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GRODEYKY Vladimir Pavlovich

( General Director of JSC `Izhmash`, State Prize Winner)

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Biography GRODEYKY Vladimir Pavlovich
Born July 19, 1951 in the city of Perm. Father - Paul Grodetsky Tarkovsky (1921-2000). Mother - Akhmatova (1922g.rozhd.). Son - Grodetsky Denis (1973g.rozhd.).

Many members of the family Grodetsky were worthy, respectable people. Father - comes from a Polish family, whose members at one time moved to the Baltics, and then - in Rostov-na-Donu. My grandfather was a businessman: he was the owner, after dekulakization to retirement - the head of a large, prosperous, and today, a grocery on one of the main streets of Rostov-na-Donu. Brother grandfather played a lawyer at the trial of Gregory Kotovskogo (a fact which came to the pages of books in the series "ardent revolutionaries"). Father's older brother, Leonid Arsenijevic, was a famous surgeon (died during the Great Patriotic War, under the Staraya Russa).

Mother B. Grodetsky - the daughter of a Cossack, Andrew Yefimovich Taradina, whose ancestors moved to the Don from Zaporozhye. Dispossessed during collectivization in 1933, he was arrested, escaped from custody and moved the family to the marshes of the Don. Two of his sons, who managed to avoid arrest, two years in hiding under an assumed name. It was only after the publication of the famous letter about the excesses of Stalin during collectivization, they decided to switch to legal status, but were immediately arrested and deported to the camps, and in 1941 drafted into the army.

Both parents Vladimir Grodetsky were bridge builders by profession. City of Perm became a mother for him just because, . that here in 1951 at full speed was being built railway bridge over the River Kama, . and the family literally lived on wheels, . moving around the country, "mostopoezdom", . in cars which were placed home builders,
. Only in 1957 the family settled in Izhevsk. However, the father continued to travel frequently on business: building bridges in Udmurtia, including the "Long Bridge" in Izhevsk, leading to the plant Izhstal, as well as a major bridge across the Amur River

. In 1968 Vladimir graduated from the Mathematics class known in Izhevsk "tridtsatka" - the school N 30, . and in 1973 - an instrument-making faculty of the Izhevsk Mechanical Institute (now - Izhevsk State Technical University), specializing in the design and manufacture of radio ",

Having refused admission to graduate school, he got on the distribution of Izhevsk Radio Plant, in the shop, where at that time occurred the formation of the production of telemetry equipment for spacecraft. After months of work on the specialty radio regulator of the fifth level, Vladimir Grodetsky received an offer to become master, . then - foreman, . deputy chief mechanic-assembling workshop, . and three months later - still staying young officer - the head of the largest in the company shop (more than 700 people), . with a wide range of activities: from the production of chips to complex systems for space equipment,

Three years later, before the plant's management was given the task - to produce equipment for satellites, "spies". We had to create orders, build new housing. The entire responsibility rested on the shoulders of the designated chief of the production of microelectronics V. Grodetsky. Laureatskoe his first title - the prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR - it was precisely because of the construction. When there was Sputnik visual observation in real time, Grodetsky was awarded the Order of Honor and the Order of Friendship for the creation of satellite rhodonite-orlets ".

In 1986, VP Grodetsky received an offer to become chief engineer of the plant, then chief engineer of the production association "Izhevsk Radio Plant. In this responsible position he assumed in the era of industrial restructuring on the market, becoming, perhaps, one of the youngest managers in the chapter. However, youth, nezakompleksovannost command-administrative system of steel and its main advantage. Restructuring process they grappled with the fly, especially in the conversion period. Through intuition, new chief engineer, good relations with Moscow development organizations in the enterprise began to come in civilian jobs related to telecommunications topics. His instinct for the real political situation, . sense of the new, . ability to quickly solve problems, . non-standard thinking - all this determined the fate of Vladimir Grodetsky, . and as policy, . and as director of the new formation, . Director entrepreneur,

As chief engineer association VP Grodetsky worked for almost 6 years. At this time he took a course in the Graduate School at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, . during the study was the practice in Germany, . headed by the well-known public figure of the Gorbachev Wolfram Hatezaul, . personally knew his family, . lived in one of his castles,

. Upon his return to Russia in 1990, Vladimir Grodetsky was appointed CEO at "motozavod" (today - OAO motozavod "Axion - Holding"), . succeeding I. Stytsenko, . Hero of Socialist Labor, . headed the company almost a quarter century,
. As even the standards of Russia's largest enterprises of the space industry, the factory was engaged in the manufacture of ground equipment for satellites, but the conversion and the collapse of the MIC led to the loss of orders. No matter how difficult it had been overcome the inertia of habit not work on the approved plan, the Government, . and independently to win markets, . form a package of orders, . plant, . had never engaged in the production of household appliances, . except for tape release, . had mastered the manufacturing of medical and telecommunications equipment,

At the same time the company has maintained its status as a major object MIC. In 1992 - 1995 years there have been successful in quickly mastered the production systems of command and control SRF. Russia's Security Council praised the work as a solution to one of the major problems of national security. For guidance in this work, Vladimir Grodetsky was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "III degree.

Set at motozavod on the production of defense products have allowed for a long time to order plant. To this day, this is the main production company, through which it lives and develops. For six years, during which Vladimir Grodetsky managed enterprise, the plant had never prevented the fall in output and was presented to the Board of Honor of the Udmurt Republic.

Year 1996. Plant Izhmash experiencing one of the worst crises of its. Almost every year there are changing Director. The country comes to the Minister of Defense Industry Zinovy Pak. He, as well as the head of the Udmurt Republic, Alexander Volkov, assessing the situation, suggested that B. Grodetsky lead Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. They argued the decision this way: "You're the only one who said what to do. Others - do not know ". By that time, Grodetsky already had a plan of priority action for improving the operational and financial situation at the enterprise. So in one day he found himself at Izhmash and immediately proceeded to the hard work

. Problems armorer, . left without orders and without exports, . problem of extinction - even as production - high-precision weapons, . the problem of a malfunctioning car factory, . problem literally unlocked izhmashevskogo motoproizvodstva, . - All had to start from scratch,
. However, the new formed around B. Grodetsky management team began to act in accordance with a prearranged plan, and therefore was doomed to success

. Received economic and legal independence of subsidiaries in the group Izhmash (DOAO Izhmash-Auto, . Izhmash - Moto ", . "Izhevsk Arms Factory", . Metallurgical Plant Izhmash, . Izhmash-machines ", . Scientific - high-tech manufacturing center Izhmash and others) have proven their ability to survive,
. Got battle hardened their heads.

One of the major achievements of the head of the company - a qualified program of conversion of weapons-grade production, transfer of existing facilities under the issue of hunting and sporting weapons. This is especially important at Izhmash were preserved traditions of military weapons, a unique school of designers. In just three years of Russia's army were taken with Kalashnikovs "hundredth series, automatic Gennadiy Nikolayevich Nikonov AN-94 and sub-machine gun" Bison "design Victor Kalashnikov.

Despite the fact that Izhmash now works and lives in a state of real recovery, Vladimir Grodetsky not build giant plans. His policies - policies the implementation of concrete and feasible projects that, in his opinion, quite soon may make the plant the most important companies in Russia.

Merits VP Grodetsky highly noted by the State and the public. He was awarded the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1988) and the State Prize of the Udmurt Republic (1995), awarded the Badge of Honor (1986), Friendship (1995), "For Service to the Motherland" III degree (1998), Medal cosmonaut Yuri A. Gagarin (1995), "300 years Rossiyskomu Fleet" (1996), Academician M.F. Reshetnev (1996), "850 anniversary of Moscow" (1998), decorations MES of Russia "For Merits" (1999), decorations, designer of small arms M.T. Kalashnikov "(1999), namely firearms Award (2000)

. Doctor of Technical Sciences VP Grodetsky elected a member of the International Academy of Informatization, . Russia Academy of Engineering, . Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, . member of the presidium of the Udmurt regional branch of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of Russia,
. However, one of the largest of its award he believes that people at those factories where he worked before, will remember him as their man.

Vladimir Grodetsky considers himself a man in his own words, "savings plan". He gets great pleasure from the possession of things that others do not. He loves these things. He knows their history. From early childhood, became interested in numismatics. Remained faithful to her until now. In addition, the owner of a rare collection of awards, icons, ancient weapons and tools.

Vladimir Pavlovich considers himself not a gambler, a methodical man. Therefore, he is indifferent, for example, in football: sports victories finds momentary pleasure. Gambling is not keen

. In recent years, read and bought almost all the works of Academician Fomenko, . personally acquainted with the author, . in the works which primarily respects the logical and methodical approach to the justification of the history of the State Rossiyskogo, . the basis of which - the patriotic idea,
. Classic writer thinks of Edgar Allan Poe. However, more often than Russian and foreign classics, read the special editions related to the profession or a hobby, for example, works on the theory and history of weapons.

Among the painters gave priority to the works of Nikolai Ge. Taste in music there. Kino finds a rare, but the best vacation, a way for a time to disconnect the brain from the many problems that lie on the shoulders of the director of one of the largest Russian companies.

Lives and works in the city of Izhevsk.

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    GRODEYKY Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography
    GRODEYKY Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography GRODEYKY Vladimir Pavlovich  General Director of JSC `Izhmash`, State Prize Winner, photo, biography
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