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Aviary Igor Markovic

( Executive Director of the Fund's financial support for rebuilding the Cathedral of Christ the Savior)

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Biography Aviary Igor Markovic
photo Aviary Igor Markovic
Born October 20, 1969 in Moscow. Father - Mark Ptichnikov Matveevich (1939g.rozhd.). Mother - Ptichnikova Nina Petrovna (1938-1995). Wife - Ptichnikova Maria Alekseevna (1974g.rozhd.). Son - Ptichnikov Yegor I. (1994g.rozhd.).

He graduated from the Sevastopol State Technical University (1989-1995).

From 1991 to 1992 he worked as executive director in an advertising agency "Union", in which a short time was able to organize and then lead a strong division of the firm of Public Relations. In 1992-1993 he was Deputy Director General for Marketing LLP Ritus, in 1993-1994 - First Deputy General Director for General Affairs in Joint-Stock Company "Company" Iris International ".

From his childhood interest in the history of the State Rossiyskogo, in the late 80-ies, when it started a powerful movement for the restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, Igor Ptichnikov turn on this idea. Having a huge amount of historical material, the surviving documents and literature, which refers to the popular shrine, he created the concept of image reconstruction of the temple of the project. Friends advised him to send the concept to the government of Moscow. Ptichnikov did so. Soon he was invited to the government, talked and asked if he wanted to organize the work of the Fund's financial support for rebuilding the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, established on Sept. 8, 1994. Ptichnikov no doubt that it is extremely useful and interesting. But the experience of such work had not been. On reflection, he agreed and was appointed executive director of the Fund.

The first phase of the fund may be called the period of formation. It was a time when public opinion is negative attitude towards the rebuilding of the temple. Most people knew nothing about the temple, its history. Ptichnikov decided that you first need to tell everyone that this is for the church, what is its historical significance, why it needs to be restored, what role the church will play in the modern history of Russia. It was necessary not just to give people information about the temple, on the Fund to support its reconstruction, on the bank account numbers, though it is also a serious work, the main thing was - to convey to people the meaning of the revival of holiness, and inspire them with this idea. Time has shown that to do so failed, and that the revival of the church was such a positive public response, there is considerable merit Igor Ptichnikova.

Getting to work, he never imagined that the fund will be able to assemble such a huge amount of donations, and although the re-establishment of sanctuary is nearing completion, its flow is not running out.

Since the establishment of the Commission on the artistic decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Igor Ptichnikov also is the head of its staff. Under his leadership the Foundation has sponsored a number of interesting social and cultural charitable. For example, in the temple was held honoring Mstislav Rostropovich on his 70 th anniversary. At the temple walls of the cathedral choir took great Russia. Was organized rock concert in support of rebuilding the temple. At Christmas trees were arranged for children and popular entertainment, there were celebrations of major religious holidays: Pancake Day, Easter, Transfiguration of Our Lord, Christmas ..

. For a significant contribution to the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior IM Ptichnikov awarded the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church - St. St. Sergius III Radonezhskogo degree and the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow III degree, . well as the medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow",

Igor Markovic main hobby is history, cultural and spiritual heritage of Russia. Among his sporting preferences - cross-country skiing, tennis, shooting from all kinds of military weapons. Currently completing training at the Moscow State Social University, specialty "Jurisprudence".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Aviary Igor Markovic, photo, biography
Aviary Igor Markovic, photo, biography Aviary Igor Markovic  Executive Director of the Fund's financial support for rebuilding the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, photo, biography
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