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GUSAKOV Valery Efimovitch

( General Director of JSC `Manor Center`)

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Biography GUSAKOV Valery Efimovitch
photo GUSAKOV Valery Efimovitch
Born June 19, 1939 in Volgograd,. Father - Gusakov EM. (1908g.rozhd.). Mother - Nikiforenko MN. (1917g.rozhd.). Wife - Belen EV. (1940g.rozhd.). Children: Gusakov Constantine (1964g.rozhd.) Gusakov Oleg (1969g.rozhd.) Gusakov Nikita (1981g.rozhd.). Two sons (the eldest and the middle) graduated from the Engineering Institute and led by construction firms, and the youngest student at the Finance Academy. Has three grandchildren.

He graduated from the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute named after VV Kuibyshev (1957-1962) and the Foreign Trade Academy, specializing in economics on International Relations "(1977-1980).

His career VE Gusakov started as a worker-factory distributor PO Box 2407 in 1956, where he worked for a year before entering the Moscow Institute of Engineers urban Moscow City (IISS behalf Kuibyshev). After graduation in 1962 with all his activity was associated with the construction. Working foreman, superintendent, senior superintendent in the SU-36 Trust Mosstroy N 1 Glavmosstroy "(1962-1965), he was a direct participant in the mass housing construction in Moscow. From 1971 to 1973 he worked as chief engineer of the trust "Mosfundamentstroy N 1, and from 1973 to 1979 - Managing Trust Mosstroy N 1, which were working in Chertanovo, North Chertanovo, Zyuzin and other areas.

In his role as head of a group of Soviet experts - chief engineer of construction involved in the construction of the town Aria-Sharh and steel plant in the city of Isfahan (Iran) (1969-1971)

. After graduating Full-time All-Union Academy of Foreign Trade, . worked in the State Committee for Economic Affairs of the USSR (GKES) (1980-1988) as director of the All-Union office "Stroypodryadeksport", . Head of capital construction and operation of foreign missions GKES, . participated in the construction of a steel plant in Nigeria, . pipelines in Algeria and Libya, . silos and irrigation systems in Iraq, . thermal power plant in Algeria, . which were constructed with the participation of specialists Moscow City,

. Gained experience of foreign economic activity, . in 1988-1991 VE Gusakov worked as a Deputy Chief of the construction of foreign objects "Glavzarubezhstroya" Minyugstroya USSR, . then the head of the Office of External Relations of the USSR State Construction Committee,

As leader of the 1992 Joint Stock Company "Manor Center, formed by the government of Moscow for the construction of cultural and business center on Voznesensky Per., D. 22, VE Gusakov maximum use of accumulated past experience, expertise and specialist literacy initiative leader

. Draft business and cultural center, . one of the authors of which is the VE Gusakov, . was submitted to the Government of Moscow at the International Conference on the property in Cannes (France), . which is conducted by the World realtors (MIPIM), . where the project was awarded the diploma of degree 2 of 75 selected projects from around the world,

With the direct involvement of VE Gusakova was created unique administrative entity corresponding to world standards, using modern materials, technology, with sophisticated engineering equipment. In the area of placing the center of reconstructed and newly built complex engineering networks and structures of urban values. The whole complex of cultural and business center was leased for a year before the end of construction, which made it possible to get 12 million. dollars for the completion. Every year from the lease of the whole complex city gets 12 million. U.S.. The return of the object - 4,5 years. The act of the State Commission for acceptance in the operation of business and cultural center was approved by the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, . who took part in the opening of the center and gave his appreciation to the builders at a government meeting in Moscow with the participation of the City Council,

Currently, VE Gusakov continues to successfully work in the JSC Manor Center "in the position of General Director, heads the construction of 2-nd stage business and cultural center, controls built commercial center. Today in Manor Center "has become a large construction holding that performs all types of construction and maintenance services of large office buildings.

He was awarded medals "For development of virgin lands" (1959), "For valorous work to commemorate the 100 th anniversary of the birth of VI. Lenin "(1970)," 850 anniversary of Moscow "(1997).

Favorite leisure activities - hunting, favorite music - Russia's stage, sports - horse riding, swimming, cycling.

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    GUSAKOV Valery Efimovitch, photo, biography
    GUSAKOV Valery Efimovitch, photo, biography GUSAKOV Valery Efimovitch  General Director of JSC `Manor Center`, photo, biography
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