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Svirsky Semen Isaevich

( General Director of JSC `Mosinzhstroy`, State Prize winner, Honored Builder of the RSFSR)

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Biography Svirsky Semen Isaevich
Born July 28, 1925 in Krasnoyarsk. Father - Svirsky Isay Moiseevich (1984-1947). Mother - Mary Svirskaya Abramovna (1892-1987). Wife - Svirskaya Maria (1928g.rozhd.).

Four generations Svirsky lived in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk. The ancestors were farmers. His father worked after the revolution of economic work. Mother taught at the junior high school.

Semen Svirsky are not even eighteen, when in January 1943 he was drafted into the Red Army. From the ninth-he became a cadet of the 1 st Kiev Red Artillery School Kirov, which was then evacuated by the Krasnoyarsk. After studying at the school a little over six months, he got to the front. Since 1944, fighting a platoon commander in the 672 Artillery Regiment, 18 th Mga (later also Gdynia) division on the Karelian front, and then reconstituted in September 1944 to 2-Byelorussian Front. Since the fighting took place Karelia, Poland, Germany. Victory met on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. In 1945 he was awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Polish medal "For the Oder-Neisse".

Army service was delayed until 1947. After demobilization he returned to Krasnoyarsk and in the same year he entered Moscow City Building Institute, which he graduated in 1952, specializing in Water and Wastewater ". Since then, nearly half a century working in construction organizations of the city of Moscow. Passed all stages: he was foreman of SMU-1 Trust "Mosvodokanalstroy" ( "Mospodzemstroy" N 5, . 1952-1955), . senior engineer in the construction in the Luzhniki Stadium (1955-1957), . chief technologist of the trust "Mospodzemstroy" N 1 (1957-1959), . chief engineer of the SU-6, . Chief of the SU-7 Trust "Mospodzemstroy" N1 (1959-1973),
. Ten years headed the trust "Mosteplosetstroy" Glavmosinzhstroya (1973-1983).

Since February 1983 he worked as Deputy, then First Deputy Chief Glavmosinzhstroya in Moscow City, which in April 1988 was transformed into the Design and Construction Association "Mosinzhstroy". In April 1993, was elected chairman and CEO Association Mosinzhstroy ". Currently headed by OAO Mosinzhstroy ".

Name SI Svirsky is well known among builders and experts in Moscow, Russia and abroad. He - the creator of the whole direction of this school in the building complex, often unique objects. Under his leadership and with direct participation in Moscow built large a heat, . systems engineering of underground utilities in areas of mass housing construction, . Kremlin Palace of Congresses, . Palace of Pioneers, . Hotel "Russia", . Luzhniki stadium,
. In recent years, reverse engineering preparation of reconstruction of the Tretyakov Gallery to the construction of bridge over the bypass canal, . memorial at Poklonnaya Hill, . carried out the reconstruction of underground utilities and structures in the Kremlin, . Red Square, . Gostinui yard in China-town,
. Rapid method constructed underpass under the Garden Ring at the intersection with streets Dolgorukovskaya and Vorontsov, Running on the street, Sushevsky shaft, on the Leningrad prospectus.

Under the supervision of SI. Svirsky completed work on landscaping and gardening park named 850 th anniversary of Moscow in Marino, . commissioned RTS Koshino-Zhulebino "and in South Butovo, . starting complex 2-th unit of Novo-Lyuberetskiy aeration station at 500 thousand cubic meters of water per day, . plumbing regulatory sites in the Lenin Hills and Mitino, . Izmailovskaya sewage pumping station, . wastewater treatment plant in South Butovo,
. At the site MIBC "Moscow City" built boundary walls in the ground (one of the world's largest) length of 1768 meters, and deepening to 10 feet below the level of the Moscow River. Large volumes of work performed by the relaying of utilities and excavation pit for the construction of cultural and business center in the area of the Kursk station.

The image restored capital is impossible to imagine without the objects directly involved in the construction of which took SI Svirsky. This monuments Zhukov, . S. Yesenin, . Vladimir Vysotsky, . "Defenders of the Motherland", . "Warriors defense" (in Krylatskom), . sculpture The "Tragedy of Peoples", . monument to Peter I, . fountains in front of the Bolshoi Theater, . Fountain Singing Crane on Clean Ponds and many other architectural complexes and monuments,
. The anniversary of Alexander Pushkin built fountain-monument "Alexander and Natalie" the Nikitsky gate in front of the Great Temple of Ascension.

For the first time in Russia built multipurpose underground shopping and recreation complex "Okhotniy number" on Manege Square - one of the largest in Europe. Construction of this unique in size and complexity of underground construction work required by SI Svirsky coordinate efforts of scientists, . designers, . engineers and builders of many organizations, . as well as a great dedication, . implementation experience, . new technical solutions, . High Level Works,

Moscow is changing. And almost all sites have the share of labor "Mosinzhstroya" and its leader. Construction of highways vyletnoy 3rd Transport Ring of the Riga station, . collector tunnel for engineering communications, . ensure the reconstruction of China-town and the Bolshoi Theater, . collector tunnels on the Garden Ring in the region of Smolensk and Zubovskaya area,
. Built hotel and business center on Uprising Square, was constructed business center at Dolgorukovskaya the street, carried low-rise and cottage development on Rublevskoe highway. At construction sites "Mosinzhstroya" continually introduced the latest technology, advanced technology, modern management techniques and work organization. Sam SI. Svirsky - author of a number of inventions in the field of heat.

SI Svirsky - laureate of State Prize of Russia (for the construction of the memorial at Poklonnaya Hill), Honored Builder of the RSFSR (1979). Supreme Builders for the title of "Honored Builder of Russia" for N 18, he was awarded the latest in the existence of the USSR in 1991. He - Honorary builder of Russia and Moscow. His combat and labor services marked Orders of October Revolution, World War II degree, the Red Star, the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the Badge of Honor ", with many medals. In 1995 he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the RF Government. For several years he was elected deputy of the Moscow City Council.

Weekday 30-thousand head of the collective "Mosinzhstroya begins at seven in the morning, and on Saturday - eight. SI Svirsky - an avid theatergoer, tries not to miss any of the premiere in Moscow theater. Especially fond of the Bolshoi Theater, Theater Mayakovsky and "Contemporary". For many years, has collected a good library, prefers classical literature, from the Russian classics highlights Chekhov. To relax is reading detective stories.

He loves to ski, snowmobile, bicycle, scooter.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Svirsky Semen Isaevich

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    Svirsky Semen Isaevich, photo, biography
    Svirsky Semen Isaevich, photo, biography Svirsky Semen Isaevich  General Director of JSC `Mosinzhstroy`, State Prize winner, Honored Builder of the RSFSR, photo, biography
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