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SHUMILOV Leonid Veniaminovich

( The Director-General `TVT-StroyInvest`, Colonel-General, Honored Builder of the RSFSR)

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Biography SHUMILOV Leonid Veniaminovich
photo SHUMILOV Leonid Veniaminovich
Born March 25, 1935 in Leningrad. Father - Benjamin N. Shumilov (1906g.rozhd.). Mother - Shumilov (Resurrection) Maria (1909g.rozhd.). Wife - Shumilov (Koryushkina), Lyudmila (1934g.rozhd.). Daughters: Los Tatyana (1956g.rozhd.) Khazanova Natalia (1959g.rozhd.).

Leonid Shumilov - Hereditary builder. His paternal grandfather had once built the church in the town of Veliky Ustyug. Grandfather on the mother, Nikolai Ivanovich Resurrection, from the family of hereditary priests, served in the church of the Mariinsky Palace, where the administration is now St Petersburg.

My father also chose a builder. According to friends, he was a very talented man, but his marriage to the daughter of a priest who in 1937 was arrested and spent six years in prison, prevented it from obtaining higher education. After graduating from Civil Engineering, throughout its construction career, he worked at the Leningrad plant named after Stalin (later - the name XXI Party Congress), becoming the head of construction department.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, my father went to the front and a mother with three children evacuated to Lake Ladoga from the siege of Leningrad in Vologda. In 1943, after a serious injury, his father was discharged and the family reunited.

In Vologda, Leonid studied at the oldest school in the city, which has more than 150 years. At one time it learned filmmakers Vasiliev brothers and the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov. In 1952, after he graduated from high school, the family returned to Leningrad.

Unlike his grandfather and father, Leonid not feel special when the craving for Building Sciences. But still decided to enroll in higher engineering school of the Navy, thus continuing the family tradition.

Learn in school was not easy: the teaching staff was very strong, and the requirements for the cadets - hard. However, Leonid Shumilov, a graduate school with a silver medal and well versed in the exact sciences, studied successfully. In 1957 he became a certified military construction, and in 1958 headed by one of the construction sites in the Arctic for two decades by linking their fate to the Northern Fleet

. First worked as head of a building site (1958-1962), . then the head of department (1962-1969), . Chief "Spetsstroy-700" on the New Earth (1969-1972), . chief engineer (1972-1975), . and in 1975 headed the building department of the Northern Fleet,

The scale and volume of work by the fact that the subordinate LV Shumilova were nearly 56 thousand people. This was a period of massive rearmament and the transition from diesel submarines to atomic, . appearance of the first aircraft carrier "Kiev", . new aircraft, . and he, . as Chief Severovoenmorstroya, . had the opportunity to guide the construction of many large objects, . build new cities on the Kola earth,

One of the most important, complex and yet interesting objects were front mooring for basing submarines in Gremikha, which were to be built in a place where there were only rocks da hills. On the whole cycle of works, which included the development of a stone quarry, landfill dike length of 1200 meters, dumping heavy roots of floating piers and concreting of the root part was given only 6-7 months. This dictated the rhythm of the cruelest and the organization of work. Jetties have been established, the territory was established and made dredging area in a timely.

Over the years, the Northern Fleet in the development of LV Shumilova as the leader of a major role played by a man complicated story, a talented engineer and head of the deputy commander of the Northern Fleet, Lieutenant General Boris Stepanovich fulica.

Another memorable for life object in the construction of which Leonid Veniaminovich had the opportunity to participate directly, was the parent object warning system for missile attacks. A unique was not only the object itself, each dish of which reached 500 meters, but the technology of construction. Simultaneously involved in the construction of more than six thousand people, and the construction progress every five years, watched in person the famous academician AL Mints, who lived at the facility.

In 1978, Colonel Shumilov was transferred to the Black Sea Fleet, was appointed deputy commander of the fleet of construction. Here he worked until 1981. In contrast to the Northern Fleet, which dominated the construction of strategic facilities, the Black Sea Fleet based works were sanatoria and rest homes, construction of which were presented first and foremost requirement for their aesthetic quality. Among them were the sanatorium in the Crimea, Gurzuf, Frunze sanatorium, many others. We also need to build and a lot of sensitive sites, which by their specificity could be located only in the warm sea.

In 1981, the life of Major-General Shumilova started a very important stage in a career in civil engineering, and in his activities as an organizer of military construction. At the initiative of Marshal Corps of Engineers NF Shestopalova he was recalled to the Black Sea Fleet and appointed Chief of the construction industry, which is essentially an industrial base of the Ministry of Defense.

Marshall NF Shestopalov was for LV Shumilova lodestar. He was able in time to see it as a professional engineer and head of a large scale and instructed him to consistently increasing problem. The rest depended on the very LV Shumilova.

The Office represented a different character of the organization, includes more than 160 enterprises as mining and manufacturing. Glaucus let tower cranes, construction equipment, a very complex electrical equipment, ceramics, metal and wooden prefabricated prefabricated constructions for different purposes. The range of manufactured equipment required to delve into every sector. The work required of LV Shumilova strict technological discipline and responsibility. And with that he coped brilliantly.

Career continued to LV Shumilova up. In October 1985, it has the rank of lieutenant-general, appointed first deputy chief of construction and quartering of the Ministry of Defense. One major focus of its activities is the creation of ground-based space Energia-Buran

. Even as a chief of the main control building industry of the USSR Ministry of Defense, LV Shumilov often been at Baikonur, because under his authority the plant carries out the supply and installation of equipment necessary for the construction
. He was well-known construction sites, as well as problems associated with their erection. Nevertheless, put every day life very difficult issues that needed to be addressed on the spot

. Really, . almost all, . that was built in Baikonur, . was the largest, . done for the first time in our country, and sometimes had no analogues in world practice: the largest plant of cold, . largest kislornodo nitrogen-extracting plant, . largest dynamic test bench with a height of more than 100 meters, . unique runway, . system of "blind" landing of the plasma, . construction starts, . technical positions,
. All this makes the task of construction is very complicated, both in substance and in strict terms of construction and installation works in creating the entire ground-based.

Next to the brilliant designers such as VP Barnin, VP Glushko, G.E.Lozino-Lozinski, you could not operate at full capacity. Thanks to the hard work of military builders and builders of the Ministry of assembling and special works facilities of the complex have been deposited in time, and the first launch of the Buran was successful. There is a great achievement and Leonid Veniaminovich Shumilova

. In 1989, L. Shumilova confirmed as Chief of the State Examination and inspection of the Ministry of Defense, . where under his direction were most important for the country's events, . including the development and implementation of various aspects of missile defense, . solution to the destruction of nuclear reactors of submarines, . construction of plants for chemical weapons destruction, . Other major projects,
. In 1991, Colonel-General L. Shumilov retired.

In March 1993, L. Shumilov created and headed the company, TVT-StroyInvest as CEO. He has joined more than 80 builders, economists and technicians who have extensive experience in construction, including military and special that allows the company to implement various projects, many of which are unique

. The main activity of the company is building the administrative and technical buildings, as well as housing for oil in northern regions, including separating the reserve from the Armed Forces in Moscow, Moscow, Kostroma region

Along with the construction company engaged in the exploitation of various objects. In 1999, with the participation and under the guidance of LV Shumilova established companies for the production of laminated wood in Korolev, Moscow Region. The company produces load-bearing structures, 18 meters long. Mastered a system consolidation of these structures, and in St. Petersburg built warehouse potash span of 60 meters and a height of 44 meters. The length of the warehouse 220 meters.

This is the second venture in Russia, received a certificate of quality, Otto Graf Institute, Stuttgart, giving the right to supply construction and building in Western Europe. To ensure raw material created lesodobyvayuschee plant in Arkhangelsk region.

Merits LV Shumilova highly noted by the State. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution, Red Star, awarded the title "Honored Builder of the RSFSR" (1978) and "Honored Builder of Russia" (1999). Since 1998 he is a member of the Association of Moscow Investors.

Loves poetry Simonov. He is fond of playing tennis.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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SHUMILOV Leonid Veniaminovich, photo, biography
SHUMILOV Leonid Veniaminovich, photo, biography SHUMILOV Leonid Veniaminovich  The Director-General `TVT-StroyInvest`, Colonel-General, Honored Builder of the RSFSR, photo, biography
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