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Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich

( Chairman of the Board of Directors of OOO `Passenger port`.)

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Biography Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich
photo Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich
Born September 12, 1970, Mr.. in Moscow in the family doctors. Father - Trotsenko Viktor Vladimirovich (rod.22.11.1939 g.). Mother - Trotsenko Aleftina Ivanovna (rod.22.08.1946 g.).

From early childhood, parents were forced to hold his son in sports and the study of foreign languages in order to somehow link it to energy, sometimes over the edge Beat. The school did not pass a single big heap-small ", fights or other mischief without the participation of Roma. The same purpose, parents identified him in art and music schools, which he graduated with honors from both a general education.

Education Romц¦n was easy. For him it was enough to once at the beginning of the school year to read the textbook to the rest of the time did not bother to homework. This "neglect" of the school curriculum, . unless, . not prevent him in high school winning first place in the urban olympiad history, . civics, . language, . and in regional competitions - in biology, . Chemistry, . fine arts,

In 1986. Roman Trotsenko entered the socio-economic faculty of the Institute of Asia and Africa by Moscow State University,. His specialization was the Japanese economy, study languages - Japanese and English. In 1987-1988. He trained at U.S. universities (Yale University) and Portugal (Coimbra University). During these years, and defined the scope of interests - economic analysis, and enterprise management.

Great influence on Roman had his supervisor, the famous economist on international affairs professor Ivan Omarovich Fazizov. His diploma work was devoted to the just nascent domestic stock market. Life has shown that many predictions of its development, made by a young specialist, proved correct. Work in the first place, has just appeared, commercial organizations and brokerage firms in the Moscow Commodity Exchange allowed Roman to get acquainted with the actions of market laws in practice.

In 1989. Roman Trotsenko was offered a job in Alma-Ata, the Kazakh Republican TV station. This was the time of organization of power structures in Kazakhstan, which gained independence. Specialists from all over the Soviet Union worked on the creation of the national television. In these years, Kazakhstan has far outstripped the pace of Russia on the economic reforms, though many of them were inconsistent, and sometimes wore traces the impact of "oriental mentality". Soon RV Trotsenko was appointed Commercial Director of the Republican TV Asia TV "(1989-1991).

In 1991. RV Trotsenko passes to the post of financial director of the International Medical Exchange in Moscow, and in 1992. was elected Director General. The deployed soon, the banking boom "could not leave indifferent and Roman Viktorovich. In 1994. he led the Commercial Bank, Platinum Bank, becoming its Chairman of the Board.

Banking practice was far from the classical economic theories, and in 1995. Bank has suffered major financial losses during the first, but as it turned out, far from the last banking crisis. In 1996. RV Trotsenko leaves the bank and goes into the real economy. He was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Passenger Port. The company was in a difficult situation. Colossal receivables and payables, low staff salaries, staff turnover, old ships and equipment - this is something with which he had to face in the port. Two years of painstaking work, the daily search for innovative solutions to enable the port to make a profitable modern enterprise.

Flushed with success, seeking to try their hand at managing a large-sized enterprises, in 1997. RV Trotsenko accepted the offer to lead the Board of Directors of "South River Port. At that time he had not yet fully imagine the volume of problems he will face. Once the largest river port of the country, the flagship of the industry was in a deplorable condition. Equipment has not changed and is not repaired for a decade. Skilled workers left the company in places where they paid more and more regularly. Not work even phone and heating in the building portoupravleniya. Accounting virtually absent in the port was not a single person who could say with certainty how many and what goods are on the enterprise. Re-create almost had everything: accounting, security, communications. Get rid of the people who were no longer able to fulfill their work duties and to bring to the port malopyuschuyu youth, showing them the bright prospects of.

As a result of a complex of measures in 1998. volumes of traffic carried out by the port rose by 25%, transshipment - at 31,1%. Actually received the proceeds the company increased by more than 2 times. Increasing the amount of work has been achieved without increasing the number of employees, thus significantly raise wages. One year later, more recently unprofitable port became profitable enterprise with efficiency 2,2%. Financial success allowed to purchase 9 new vessels begin reconstruction of the cargo complex.

To date, South Port is the largest river by volume transshipment port Russia. Enterprise managed to regain its former glory of one of the fastest, cheapest and safest carriers of the country.

During the years of building a developed socialist on open spaces of our country was built many large industrial enterprises. Contrary to popular belief, not all of them a priori, are unprofitable. The main task of young managers, according to Roman Viktorovich, is how the wise use of all that has been created by previous generations. RV Trotsenko glad to test yourself in different branches of activity, he eventually found his specialty, which he liked - crisis management of industrial enterprises. Progress in this area are estimated and specialists from: Roman Trotsenko in 1996. elected a member of the International Academy of Management.

In his spare time is his main passion is travel Trotsenko R.. Among the sporting passions lead: sailing, scuba diving, rafting on mountain rivers, snowboarding, piloting jet.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Optimist for Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich
  • Stumbling against this site, I was really surprised, because they believe that this is one of the rarest faliliy rooted in the Ukraine! I would like to talk PS: I Trotsenko Roman V.
  • Roma for Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich
  • I too namesake, though not complete (N.). I work as a musician and as corporate parties are held on the boats, the crew making fun about it:) A general name we have not so rare, look at classmates, or in contact. And on the topic - Roman п°п·п?п·п¦п•п¬!
  • Hunter for Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich
  • It was great surprise about the effective manager. Trotsenko can only destroy and to dismiss people with profitable enterprises. He only promises to do something for the development of enterprises at the just cause of the bankrupt and selling off assets and commitments and promises to remain. He brought a lot of grief that people respond to him and his children and zakonorozhdennym nezakonorozhdennym.
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    Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich, photo, biography
    Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich, photo, biography Trotsenko Roman Viktorovich  Chairman of the Board of Directors of OOO `Passenger port`., photo, biography
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