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Kosovan Alexander Davidovich

( Colonel-General, Deputy Secretary of Defense for Construction and Troop Billeting)

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Biography Kosovan Alexander Davidovich
photo Kosovan Alexander Davidovich
Born October 26, 1941 in the village Akhtyrsky Abinsk district of the Krasnodar Territory in the family of employees. Married. Has two children. Son - a soldier, the head of the military-construction management. Daughter - a military lawyer.

After school for working youth, while working as a bricklayer on construction sites of the city Zhambyl Kazakh SSR, decides to become a professional builder

. In 1966, Alexander Kosovan graduated from the Novosibirsk Engineering Building Institute, and as one of the best young officers was sent to serve in the Central Directorate of Special Construction of the Central Asian (now Siberian) Military District,

Since the early days, when he was given the rank of lieutenant, energetic, competent graduate began to actively explore all the details entrusted to him by service area. Wide and many-sided was the responsibility of the young officer-builder. Obtained at the military department of the Institute of knowledge on the profile of engineer for the construction and operation of bridges on the roads "have helped him quickly learn the position of a work in 32-m control head works, . and after some time of hard work and perseverance, . deep knowledge of the situation on the construction site was given the leadership of management is every reason to appoint Alexander Kosovan chief engineer and head of department of engineering work in the field Priozersk Dzhezkazgan,
. It was at that period in this region of the country to strengthen its security are built unique strategic assets. The specificity of the work demanded full commitment, and sometimes working around the clock - the objects were put into operation in due time.

In 1984 AD Kosovan appointed chief engineer - deputy chief of construction management of the Volga Military District, and subsequently, the head of department of engineering.

He went on to serve in the border Transcaucasian Military District as the deputy commander of the district for the construction and the quartering of troops. Here since 1988, he had to rebuild military installations and equip garrisons after the earthquake

. In 1992 AD Kosovan appointed first deputy chief of construction and the quartering of troops, . where previously served many of his teachers, . outstanding professional military construction: Colonel-General VE Belokoskov, . Colonel-General AI Shebunin, . Army General A. Komorowski, . Marshals engineering troops AV Gelovani, . NF Shestopalov, . Colonel-General N. Checks, . AV Solomatin,

In April 1997, Colonel-General AD Kosovan appointed Deputy Minister of Defense for Construction and the quartering of troops

. Since the appointment in such a responsible new post, . in difficult times, . when collapsed much of the state management mechanism in the defense and military construction, . AD Kosovan, . selecting the pilot, . energetic and cohesive team, . began actively seeking ways to preserve the industry,
. Life forced to engage in development of close of market conditions of the economy, the world market, the intensive use of foreign loans and investment for the resettlement withdrawn from Eastern Germany troops.

From it took literally Herculean efforts to reform the Defense Ministry building complex is not reduced to its waste and the total destruction. In the zone of constant attention AD Kosovan in these months and years to have a prompt and timely preparation of legislative acts, legal documents and the creation of a broad base their rationale. Ultimately this is reflected in the decrees of the President on shareholding structures of the military-construction units. The work was the creation of 19 state unitary enterprises

. In this ongoing efforts to reform the construction industry held in parallel, . avoiding a negative impact on the performance of construction by the public order and the current challenges, . set by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense,
. And do all this in terms of total non-payment and sometimes significant budget underfunding

. Best assessment of the work was then, . that his acceptance Standard of Chief of Construction and the quartering of troops and Defense Minister Marshal Igor D. Sergeyev praised the contribution of military construction, and personally, Colonel General AD Kosovan in strengthening the country's defense,
. He emphasized the role of military construction in support of commissioning and staging for combat duty missile complexes Topol-M and solving the problems of housing supply troops, . especially in connection with the withdrawal of troops from near and far abroad, and reduction of armed forces,

Colonel-General AD Kosovan has contributed to the modernization of the industrial base of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Thus, construction of house-building plant in the village Sertolovo Leningrad Region with a total capacity of up to 100 thousand. sq.m of housing per year. Introduced 10 new technological lines for production of expanded clay gravel (Aleksin Tula region), . Vibropressed blocks (Volgodonsk, Rostov region and Domodedovo, Moscow region), . ceramic brick (Rostov-na-Donu), . window units (Nizhny Novgorod),
. In the village Podrezkovo Moscow region was put into operation the first plant to produce ceramic tiles with a design capacity - 3 million. sqm tiles per year. Entered production facilities enable it to produce from local materials, high-quality building materials, the relevant international standards. The above companies are standard among similar entities of the construction industry Russia. They created about 2 thousand new jobs

. Once the decision to deploy troops in the North Caucasus-apartment building and bodies of the Ministry of Defense as soon as possible conducted survey and design work, . and already by June 2000 were carried out maintenance work in the village of Kalinovskaya 72-th Guards Rifle Regiment,
. The newly built modern military town. For six months in, . close to the fighting, . from all parts of Russia were moved here the necessary military construction force, . sent the best engineering and command staff, . in a few months, restored and re-built 25 objects, . installed more than 30 thousand concrete products; in the garrison restored power, . whole complex of works for the operation of facilities,

. Alexander Kosovan took under his wing a unique training and laboratory and experimental base construction and residential organs Defense, . including St. Petersburg University with a branch in the city of Togliatti, . on the base of which the Cadet Corps,

Team-building complex of military and Defense Ministry, headed by Colonel-General AD Kosovanom - is more than 30 thousand soldiers and about 300 thousand civilian specialists. The troops launched a new emblem of military construction that enhances the prestige of the military profession.

Colonel-General AD Kosovan awarded medals "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" (1989), Labor Red Banner (1990), "For Military Merit" (1999), many medals. He has the title "Honored Builder of Russia", "Honorary builder", "Honorary builder of Moscow", "Honorary builder of the Moscow Region".

Complex issues of military development the subject of numerous articles published AD Kosovanom in periodicals, as well as textbooks and teaching aids for students of the university and military academies. He has co-written the book "Marshal-creator", dedicated AV Gelovani (1998), undertook the general editor of the book "In the interests of defense and peace" (1999).

Alexander Davidovich - an avid fisherman. He participated in many competitions of the Ministry of Defense in this form of leisure.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Kosovan Alexander Davidovich, photo, biography
Kosovan Alexander Davidovich, photo, biography Kosovan Alexander Davidovich  Colonel-General, Deputy Secretary of Defense for Construction and Troop Billeting, photo, biography
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