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Kokhanenko Mikhail Pavlovich

( State Prize winner, Honored Builder of Russia)

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Biography Kokhanenko Mikhail Pavlovich
photo Kokhanenko Mikhail Pavlovich
Born January 9, 1928 in the city Georgievsk Stavropolkogo edge. Father - Kokhanenko Pavel Fedorovich (1901g.rozhd.). Mother - Kokhanenko Matryona Filippovna (1905g.rozhd.). Wife - Kokhanenko Love Arkadievna (1941g.rozhd.). Daughter - Kokhanenko Elena (1951g.rozhd.).

Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers (1947-1952) and the Moscow Institute of Management (1978-1980).

He began his career in 14 years during the Great Patriotic War. After graduating from Tbilisi topographic College (1946) worked in the surveying party, a surveyor, topographer in the Planning Institute Giproaviaprom ".

Since 1952, - master, foreman, head of the Moscow office building Metrostroi. In the years 1960-1963 led the team of Soviet experts in the construction of the first mass housing in the capital of Mongolia in Ulan Bator. At the same time engaged in training the Mongolian builders - from workers to managers building trusts.

From 1963 to 1966 he worked as manager of the trust Glavmosstroy on construction of large industrial facilities, including oxygen production at the Moscow Coke and Gas Plant, plant Stankoliniya "and others.

In the years 1966-1969 led many thousands of Moscow's construction of the rehabilitation of the earthquake in Tashkent. From 1969 to 1973 he was the head of large housing association in Moscow.

In 1973 he was appointed deputy, and in 1975 the Chief "Glavmosstroy" with the rights of the Federal Minister. Under his leadership, was held in Moscow construction of Olympic facilities, which received high evaluation of international specialists.

From 1982 to 1988 was Vice Chairman Gosgrazhdanstroya USSR, where was in charge of the construction of large, busy creating databases and working conditions of 504 house-building plant, operating at the time in the country.

In 1988-1992 he was Professor of "The construction" at the Institute of management development Builders. In 1992 he returned to the building site as deputy chief of the association "Mosinterstroy" Construction Department of the Government of Moscow.

From 1995 to 1998 headed the Directorate of the customer to build a large administrative building of the bank. He is directing the department of capital construction, whose purpose is the construction of retail and service centers in Moscow, Tolyatti, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities

. MP Kokhanenko - Honored Builder of Russia (1978), . Honored Builder of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1967), . USSR State Prize Laureate (1980) for the design and construction of the district Troparevo in Moscow and the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1973) for the design and construction of residential complex in Moscow Davydkovo,
. He was awarded the Order of October Revolution (1976), . three orders of Red Banner of Labor (1966, . 1969, . 1980), . Order "Polar Star" (MPR, . 1962), . medals "Friendship" (MPR, . 1981), . "Veteran of Labor" (1986) and "850 anniversary of Moscow" (1997), . signs of "Honorary builder of Russia" (1998) and "Honorary builder of Moscow" (1998),

Since 1979 he is a member of the Union of Architects. He was elected a deputy of the Moscow Soviet seven convocations (1969-1983), was a delegate to XXV and XXVI Congress of the CPSU. At the present time - a member of the Public Board of Veterans' builders of Moscow (since 1997). Rossiyskogo and Society of Civil Engineers (1997)

. Has a copyright, including the development of new formulations of concrete mix, equipment for the manufacture of reinforced concrete elements, the new working equipment for back-hoe and replacement equipment for earthmoving machinery

. He is the author of the textbook "Restoration of civil buildings on subsiding soil and methodical manual" engineering preparation of construction production for high schools and refresher courses for civil engineers, . and more than 40 articles in periodicals,

Leisure time trying to hold on the nature. He is fond of fishing, including winter, and hunting. Likes to travel. He prefers classical music, ancient ballads and songs, biographical and life-affirming films.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Kokhanenko Mikhail Pavlovich, photo, biography
Kokhanenko Mikhail Pavlovich, photo, biography Kokhanenko Mikhail Pavlovich  State Prize winner, Honored Builder of Russia, photo, biography
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