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Maslennikov Gennady

( Hero of Socialist Labor, the President of ZAO `update`.)

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Biography Maslennikov Gennady
photo Maslennikov Gennady
Born July 14, 1929, Mr.. in Moscow. Mother - Maslennikov Valentina (1910 g.rozhd.). Wife - Maslennikov Zinaida Pavlovna (1928 g.rozhd.). Son - Maslennikov Sergey G. (genus. 23.07.1954 g.). Daughter - Maslennikov Yelena G. (genus. 22.04.1963 g.).

Childhood Gennady dawned very difficult. Raised without a father. Mother at age 32, paralyzed. Together with her in October 1941. in the process of evacuation, he was in a distant Kyrgyzstan. To somehow feed themselves, twelve boy found work at the farm. But my mother still died of hunger. Left alone, Gennady began working as a loader at first, then groom the carrier. In college, where learned war-torn soldiers, took food, bread, firewood.

With the end of the war Gennady Maslennikov returned to Moscow. Settled down in Moscow brake plant, received a roof over their head - a bed in a hostel. The plant Gennady mastered several professions: working revolverschikom, moulders, turners. Was in excellent account. The concept of 'Good Performers' in relation to Gennady Maslennikov even then it was not the poster. As the YCL, enthusiasm - all this was the very essence of life. The plant Gennady entered the fifth grade school for working youth.

Since 1948. with minor variations all his life is connected with the construction. It so happened that the factory came to the commission, which was to select people who are on the Komsomol should be sent to the construction. Gennady agreed and was sent for an interview to the regional committee of Komsomol. There he was asked: 'What do you want bytN'. 'Bricklayer' - was the answer. Guys were trying to dissuade the District Committee: will work in any weather, despite the snow, rain, at high altitudes. Maslennikov was adamant: 'I want to be a bricklayer'.

And on Feb. 18, 1948, Mr.. He gets on his first destination - Gorky Street, construction of house number 27/29, luxurious stone house. Build such homes, as a rule, artels masons 'of Vladimir Bogomazov'. These were the great masters, many of them knew all the secrets of masonry, some even built churches.

Maslennikov enters the brigade to Ivanov Ageyu Artamonovichu. At the first meeting he was asked: 'You're much poluchalN'. 'One thousand two hundred rubles'. 'There will never receive that kind of money you will not. It is too late Run away, boy. We the people of the village, the usual. Not potyanesh you our work '. A frost twenty degrees ... Clothes from Gennady from the hostel - thin coat and cap. A 'painters' all in caps, boots - frost them transcend. Feels Maslennikov - life goes. But the YCL sent - so should be. I survived.

Gradually learned. He began asking questions: why etakN why takN 'painters' were open and the boys gladly gave up their secrets. A special friendship has arisen with first-class bricklayer Efantiem Nikolayevich Kormilschikovym. He sort of took care of a novice. Once a young artist, having mastered the simple brickwork, drives and drives the wall without stopping. Drove, the mood is excellent. For cold and overweening. Suitable Efanty N., and not without the subtext, asks: 'Gene, you're in the zoo long bylN Camel videlN Most do not go - Camel in front of you! " ... Gradually, from house to house, grew skill and devotion to a new profession. After bricklayer - it's my own from age to age.

Since tuition and a half years have passed. During this time the house was built on academics ul.Novoslobodskaya house N29 on Gorkogo build a house for artists film on Novoslobodskaya Street. Mastery Maslennikov reached such a level that it could work well on a par with the foreman, and once it was decided to call on the competition of outstanding bricklayer Vasily Korolev. At that time Korolev was the symbol of all that is advanced in the masonry, was Trest 'Mosinzhstroy', who built a number of unique objects, including Lenin's Mausoleum, was a deputy of the Supreme Council. And so it was that the deputy was summoned to the contest. Preparing to record a special and thorough. The atmosphere of competition for that time - a report on the radio, stopwatch, direct dial telephone from the scene. As a result, in seven hours AA Ivanov and G. Maslennikov put 24 thousand 100 pieces of bricks. Vasily Korolev with his friend abroad has exceeded 23 thousand.

This record was an event that fundamentally overturned the life of a lad of twenty. Over his shoulders was a school for working youth (seven-year) and all-union fame, which, however, did not prevent the service in the Soviet Army. In 1949, Mr.. Gennady called upon to armor, and three years is in Belarus, with the main purpose of his saw - to return to his native trust and again to build houses.

On return from the army Gennady immediately gave the highest 7-th position and trust the most complex work. They appointed a foreman of masons Trust 'Mosstroya N3'. By this time the glory mason Gennady Maslennikov demanded an embodiment. He began to send in a trip to arrange a demonstration of masonry, to teach kids to work on the periphery, to help them master the method Maslennikov.

In 1954, Mr.. Gennady Maslennikov, elect a delegate to the conference of the Moscow City municipal workers' trade unions Housing. At the time of its choosing at industry conferences and further the Congress the Central Committee of Trade Unions. At the congress he was elected to the Central Committee and member of the Presidium more.

Position as a member of the Presidium significantly changed its life the young worker. The Bureau was composed of ministers. Through the Central Committee he was first sent to a foreign trip to Czechoslovakia in order to show by example best practice, the bearer of which he was. Once it so happened that he was summoned from the construction site to the head of the Central Committee of Trade Unions. This meeting is remembered for a lifetime. A huge study of high chief, the head of the pince-nez and a portrait of Stalin on the wall. 'The decision to recall you to work in the apparatus of the CC'. 'I can not, I have a team of three houses built'. 'There is a decent. Replace. We will. Call '. So, for two years GV Maslennikov becomes an employee apparatus, where it becomes the main instrument not trowel or plumb, and pen and phone. Trowel he had to pull the trigger during numerous trips across the country, when a member of the CC and the best working in one person was supposed to show, to teach advanced methods of work, to share my experience.

The trade unions in those days there were constant and frequent changes. Some merged, others merged, they cut. Maslennikov, these changes are not closely related, but this hardware quickly tired of life, and in 1956. He returns to his trust, to again lead the team of masons.

This was already the new brigade. And the first in the Soviet Union, which tried a new technology - to get a house 'turnkey'. The team already had about 50 people, and it included, besides masons, carpenters, slingers, - all the staff workers who had to pass an entire object. Soon the experience of the first integrated brigade G. Maslennikov was widely distributed in the vast majority of objects on all construction sites in the Soviet Union. In 1959, Mr.. her first among the builders of the Soviet Union, was awarded the title 'the Communist Labor Brigade', with all its consequences: the glory of passing banners, media attention, the transfer of experience ...

In this period of time in Moscow created House-Building Factory N1, which assigned a special role in providing housing for hundreds of thousands of Muscovites, who were to be resettled from communal flats. At the head of this project was VN Galicia (see page ....), which was given the opportunity to choose any of the best specialists to implement the housing program. He suggested Maslennikov lead erection department, which would assume the full range of work in assembly-line construction of houses. In turn, Maslennikov was given carte blanche to choose the best specialists, as they had to master the technology of production houses with the wheels on the minute chart. The whole cycle of production organization was structured in such a way that has not been lost just a minute. Whole chain work as a single mechanism. 850 people who were part of the country's first Komsomol-youth assembly management N5 led by G. Maslennikov, injected 350 thousand square meters of floor space per year. For comparison: this volume injected the whole construction industry Odessa.

Timing of construction of houses increasingly widening. First, the norm was set for 24 days at the house (4-section of 60 flats), then - 18 and, finally, 12 days. G. Maslennikov, and its management has become a center of excellence. To him went to learn from the whole country and from abroad, often had to meet delegations from the developed capitalist countries, including the United States of America.

KMMU N5 and his chief distinguished by the fact that for himself built an office that was made by the same standards, which are placed on office space and now. Receiving area in the vicinity of the current station 'Krasnopresnenskaya', Maslennikov, on its own planning has created a spacious, well equipped building with conference hall, with billiard room, sauna. Their office became a place of pilgrimage of the present journalists and even the party and government officials. I recall the fact, when all first secretaries of district committees and the chairmen of executive committees specially came to study in detail, as a purely working space can be reduced to such an outstanding level.

In this office for a long time prescribed almost all flags that control Maslennikov received in those years. This was the period of this business and human takeoff G. Maslennikov, perhaps the most interesting, rich time of his life. Life becomes saturated to the limit.

In 1963, Mr.. he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He gets another medal "For Labor Valor '. He was elected at the XXIII Congress of the CPSU, and the Congress - a member of the Central Auditing Commission. He becomes a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 7-th convocation, a deputy of the Moscow City Council and a member of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council (1960-1966 gg.), A member of the Plenum of the CPSU MGK (1965), while remaining a member of the presidium of the Central Committee of trade union of construction workers. During these years he was elected a delegate XIII and all subsequent Congresses of the Komsomol, . one of them is granted the honor of a very high and it is quite natural for the legendary hero of Labor, . hand the banner of the Young Communist League first building group, . departing on the construction of BAM,
. At a rally on the 50 th anniversary of Komsomol, G. Maslennikov had the honorable duty to report to the delegates on behalf of the Young Communists 50-ies. At the XIII Congress of Trade Unions, he spoke on behalf of the Heroes of Socialist Labor of all generations.

He nominated to the governing bodies of several societies, where it usually does not even predstavitelstvovat. The exception is the Soviet-Cuban Friendship Society, where GV Maslenikova elected vice-president, moreover, that the president was Yuri Gagarin.

During these years, he discovers the world. As part of the trade union, Komsomol, party and government, parliamentary delegations, he visited dozens of countries around the world, where it often, as the working-bricklayer, had to demonstrate their professional skills.

In 1968. he was appointed manager of the trust 'Mosstroy-1', where he worked for a short time and then, in 1969, became deputy head of the housing N3 Glavmosstroy (1969-1973).. Here, under his leadership are all plants and trusts, and 35 thousand employees. During this period, he graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Institute of Civil Engineers (1971) and in 1973. appointed Chief of the Assembly Department N4 DSK-1, which runs to 1976, Mr..

In 1976. he was sent to Afghanistan for the post of chief expert of the Kabul house-building plant. This plant gave Afghanistan Khrushchev. He was the only country. Objective G. Maslennikov was that, in order to organize its work effectively, to provide a modern production and technological level, to help prepare a skilled workforce. From this trip Gennady made warmest feelings about the Afghans, people open, hospitable, sometimes, and childish.

After returning from Afghanistan, he was invited to work in the Administrative Department of the CPSU Central Committee, where he takes part in the construction of the October Hotel, now the President Hotel. Then, in 1981, he moved to work in publishing the Central Committee of Komsomol 'Young Guards' deputy director for construction. Past experience, plus a comfortable environment possible GV Maslennikov experiment in terms of the construction of kindergartens, rest homes, housing, and leave a good trail and in the case, and in its own memory.

In 1986. he was appointed Chief of the Office of Housing and Utilities Glavmosstroy, where under his command are working 11 thousand employees.

In 1988. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR was sent to Syria as the chief engineer of the Embassy. Returning from this trip coincided with the global changes in the system of economic management in the country as a whole. During this period, G. Maslennikov, took his first steps in business structures: from 1990 to 1992. worked as a 'bridge' Assistant Director General, Advisor to the construction of the joint venture 'bridge-Development'. From 1992 to 1993. He - Deputy Director General of the International Publishers 'Galaxy', Director General of JSC 'Gal-Development'.

The thirst for self-employment and the desire for edification, a great experience led to the creation in 1993. company 'Update', spearheaded by G. Maslennikov. The main purpose of his work was the erection of a unique residential complex 'Golden Keys' on the Minsk highway, having no counterparts in Moscow, Europe. The idea of this project Gennady realized, . is called, . from scratch: the selection of a suitable project, . plot of land for development, . Search Resources, . solidification team of associates, . proper construction of the unprecedented object of the castle with an extensive infrastructure, . service industry, . modern business structure,

In this work, the president of CJSC 'Update' G. Maslennikov relies on his son Sergei, a talented manager, who became general director of CJSC 'Update', assuming the heavy burden of many organizational and financial problems.

Surprisingly, despite the many upheavals and blows of fate, the outbreak in August 1998. crisis, 'Golden Keys' continues to develop dynamically in the joy of the Muscovites, causes white envy of fellow builders, amazing exclamations of visitors from abroad, hitherto not seen anything like it in Moscow.

In the spring of 1999. the brainchild of father and son Maslennikov, their friends, the architects were presented at the prestigious international exhibition MIPIM in Cannes (France). The project became one of three winners-winners, an unprecedented achievement for Russian architects and builders in the XX century.

Set of 'Golden Keys' in this book is devoted to a special section on the page .... The story of its creation can be considered as part of the biography of G. Maslennikov, implemented, perhaps, its most important in the life of the project.

In 1994. G. Maslennikov initiated the creation of the Fund's Veterans builders Moscow. This initiative was supported by the leaders of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov and VI Resin. From the first days of GV Maslennikov is its permanent director. The fund, whose honorary chairman is the mayor of Moscow, and President VI Resin, is engaged in charitable activities for the veterans building.

Outstanding work activity G. Maslennikov marked by dignity and the State and the public. He - the Hero of Socialist Labor (1963), . Commander of the Order of Lenin (1963), . Laureate of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1972), . Honored Builder of Russia (1963), . Honorary builder of Moscow (1998), . awarded medals "For Labor Prowess' YCL and the highest awards for valor working in the Komsomol (1980, . 1988.),

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Maslennikov Gennady, photo, biography
Maslennikov Gennady, photo, biography Maslennikov Gennady  Hero of Socialist Labor, the President of ZAO `update`., photo, biography
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