1994 g.),
. The result is concrete and palpable. Only in the development of urban infrastructure invested 75 million dollars, removes the notion of 'turn on the phone', in the telecom market in Moscow allegedly adopted by the world of services.

. Another area of the IM Lobovsky - formation and implementation of integrated regional development programs, Communications and Informatization
. Thus, in Sochi, Togliatti, Nizhnevartovsk, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Samara and others. regions (total 78) are already operating 'removal' web 'Comstar' providing a wide range of modern telecommunication services. This was a good prerequisite for the development of infrastructure in the regions of Russia.

Working with the administration regard the majority of the world, IM Lobovsky engaged in the development and support of international business relations and individual projects. The company provides telecommunications services throughout the diplomatic corps in Moscow, she preferred to link with the White House during the visits of U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents of the USA to Russia. Now the company provides high quality and reliable communications in Moscow, Russia, and with 145 countries on the basis of direct agreements with the governments of these states.

. All this allows 'Comstar' to be a highly competitive company, . that introduces the most advanced technologies: data transmission system with speed 2, . 5 Gbit / sec, . digital telecommunication systems 'System X', . fiber-optic cables, . advanced integrated technology solutions and much more.,

. 'Comstar' with the direct involvement of IM Lobovsky social programs in Russia's capital: telephone neighborhoods Nikulino (3 000 rooms) and Sretenka (4 000 rooms), the introduction of Internet in the home of Muscovites and much more.

. Scope of Telecommunications - very dynamic process, where high technology is the very essence of
. Slightest congestion will not allow. In the working cabinet IM Lobovsky - more than 10 diplomas and certificates of completion of various business schools and courses. Among them - the famous Duke University in North Carolina (USA) and the Polytechnic University in g.Koventri (UK). Without the separation of administration IM Lobovsky successfully defends Ph.D. thesis on 'Strategy and tactics of competition in the telecommunications market of Russia' and becomes the first country scientists, . affecting the problem,
. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation.

IM Lobovsky is a corresponding member of the International Academy of Informatization UN. He is the author of numerous articles and books on economics, sociology, communications. He was awarded the commemorative medal in honor of 850 anniversary of Moscow and a diploma of the Moscow Government for his contribution to the preparations for the celebration of 850 anniversary of Moscow.

. In 1992, for outstanding achievements in the development of telecommunications networks in Russia and cooperation with foreign countries, one of the first in the country (along with G. Kasparov, . P. Bunich, . pilot astronaut), he was awarded the prestigious non-governmental award - the Order of the Eagle.,

. IM Lobovsky is very active in the oldest Moscow English Club (the Club celebrated 255 years), being one of 150 members.

. I. Lobovsky passion - tennis
. This explains the fact that he is a member of the Board of Trustees of Russia's tennis, and the company 'Comstar' is the official telecommunications company of the Kremlin Cup tennis. Here is what this hobby is one of his staff: "He is a loving and is not limited to attachment to his wife and colleagues, his second" marriage "- an alliance with tennis. He and Pavlenko (CEO "Comstar") encourages companies in the cult of tennis and believes that it enhances its image. In addition to tennis in love with cars and dogs.

Lives and works in g. Moscow.

Address: Russia, 125047, g. Ul. 3-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, 39 / 5. Tel: (+7-503) 956-00-00, (+7-095) 956-00-00

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Lobovsky Igor Markovic

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Lobovsky Igor Markovic, photo, biography
Lobovsky Igor Markovic, photo, biography Lobovsky Igor Markovic  Candidate of Social Sciences, corresponding member of the International Academy of Informatization, Commercial Director of Comstar `LLP`, photo, biography
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