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Vinogradov Vladimir Nikolaevich

( President Capital Trust Company ``.)

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Biography Vinogradov Vladimir Nikolaevich
photo Vinogradov Vladimir Nikolaevich
Born October 8, 1951, Mr.. in g.Kuybysheve. Father - Nikolai Vinogradov (1930-1989). Mother - Vinogradova (Plotnikova) Raisa Feodorovna (rod.16.10.1929 g.). Married for the second. From the first marriage has two sons: Andrei Vladimirovich (rod.12.03.1974), the Company operates in "Capital Trust"; Mikhail Vladimirovich (rod.12.12.1975), the works in the Ministry of Defense as a civilian. Adopted daughter - Julia (rod.09.06.1977), the ends of the Finance Academy under the RF Government.

Father's family line Vinogradovs has its origin in the province of Orenburg Cossacks. In all generations, the memory of which is preserved in the family of the father, had many children, was born strong, free people. My grandfather took part in the First World War, was seriously wounded. Through the mother - grandparents have traditionally been the business, rich people. Many of them had their own business, lived in the area of Samara-Syzran. Gusev great-grandfather was a very wealthy man, owned a grain elevator, where the provisions selected seed corn. Great-grandfather, who inherited his father's work, in 1924. was expropriated. My grandfather is that despite the fact that he worked in the NKVD, the Soviet government carried the responsibility for the non-proletarian past of their parents. He has repeatedly taken away the cattle, "purified" Compound.

Father and mother met in the 20's and settled in the village under the Pechora Syzran in the house, which was founded great-greatgrandfathers. Raisa graduated from college food, all his life worked at a dairy plant. In their family were three children: Vladimir, Eugene (1955 g.rozhd.), Now - a police lieutenant colonel, Olga (1958 g.rozhd.). Eugene and Olga lived in Syzran.

In the Pechora Vladimir graduated from eighth grade. In order to continue their education, but it was mainly a desire to father and mother, the parents sold their house and settled in line g.Kuybysheva in the working village Zubchaninovka.

In 98-th high school, where he studied Vladimir, classes were small and differed remarkably friendly relations among children. It was that not a typical case, when after graduating from high school many years have passed, and its graduates, wherever they may be, continue to support and help each other in life.

Vladimir was at school in a special account, excellent cross-country skiing, a 10-m class comply with the norms of Candidate Master of Sports. In all situations where you must stand up for girls, their friends, without hesitation, got into a fight, gained a reputation as bullies. The desire to be a strong contender to win always and everywhere has led him to the stadium "Metallurg" in the section box to the coach Svinareva, where he very quickly, literally for 1,5 years, comply with the norms of Candidate Master of Sports.

After high school, Vladimir joined the 9-th ball bearing plant g.Kuybysheva and passed along the documents in the border Higher Military-Political Academy of the KGB Red Banner of the Council of Ministers of the USSR behalf Voroshilov in Alma-Ata. However, he has been returned to the factory and was drafted into the army.

Employees of the military office, apparently tracked fighting spirit of a young conscript and his intention to get into pogranuchilische. He was sent to the border troops. Six months served in the school for NCOs in g.Ozerske Kaliningrad. After high school, Vladimir sent a report to the Border College. This time, his persistence was rewarded, and he again went to Alma-Ata was adopted at the school, which is largely determined his future life.

Thus, his first mentor at the school, Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Prutko, long after leaving the reserve, is an employee of the company, which is now headed by Vinogradov.

A year later, in 1972. School was transferred to the Moscow region in pos.Golitsyno, and it is here cadet Vinogradov acquired the necessary skills that are supposed to master graduate pogranuchilischa KGB. Among the sports, the most popular, were unarmed combat and Sambo. In addition to these Vinogradov continued to improve and in his favorite box. The school was international, it uchilos lot of guys from the former socialist camp, which has repeatedly had to engage in sports fights in the square ring. Especially remember the hard fights with Cuban cadets, a considerable number of victories over the Mongols.

By that time, when preparing the distribution, VN Vinogradov chose to serve the Pacific Border District. However, the personnel department closely monitored the fighting, Lieutenant, and he was sent to serve in the central apparatus of the KGB. From 1975 to 1978. served as commanding officer in the Kremlin regiment in the 9 th KGB. It was very difficult, responsible service, with no right even to the slightest offense. However, it expanded horizons of the young officer. He was in close proximity with the top leaders of the party and state, then the legendary astronauts, ensuring their safety in carrying out various, often highly critical, events. For security 25 Congress of the CPSU Central Committee received a commendation from the leadership of the KGB.

From 1978 to 1984. Vinogradov continued to serve in the Central Office of the KGB in various officer posts. It so happened that one day he was invited to perform an action, which concepts VNVinogradov did not fit in the code of honor officer. As a result, in 1984. he filed a report and resigned from the authorities, going to the civil service.

From 1984 to 1989. He worked as deputy director of agricultural machine factory. These five years have been a good school, gave the first managerial skills which are then repeatedly served as a good service and VN Vinogradov, when his life has moved into business.

At first the application of its forces, as a businessman, has been cooperative "Plastic Center, where for two years (1989-1991) he worked as Deputy General Director. Great momentum in the life VNVinogradov, staff officer of the KGB and aspiring entrepreneurs
were the events of August 1991. In them he took a direct part in defending his duty of loyalty, for which he received the personal thanks of President of Russia

. In early 1990,, . when Vinogradov began his work, . he, . having many years of experience and experience in special units, . was faced with a choice: either the criminal environment eats his business and his business friends, . or it must suppress the professional way,
. In 1992. He creates one of the first time private security companies "Vlata, president of which is to this day.

In 1993, Mr.. he makes the first step in a new form of business for themselves. Taking credit, VN Vinogradov in Schelkovo spinning mill creates a production of distillery products. As a professional he was aware of who and how Russia's alcoholic beverage market was engaged in the production of strong drinks. He set a goal: in the part, which is dependent on him, push unsavory environment of this area. Needless to say how acute competition in the production of alcohol in Russia. For five years, VN Vinogradov and his LLC "Capital Trust" confidently occupied a niche in the market. High technology, modern equipment, qualified staff, a dozen varieties of high-grade vodka - is the brand name "Grape". Developing and improving its business in 1999. He organized the trading house "Vinogradov", which tries to contribute to the creation and implementation in Russia of modern building materials.

In 1993 - 1997 he. graduated from the International Academy of Sciences in San Marino, was promoted to the highest degree of doctor of economic sciences. He was awarded the Order "For personal courage" (for performing special tasks Motherland), four medals. Vinogradov actively engaged in charitable programs, providing substantial assistance to the Russian Orthodox Church, the veterans (retired), Border Guard FBS RF Golytsinskoe frontier garrison troops, veterans of World War II. Special care benefactor VNVinogradov - orphanage in Shchelkovo in which they live and bring up dozens of troubled teens. Care of them, he has very specific: dress, shoes, learn how you can earn and withdraw the young person from harm, to tear from his bad habits, to help get back on track.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Vinogradov Vladimir Nikolaevich, photo, biography
    Vinogradov Vladimir Nikolaevich, photo, biography Vinogradov Vladimir Nikolaevich  President Capital Trust Company ``., photo, biography
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