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Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich

( President of the Russian State Publishers 'book', the academician of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences)

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Biography Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich
photo Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich
Born November 10, 1929 in the village Borodinovka Varna region Chelyabinsk region into a peasant family. Father, Nenashev Fedor (1907g.rozhd.), And mother, Theodora Nenasheva Andreyevna (1908g.rozhd.), - From the Orenburg Cossacks. Cossacks were and their parents: one grandfather was a sergeant, the other - Orenburg Cossack army sergeant. Wife - Tamara Nenasheva Danflovna, philologist, teacher of literature and Russian language. Daughter - Nenasheva Natalia (1956g.rozhd.). Son - Nenashev Konstantin Mikhailovich (1961g.rozhd.). Has three grandchildren.

School and college years MF Nenashev held in the South Urals. In 1952 he graduated from Magnitogorsk State Pedagogical Institute of History and Philology, with honors, and was recommended for further study in the Leningrad Economic Planning Institute. In 1955, a postgraduate at the University of Leningrad he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of historical sciences.

During 8 years (1956-1963) worked as an assistant, lecturer, head of the Department of Social Sciences of the Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute

. Since 1963, more than 10 years was on the public political work: the Secretary of the Magnitogorsk Party Committee (1963-1967), . Head of Department of Science and secretary of the Chelyabinsk Regional Party Committee (1967-1975), . deputy director of the propaganda department of the CPSU Central Committee (1975-1978),
. From 1980 to 1991 he was a member of the CPSU Central Committee.

From 1978 to 1986 MF Nenashev worked as chief editor of the newspaper "Soviet Russia". At this time the newspaper has become one of the most popular in the country. Its impact on public opinion, the spiritual life of Russia, the development of science, education, culture has been particularly significant. In fact, the newspaper was the forerunner of the coming of perestroika, democratization, transparency in the society.

In 1986, MF Nenashev was appointed chairman of the USSR State Committee on Publishing, printing and book trade. As chairman of the Committee, he was directly involved in the democratization of publishing in the country, in the development and adoption of the Law on Press and media.

From 1989 to 1990 he headed the USSR Radio and Television. This period is characterized by very popular well-known television programs: "Look," "Before and after midnight", "600 seconds", etc., the beginning of direct television broadcasts from the Congress of People's Deputies and Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

In 1990-1991, MF Nenashev was part of the last government of the Soviet Union as Minister of Press and Information of the Soviet Union.

From 1994 to the present time, he headed the State Publishing House "Russian book". The main priorities are the publishers issue books of Russian classics. In the past three years, the publishing house has issued the collected works of Gogol, Lermontov, Turgenev, K. Paustovsky, I. Shmelev, Boris Zaitsev. Widely known publishing house library of Russian fiction "(17 volumes)," Russian Folklore "(8 volumes), Collected Works Ilyina (16 volumes). Prominently in the publications of "Russian book" belongs to the history of Russia's Cossacks, his difficult fate. Fame received and published in recent years, the book Anatolia Sazonova Way of the Cross "(" For awarded Cossack ") and the fundamental work of Oleg Agafonov" Cossack forces of Imperial Russia.

MF Nenashev - scientist and writer, doctor of historical sciences (1979), Professor (1981), author of over 30 books, pamphlets and more than 100 articles in national newspapers and magazines. Among recent books - "Hostage of Time" (1993) and "The Last Soviet Government" (1994).

MF Nenashev awarded two Orders of Red Banner of Labor (1964, 1967), two orders of Honor "(1961, 1970) and the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1979). He - Honored Worker of Culture of Russia (1998), member of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences (1993), member of the Academy of Political Science (1995), member of the Academy of Russian Literature (1998).

Main addiction MF Nenasheva is to read the scientific and artistic works, especially the Russian classics, historical and philosophical literature.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Oksana for Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich
  • Dear Mikhail Fedorovich, hello! I call Trufanova Oksana. Please respond to my request! I was born in Borodinovke. My grandfather - Trufanov Nicholas G. died, but before he died asked me to find information about his grandfather - Trufanova Ivan Petrovich, who worked as a veterinary surgeon in a. Borodinovka, and was arrested in 1937. Maybe you have something to remember about the circumstances of his arrest. In addition, I am interested in his life in the village. If you can help me, please respond: 454078 g. Chelyabinsk, st. Dzerzhinsky d. 130 sq.. 5 Trufanova Oksana Nikolaevna. Or to email address: Oksya-18@yandex.ru
  • Eugene for Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich
  • Nephew through Tamara Danilovna Volkov Evgenii Alekseevich email vea_05@inbox.ru
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    Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich, photo, biography
    Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich, photo, biography Nenashev Mikhail Fedorovich  President of the Russian State Publishers 'book', the academician of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, photo, biography
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