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Nikishin Yuri

( General Director of printing N 5, Honorary Doctor of International Business Academy)

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Biography Nikishin Yuri
photo Nikishin Yuri
Born August 16, 1948 in the village Butyrki Heat Ogarevo district of Tula region. Father - Alexander Mikhailovich Nikishin (1925g.rozhd.). Mother - Maria Nikishin Gavrilovna (1922g.rozhd.). Wife - Irina Nikishin (1947g.rozhd.). Daughter - Natalia Trifonova (1972g.rozhd.).

The family had four children Nikishin. His father, Yuri, Alexander - a war veteran, returned from the war with concussion. Time was heavy, after the war, and all care about family and children fell on the shoulders of the mother. Yura paid to study at boarding school, where he graduated 8 classes. Continue training was not possible, . had to help relatives, . and in 1963 Yuri Nikishin began work: first at the Tula motor depot N1 "Glavpriorstroya" (1963-1965), . then as an electrician in OKBSP Prioksko farm (1965-1966) and an electrical on Novotulsky Steel Works (1966-1967),
. In 1967 he graduated from night school and is encouraged by the Soviet Army in the Amphibious Force.

After serving a year, Yuri Nikishin discharged for health reasons. But in spite of fate and the doctors predicted, he goes to the gym at the college ski department and graduated with honors from his. At the same time had to work at an electrical plant JBI Tula (1968-1970). After graduating from college was an instructor of Physical Education in Tulplodovoschtorge (1970-1971).

In 1972 A. Nikishin moved to the publisher Kommunar Tula Regional Party Committee, where he held the post of instructor of physical education and master to the head of department. At the same time actively engaged in public work in trade union management publishing. In 1975 he was sent to study at the High School of the All, from which he graduated in 1980.

From 1981 to 1986 A. Nikishin served as Director Rempromkombinata city of Tula, and in 1986-1987 - Deputy Chief Uprkinosnabsbyta.

Since 1987 he headed the Moscow Printing N5. Under his leadership and direct participation in the workshops conducted beginning intensive technical re -. The company was equipped with high-performance equipment, have been utilized and implemented new processes, expanded facilities shops and sites. Sam A. Nikishin received a patent "Stamp for cold stamping" (1987).

For his contribution to the development of printing industry and the solution of urgent problems of social development work collective printing in 1996, A. Nikishin was honored with the President of Russia. In 1997, presidential decree, he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "II degree.

In 1987-1988, A. Nikishin trained at the Center of managers at the Academy named after Plekhanov, trained in Germany and Finland. In 1989 he was trained at the Academy of National Economy of the USSR. Currently, he is an honorary doctor of the International Academy of Business.

Among the hobbies and favorite activities, Yuri Alexandrovich - sports, especially football, billiards, car, circus, travel. Particular his passion - tree planting in the year he managed to put 80 to 120 trees.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Nikishin Yuri, photo, biography
Nikishin Yuri, photo, biography Nikishin Yuri  General Director of printing N 5, Honorary Doctor of International Business Academy, photo, biography
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