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Ulanovskii Gennady Moiseevich

( President 'Glavmosstroy', State Prize winner, Honored Builder of Russia)

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Biography Ulanovskii Gennady Moiseevich
photo Ulanovskii Gennady Moiseevich
Born July 12, 1942 in Kuibyshev in the family of employees who were then evacuated. Wife - Natalia Ulanovskii Artemovna, a professional builder. Son - Vitaly G., works in the system Glavmosstroy

. After graduating from Moscow High School in 1959, he entered the Industrial College in the city Lobnya Moscow Region on the evening department, . combining study with work as a fitter at the plant JBI-5 Glavmospromstroymaterialov, . then - Technology-designer of the State Planning Institute "Santehproekt",

. In 1962, . successfully graduated from a technical specialty, technician-mechanic ", . GM Ulanovskii entered the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute named after VV Kuibyshev on the faculty of Industrial and civil construction ", . which he graduated in 1968, . with the specialty engineer-builder ",

In parallel with studies at the institute since 1963, worked in the construction management N1 RemStroyTrest Glavmosstroy Bauman district, where he started from the master, the producer works to senior producer of the work, then head of the site.

In March 1970, GM Ulanovskii was transferred to the Chief Building Control N41 trust "Mosgorgidrostroy" Glavmosinzhstroya, and in December 1975 confirmed as the manager of the trust.

From 1976 to 1978 he served as chief engineer of the trust "Mosfundamentstroy-2" Glavmosstroy, and from 1978 to 1987, its manager. Organizational skills and talent GM Ulanovskii particularly evident during the construction sites in Moscow Olympics-80. Under his leadership and with direct participation of the staff of the trust "Mosfundamentstroy-2" made a worthy contribution to the successful implementation of the construction of the Olympic Village. For the successes achieved in the construction and reconstruction of the Olympic facilities, GM Ulanovskii was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples ".

In 1987 he transferred to work in Glavmosstroy, which has consistently served as Deputy Chief (1987-1991), Deputy Chief (1991-1992), first vice-president (1992-1994). In 1994 he became the first vice-president of the restructured joint stock company "Glavmosstroy", and in 1998 he was elected president of the company "Glavmosstroy".

As the first vice-president Glavmosstroy GM Ulanovskii directly participated in the organization of work on the construction of large public buildings, centers of science, culture, health and other facilities. Among them: the Palace of Justice, . Museum named Darwin, . reconstruction of the State Tretyakov Gallery, . Galleries "Actor" and the All-Russia Academy of Painting, . Sculpture and Architecture, . reconstruction of the bell tower of the temple of the Assumption and the complex musical and art schools in Vihino, . as well as the head of housing in the areas of mass building of the capital - Mitino, . Butovo, . Zhulebino, . Mar'ins'kyi park, etc.,

In 1996, for the development and practical implementation of a residential neighborhood of the array 38 a, b for Michurinsky prospect GM Ulanovskii was awarded the State Prize of Russia in the field of science and technology. When construction of residential area was used as a method of landscape development by improving the environmental situation, the first time in practice was perfected contract method of organizing and financing the construction of.

Being in the position of president Glavmosstroy, in 1998, GM Ulanovskii directly supervised the construction of a unique residential complex at the Zoological Street. Thanks to his professionalism and organizational abilities in a short time held the restoration of residential houses on the street Scherbakovskaya. With his direct participation progressing work on the transition to new methods of construction, . development of new technologies, . including multigrade monolithic housebuilding, . modern technologies used for finishing and facade insulation, . in building production introduced new technology and materials,

GM Ulanovskii - Honored Builder of Russia, Honored Builder of Russia, holder of the Order of Honor and Friendship of Peoples, was awarded many medals, awarded the State Prize of Russia and the Soviet union Prize.

In 1997 he was elected a member of the Academy of investment and economic development, and in 1998 - a member of Russia Academy of Engineering.

While a favorite work, GM Ulanovskii finds time for sports. In childhood he was seriously engaged in athletics. He reads a lot, regularly visits the exhibition, carried away painting. Very fond of cars, motorcycles, especially when you yourself behind the wheel.

Amazingly thin and vulnerable man, at the same time has a very strong character, has all its point of view, is not afraid to defend her.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Economic Development Agency for Ulanovskii Gennady Moiseevich
  • Dear Gennady Moiseevich! For participation "Glavmosstroy" in the All-Russia Assembly Building meets the Head of the Department Nina Hangar. tel. 545-35-16, 8-905-602-66-21. Please let us know who your part will org.voprosami. Thank you, waiting for an answer, with respect NN. Hangar
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    Ulanovskii Gennady Moiseevich, photo, biography
    Ulanovskii Gennady Moiseevich, photo, biography Ulanovskii Gennady Moiseevich  President 'Glavmosstroy', State Prize winner, Honored Builder of Russia, photo, biography
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