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Maslennikov Sergej G.

( General Director of ZAO `update`.)

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Biography Maslennikov Sergej G.
Born July 23, 1954, Mr.. in Moscow. Father - Maslennikov Gennady (rod.14.07.1929 g.). Mother - Maslennikov, Zinaida Pavlovna (rod.27.07.1928 g.). Wife - Maslennikov, SA. (rod.20.01.1953 g.).

Not every family can create a duet, when two generations, father and son, do one thing and achieve outstanding results with. Life and professional fate Sergey Maslennikov was largely determined by the profession of his father, Honored Builder of Russia, the Hero of Socialist Labor. For 17 years, Sergei, continuing the family tradition, arrived on the scene. Working career, he began with the most 'grassroots': a year spent in concreter KMMU N5 DSK-1 Glavmosstroy in the brigade to which the 60-ies of his famous father - the foreman of the first in the USSR, he created the same brigade of communist labor.

In 1972. Sergej Maslennikov entered the Moscow Engineering-Construction Institute im.V.V.Kuybysheva, but a year later interrupted his career civil engineer, went to the organizational work of the Palace of Pioneers and schoolchildren Frunze district of Moscow. In 1974. Sergej Maslennikov enrolled in the Higher Komsomol School Komsomol Central Committee and after its completion (1978) professionally linked his fate with the Communist Youth League. For 11 years, has consistently served as an instructor CIM Komsomol, the head of the organizational department of the Sevastopol district Komsomol committee. The Special Period, which gave Sergey Maslennikov weight management skills, associated with the movement of student construction detachments. At first he worked as an instructor and later head of the sector, the Central Headquarters of student construction detachments Komsomol Central Committee, concerned with their livelihoods in various locations of the Soviet Union. In 1987. led the first (and last) student building groups in Afghanistan, what has the government's award of Afghanistan.

Job Sergey Maslennikov in the Komsomol and other prizes awarded. It marked the highest awards of the Young Communist League: 'Labor Valor', 'for the active work stroyotryadah', 'Over active in the Komsomol', etc.. In 1985, Mr.. for the preparation and holding of the International Youth Festival in Moscow (from 1984 to 1985. S. Maslennikov - Chief of the Soviet accreditation preparatory committee) was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor '.

In 1989-1991. Sergej Maslennikov worked as deputy manager of the trust Mosstroy-50, then deputy director general of the Association for Relations with Foreign Countries (1991-1992).. In 1992. went into business, creating and leading TOO 'Sigma'. By that time, when the GV Maslennikov invited his son to work together on the project of the elite residential complex 'Golden Keys' on the streets of Minsk to Moscow, Sergei was an experienced manager. Roles distributed themselves: Gennady took care of all construction management, and Sergei solve organizational, managerial issues. Since 1996. present S. Maslennikov is CEO of JSC 'Update'.

Cooperation father and son clearly proved to be successful: a beautiful set of 'Golden Keys', a story which is presented in section 'Golden Fund' on page ......, - the best confirmation.

In his spare time, Sergey Maslennikov enjoys fishing, often travels to fish and relax on the Volga Seliger. He loves to play soccer, chess, solitaire. Favorite Books - Verne, Dumas, Efremov, Suvorov, Twain, O'Henry. Likes movies Rogozhkina.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Maria Maslenikova for Maslennikov Sergej G.
  • Hello Sergey! Was very pleasant to know about you and your life! I your odnofamilitsa. But most of all surprised that you are full of my son's namesake - Sergey Maslennikov Gennad'evich! He was 25 years old. He works director of sound on the television in Moscow. In general, very pleased to meet you! Sincerely, Maria S. Maslennikov
  • Simeon Borisov for Maslennikov Sergej G.
  • Good day! I enjoyed reading your biography, young man. I would like to see each other, went oh, how many years of dating - Essentuki, summer, sanatorium "Moscow". I would be happy meeting. Simeon Borisov.
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    Maslennikov Sergej G., photo, biography
    Maslennikov Sergej G., photo, biography Maslennikov Sergej G.  General Director of ZAO `update`., photo, biography
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