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Petrakov Nikolai Yakovlevich

( Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, academician of RAS, Director of the Institute of Market Problems, RAS)

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Biography Petrakov Nikolai Yakovlevich
Born March 1, 1937, Mr.. in Moscow. Father - Jacob Petrakov Kuzmich (1905-1978). Mother - Petrakova Elizabeth N. (1910-1981). Wife - Petrakova Tatiana, Education Economist. Daughter - Marina, a graduate of the School of Sociology, Moscow State University. Son - Nicholas.

All childhood and adolescence spent in Moscow. Lived in the area ul.Maroseyka. The family was large: his father, mother, elder sister, grandmother, grandfather. Was fond of basketball, football, cycling. Success story in the possession of a camera.

Graduated from Moscow State University, specializing Political Economy (1954-1959 gg.).

After graduating from Moscow State University operates a research assistant of the Research Institute of feasibility studies at the State Committee of the chemical industry (1959-1961 gg.). In 1961. goes to work in the Research Institute of Economics in the USSR State Planning Committee, which operates a junior, and then - Senior Fellow.

Since 1965, Mr.. and 1990. - Work at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute (CEMI), Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where he started as a senior researcher, head of the department to the deputy director of the Institute for Science.

In 1963, Mr.. He successfully defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of sciences, and in 1971. - The degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences. In 1965, Mr.. it has been approved in the academic title of senior research officer, and in 1972. - The rank of professor. In 1984. elected a corresponding member, and in 1990. Academician of the Academy of Sciences.

In January 1990, Mr.. joining the staff of the CC CPSU Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs. In April 1990, Mr.. transferred to the post of Assistant to the President of the USSR on economy. In 1989. was elected deputy of the USSR, and from March 1994. January 1996. was a member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the first convocation.

At present, N. J. Petrakov heads the Institute of Market Problems of Russia Academy of Sciences (February 1991), Chairman of the Board of the Bank's investments and savings 'Investsberbank'

. N.Ya. Petrakov - widely known in Russia and abroad, the scientist-economist, . specialist in the field of economic-mathematical modeling, . methods and pricing mechanisms and management of the economy, . author of over 200 publications, . including monographs: 'The profitability and price' (1964), . 'Some aspects of the debate on the economic methods of management' (1966), . 'Economic Reform: Plan and economic independence' (1971), . 'Cybernetic problems of economic management' (1974), . 'The economic mechanism in the optimal functioning of the socialist economy' (1985), . 'Management of the economy and uncertainty' (1989) co, . 'The democratization of the economic mechanism' (1988), . 'Russian roulette: economic experiment at the cost of 150 million lives',

. The main direction of research N.Ya. Petrakova is the development of market mechanisms of economic management, . and modeling of processes of pricing, . theory and methods of implementation of economic policies in different economic conditions,

N.Ya. Petrakov made a major contribution to the development of the theory of planned measurement of costs and benefits in the economy. They developed a model linking the planned level of prices, income and output, providing a balance of natural and value aspects of management. In recent years, obtained important new results in the organization of the transition to a predominantly market-oriented system of economic management. These developments allow most adequately describe real business processes, . contain the fundamental theoretical and methodological conclusions about how to improve the system of economic management through the use of market mechanisms,
. Under the direction and with the active participation of N. Ya Petrakova for many years, is developing economic and mathematical models to assess the socio-economic efficiency of new technology and prices, . balancing demand and supply in the context of rapid updating of products and technological change,

N.Ya. Petrakov is one of the initiators and developers of the theory and applied aspects of pricing, logistical and financial balance of the economy in transition to market

. Actively participates in the training of scientific personnel, . 20 years led a teaching job at the economic faculty of Moscow State University (1969-1989 gg.), . the Academy of National Economy, . the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, . Electronics and Automation,
. They produced more than 20 candidates of economic sciences, is the scientific director candidates the degree of Doctor of Science. For 20 years he was a teaching job at the economic faculty of Moscow State University, the Academy of National Economy, Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation

. N.Ya. Petrakov has great scientific-organizational work, . as deputy chairman of the Scientific Council of the Academy of Sciences of the complex issue of 'Improving the planning and economic management with the use of economic-mathematical methods and computer technology' and a member of the editorial boards of the journals 'economic issues' and 'Economic and mathematical methods', . ,

. Awarded with 'Honor'

He is fond of driving a car. He loves art, books (fiction of the twentieth century), a sofa, slippers and playing sports: football and hockey. Passionate fan club CSKA.

Lives and works in Moscow. Phone: +7- (095) 129-1000

Page Petrakova in the WWW (english) http://www.cemi.rssi.ru/meilen/epetrak.htm

Page Market Economy Institute RAS http://www.cemi.rssi.ru/mei

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Petrakov Nikolai Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Petrakov Nikolai Yakovlevich, photo, biography Petrakov Nikolai Yakovlevich  Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, academician of RAS, Director of the Institute of Market Problems, RAS, photo, biography
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