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Evgeny Sidorov N.

( Honored Builder of Russia, State Prize Winner)

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Biography Evgeny Sidorov N.
photo Evgeny Sidorov N.
Born March 3, 1916 in St. Petersburg in the family of an employee. Father - Nikolai Sidorov (1881-1967). Mother - Sidorova, Olga (1881-1927). Wife - Khovanskaya Lubov (1915-1985). Daughters: Sidorova (Litovchenko) Olga (1945g.rozhd.), Engineer; Pertseva Natalia (1951g.rozhd.), Engineer, chemical engineer

. Father EN Sidorova at the age of 13 from large peasant family was apprenticed (in boys) in the wholesale and retail trade in leather Yudin & Co. in St. Petersburg, where he went all the way students, working in workshops, master, and then clerk
. In 1918 his family moved to the village Mohonkovo Buhalovskoy parish Danilov district of Yaroslavl province, where his mother and brothers. The family had five children, and the oldest of them barely 11 years old.

In a hectic time for parents was worth little effort to acquire their own economy and build a house. The peasant economy was all business, and the older children helped their parents. But the family live in the new house happened not long. In 1922, the District acted Banda Ozerov. The bandits set fire to the house next door Medvedevs. The fire burned and the house Sidorov, together with all assets and harvest. We had to start all over again.

In 1926, at great cost to built a new house. In order to settle accounts with debts, his father went to work on working-cutter leather shoe factory in the city of Kostroma. But, a new trouble. In 1927 the mother died from tuberculosis, and all the peasants' concerns fell on the shoulders of 19-year old son and 16-year-old daughter. Workers in the family was not enough, and Eugene, after graduating from grade 4 of primary rural schools, also began to help around the house.

Two years later, Eugene again went to school - enrolled in 5 th grade factory seven-year period in Kostroma. In winter, studied and worked in summer on the farm. In 1932 after graduating from high school made her first step on the construction site of one of the construction site of Kostroma, and the fall came to study in Ivanovo Civil Engineering Glavstroyproma People's Commissariat. In the period of study in college he worked at the construction workers Sredyarvolgostroya (1934) and a foreman on the construction of the plant SC-3 in the city of Ephraim (1935).

In 1936, Eugene graduated from Civil Engineering in the technical-industrial and civil construction works, and was sent to work in the trust "Zavodstroy" People's Commissariat. In 5-second office building this trust, he worked on the construction of residential houses in the city of Moscow. As a wizard, and then the superintendent.

In October 1937, Evgeny Sidorov was drafted into the Red Army and sent to the 1-th border detachment in the north-western border. There he graduated from the School of Communication, served as a radio operator, then was appointed deputy political instructor division communications, and in April 1940 he was elected executive secretary of the Komsomol bureau commandant. As part of the border detachment took part in the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 the direction of Ukhta. In December 1940, after the stock exchange of political officer, was sent to the current reserve troops of the NKVD.

After demobilization he returned to Moscow and joined the trust "Promgrazhdanstroy" Metrostroi People's Commissariat. In the said Trust in January-April 1941, worked as a foreman on the construction of residential homes, and in May 1941 was appointed a senior foreman on the construction of sensitive sites, which led Metrostroy in Moscow

. In early October 1941 was directed at the disposal "Construction N7" People's Commissariat of Railways, . organized by order of the State Defense Committee of the District for the construction of the railway within st.Buzheninovo (Northern Railway) to st.Mihnevo (Moscow-Donbass Railway),
. In "Building N7" E. Sidorov worked as a foreman, then chief engineer of the plot, which included in 1942 were involved in 10 thousand people.

In February 1944 he was appointed chief of a site to restore st.Velikie Luke Kalinin railroad. Remedial work was carried out at constant air raids by enemy aircraft until July 1944. In 1945, for the exemplary performance of tasks of government and military command for the construction of new railway lines and the restoration of railway economy during the Great Patriotic War "E. Sidorov was awarded the Order of Honor,

In October 1946 order of the Ministry of Railways, he was enrolled to study at the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers, who graduated with honors in 1949. After graduation he was sent to the Office of the construction of multistory buildings and was appointed chief of the 3rd building office for the construction of high-rise building at the Red Gates in Moscow.

Before a team of builders was a difficult task - to carry out the erection of the building for 4 years, and this task was performed. Supervised the construction of a talented engineer, chief designer of the building and head of the construction of tall buildings Victor M. Abramov. The peculiarity of the building was the fact that the height of it is not mounted vertically, and with a slope. The difficulties facing the group, were attributable to a complex geological conditions and the need to build a second exit from metro station "Red Gate" on Kalanchev street. In this interim underground lobby is located under the right wing of the administrative building. In the first version of the draft provided to build high-altitude part of the building after construction of the underground metro vestibule. But since such a procedure has increased the construction deadlines facility for almost a year, it was decided to undertake the construction of high-rise housing in conjunction with the construction of the underground lobby

. After opening the general excavation to mark the foundation laying builders started work on the device of the foundation frame high-rise part of the body, . in the right wing - to the mounting ring set for the freezing of soil on the depth of excavation for the lobby,
. When we finished work on the base unit high-rise housing, for the freezing of soil in the ring were set to file a special composition. The right side of the foundation frame high-rise building under the pressure of soil due to its "swelling" began to rise. Systematic geodetic control down all the changes in bias of the foundation frame and at the same time made it possible to regulate the flow rate of freezing.

On the basis of geodetic data, estimated the chief designer VM Abramov workers began the installation of metal high-rise housing with the appropriate tilt to the side Orlikov alley. Simultaneously, the right part of the body began to develop in the frozen soil excavation for construction of an underground metro vestibule

. In April 1950 at a construction site could be observed an unusual picture: the pit depth of 25 meters with nearly vertical walls without fastenings, . and on its crest rises frame high-rise housing, . mounted with an inclination in the opposite direction from the pit,

In the subsequent time, work was carried out in parallel - both on the construction of the underground lobby, the device of the foundation frame, based on his wall in the right wing of the shell and the work on obetonirovke frame high-rise part of the body. Now is the time for the operation returns a central high-rise housing in the upright. In the installation for the freeze began to submit preheated brine. The soil began to thaw and, as a consequence, "swelling" began to decrease. With careful geodetic control and regulation of heat supply brine sludge basement gradually leveling off, and high-altitude part of the shell has a vertical position. Came and happy moment when the sediment was stabilized, and geodetic instruments showed no deviations from the vertical position of the high-altitude part of the body. It is no exaggeration to say that such a unique work falls to the builder only once in a lifetime.

Upon completion and delivery of high-rise building in September 1953 and EN Sidorov was appointed chief engineer in the construction of high-rise buildings. In May 1954 management in accordance with government resolution was passed in the "Glavmosstroy" in Moscow City. In "Glavmosstroy" Sidorov worked as chief engineer USMZ (trust MS-15), . chief engineer of the general construction of Territorial Administration N5 (consisting of 14 civil engineering and specialized trusts), . chief engineer of industrial-administrative management, . Head of Housing N2, . since 1963 - Deputy Chief glavka, . and from 1968 to 1975 - head of "Glavmosstroy",

. During his work in "Glavmosstroy" E. Sidorov took part in the construction of the Ostankino television tower 533 meters, . All-union television center at Ostankino, . Interagency dispensary in Yasenevo, . many buildings for research institutes and design, . individual plants in the Kurchatov Institute, . reconstruction of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the 14 th of the building in the Kremlin, . Bolshoi Theater to the installation of air conditioning, . reconstruction of a number of theaters (Operetta, . Contemporary, . Dolls, etc.), . construction of food factories and meat-packing industry, . modern buildings in the plant ZIL and AZLK, . machine-tool factories "Red Proletarian", . Ordzhonikidze, . "Stankoliniya", . "Stankoagregat", . "Stankolit", . GEA-1 and GEA-2, . construction of a new polypropylene production at the Moscow refinery and the oxygen-ammonia production at the Coke and Gas Plant in a prominent, . construction enterprises of building industry, . furniture industry, . refrigerators and fruit and vegetable bases, . in implementing a large program of housing and socio-cultural construction in Moscow and Moscow region, . as well as the construction of housing in Togliatti, . Naberezhnye Chelny, and other cities,

In 1975, E. Sidorov was appointed deputy chairman of Gosplan RSFSR on building complex, directed the Department of Planning of Capital Construction. From February 1987 retirement.

For services in the field of construction and EN Sidorov was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, People's Friendship, two orders of Honor, 12-medals. He was awarded the USSR State Prize (1969), Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1972), honorary titles of "Honored Builder of the RSFSR" (1966), "Honorary builder of Moscow" (1998), "Honorary railroad" (1953). For the development and implementation of large-panel construction, commercialization of construction and implementation of accelerated construction was awarded three gold medals of the USSR VDNKh.

During his work in Moscow has repeatedly elected as a deputy district councils, a deputy of the Moscow City Council five convocations, a member of the executive committee of the Moscow City Council (1969-1975), deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (1971-1975). From 1940 to 1991 he was a member of the Communist Party, was elected a member of the Moscow City Party Committee (1969-1975) and XXIV Congress of the CPSU delegate. Since 1971 is the Union of Architects. At the present time - an honorary member of the Moscow otdeleniya Rossiiskogo Society of Civil Engineers.

E. Sidorov still at school, loved the book and all the free time spent reading a prose and poetry. Passion for books is preserved to this day, and the personal library contains hundreds of volumes.

In reading Evgeny Nikolaevich very fond of classical and folk music, opera, classical ballet. Is with great pleasure that he looks old Soviet movies. Do not miss opportunities to walk in winter to ski and play a game of chess.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Evgeny Sidorov N., photo, biography
Evgeny Sidorov N., photo, biography Evgeny Sidorov N.  Honored Builder of Russia, State Prize Winner, photo, biography
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