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Stolpovskaya Viktor Stepanovich

( President `MT Mercato Trading & Engineering pp. Yes. `, member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences)

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Biography Stolpovskaya Viktor Stepanovich
photo Stolpovskaya Viktor Stepanovich
Born February 18, 1963 in the village Sofiyivka Ponomarevskogo region Orenburg region. Father - Stolpovskih Stepan Ye. Mother - Stolpovskih Maria V..

Victor was born in a large peasant family. He was the seventh, the youngest, child. His parents are from dawn to dusk worked on the farm "New World" and Victor did not make concessions. What is a heavy peasant labor have known since childhood, and severe peasant upbringing steeled the will, are trained not to yield to obstacles and achieve their goals, however difficult it may be.

After the ten-year Victor entered the Orenburg Agricultural Institute. Student life was he not an easy. Calculate accounted for only on yourself. Father had already died, his mother received a miserable pension - 20 rubles. All the institute years Victor worked. Detrain at night, cleaned the streets, was a laborer at the local meat packing plant.

After graduation Stolpovskih settled down as chief engineer in the local department of the railway workers' supply. There and got their first experience of business and management, acquired the business acumen.

In 1990, Victor has created a cooperative. Engaged in food production. Gradually the circle of his business interests has increased significantly. Realizing that the future of high-tech industries, Stolpovskih switched to work with the supply of computers and information technology to corporate clients. At the same time he entered the Moscow Open University, which graduated in Economics and Management, received the degree of Doctor of Commerce.

The first major commercial success Victor Stolpovskih was the construction of milk plant in Yakutsk. The facility was built in record time: three months in a hard frost and the lack of normal roads.

The then mayor of Yakutsk, Pavel Borodin, the future manager of the President noted the ability Stolpovskih and took him to note. Then there were the contracts for the reconstruction of the Yakut of the Government House and the Center for Maternal and Child Welfare.

In 1994 Stolpovskih created his own company "MT Mercato Trading & Engineering from. Yes. ". By the time he got serious customers and built a number of sites on which other contractors could only dream. For Customs - a sports complex for the residence of the President of Russia "Russia" in Zavidovo, tennis courts, two indoor courts for the government residence in Sochi started to build two tennis courts for the Davis Cup. His firm conducted a technical re-equipment of the presidential aircraft IL-96M, equipping it with modern communications and medical cabinet.

Room electronic system of the Government House, the State Duma, Federation Council, the Situation Center at the RF President, the construction of the Accounting Chamber area of 41 thousand square meters, all of this work is the firm Victor Stolpovskih. In 93 th he was to restore the interior of the White House, damaged during the October events.

But life's work Stolpovskih considers rebuilding historic appearance of the Moscow Kremlin. His reconstruction demanded not only the highest professionalism. There had to be sensitive history of his country, his people, carefully and lovingly refer to each stone ...

The reconstruction and technical re-equipment of 1-st building of the Kremlin and the Grand Kremlin Palace with the restoration of the lost Alexander and Andrew tronic hall became the most powerful project in Europe in recent years. Grand Kremlin Palace - a complex architectural complex of buildings, more than 700 premises. Work on it is no exaggeration to require Herculean effort and. It turned out that after the Bolshevik "reconstruction" of the old interior is practically nothing left. Black and white photos, a piece of marble, a piece of gilt ... Then in St. Petersburg found some real watercolors author Palace architect Konstantin Ton. All this has become the guiding thread for builders, restorers, craftsmen Decorative Art.

Reconstructing the historical appearance of the Kremlin, Stolpovskih and Glazunov revived more than a monument of architecture - they have revived the lost connection to the past of the country. Today, the imperial double-headed eagles on the brilliance of the ancient towers of the Kremlin is not just a symbol, not just a tribute to history - is the foundation of the country's future, the future of Russia.

Success Stolpovskih not gone unnoticed and in Russia's society. For efficient organization of production in October 1999 he was named winner of the "new era. The best managers of Russia ". In his letter of congratulation the winners of Russia's President Boris Yeltsin expressed his conviction that the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the awardees will serve to the resurgence of Russia, the disclosure of its enormous potential.

In October 1999, VS Stolpovskih was elected a member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Patriots of Russia, not in words but in deeds Stolpovskih as forces helps ordinary people around him. Being a man of heart, Viktor Stepanovich lot of time devoted charitable activities, supports the theater, pop, art Philharmonic, helping orphanages. In their homeland in Orenburg Stolpovskih done a lot for the local drama theater, spent his full technical re-equipment, provided financial assistance. In the Swiss town of Andermatt his firm reconstructed monument to the great Russian general Suvorov, who is in these places performed his famous crossing of the Alps. Thanks to the leadership of Victor Stolpovskih Andermatt declared an honorary citizen of the city.

And one more touch to the biography of Victor Stolpovskih. Since November 1998, he - the chairman of the political all-Russia public movement "The sons of Russia". Like-minded colleagues on the movement of Victor Stolpovskih are People's Artist of Russia Ilya Glazunov and former commander of the Airborne Troops of Russia Yevgeny Podkolzin. Program motion - the democratic revival of the Great of Russia, strengthen the moral fabric of society, the preservation of folk traditions.

Chernomyrdin has repeatedly been to Chechnya, not the forefront of Russian troops carrying out combat missions, in Dagestan, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in all garrisons, which are Russia's peacekeeping mission, the paratroopers. It was served over 60 thousand gifts to all personnel - from soldier to general. He organized concerts for soldiers with the participation of popular artists.

Viktor Stepanovich first assisted the families of the dead troopers heroic 104 th Parachute Regiment, had committed the feat of arms.

He constantly visited hospitals in Moscow and Moscow region, where the wounded soldiers are treated.

During the dedication and courage shown in defending the Fatherland, Victor Stolpovskih was awarded the diploma of the Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin.

"The sons of Russia" movement claim to be genuine patriots, realists, pragmatists. Priorities of the movement - a strong state, a regulated market economy, rule of law. But the main thing, "the sons of Russia" - these are people who sincerely worry about the fate of the Motherland.

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Stolpovskaya Viktor Stepanovich, photo, biography
Stolpovskaya Viktor Stepanovich, photo, biography Stolpovskaya Viktor Stepanovich  President `MT Mercato Trading & Engineering pp. Yes. `, member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences, photo, biography
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