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Andrei Golitsyn Kirillovich

( The prince, leader of Rossiyskogo Nobility.)

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Biography Andrei Golitsyn Kirillovich
Born in 1932 in Moscow. He is married and has three daughters. In the family, all senior members of which were repressed after the revolution. My grandfather, Prince Nicholas Vladimirovich Galitzine, was arrested four. The first time directly during the Bolshevik Revolution, the last time they came for him in the winter of 1942, when he lay dead at home. Father Cyril Nikolayevich Golitsyn, first arrested in 1923, twenty young men, and sentenced to five years on charges of counterrevolutionary sympathies. The second time in 1941, the first month of war with Germany, and sentenced to ten years imprisonment in a concentration camp. After his release in 1951 was exiled to the north and in 1956, rehabilitated. His mother, Princess Natalia Galitzine (nee Volkova), in 20-ies was expelled from Leningrad. Her elder brother, a famous writer Oleg Volkov, held in camps and prisons, about 30 years and younger was shot in the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

During the Great Patriotic War, the family was evacuated from Moscow. After the war he studied at the Art School and then at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, which he graduated in 1962, the specialty graphic artist.

Since 1957, he started to work with publishers, performing work on the design and illustration works of fiction. He worked in engineering face woodcut. In this technique created illustrations for the works of many authors, including: the works of Smolleta, Goldsmith, Jack London, Flaubert, Denis Davydov, Kuprin, as well as the works of contemporary authors. Regular participant in various exhibitions, including foreign. Has received awards and diplomas at the All-Union and Russian Book Art Contest. A number of works acquired by the Art Fund, several museums, including the Tretyakov Gallery

. In addition to book illustrations, worked in easel chart, . which created a number of series, . reflections on the fate of Russia, . and based on impressions of the trip and creative assignments for the country, . including travel to the Arctic and in Chukotka, . materials and experiences which formed the basis for illustrations to the north of Jack London,

An extensive series of works was devoted to the old Moscow and the old St. Petersburg, published in journals, retelling the stories of two capitals.

In May 1990, Prince Golitsyn, AK became one of the organizers Rossiyskogo Nobility and at the same time was elected Marshal. His activity is devoted to a special material in the section 'Golden Fund' (see page:.). Subsequently, two re-elected. As a representative of the Nobility is a broad social activities. Takes part in various social movements and organizations. Is co-chair of the Land Movement, . member of the Presidium of the World Russian National Cathedral, . member of the Presidium of the International Pushkin Society, . honorary member of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society and a member of the Political Consultative Council under the President of Russia,

From the first days of the establishment was a member of the Governmental Commission to study issues related to the study and reburial of the remains of Emperor Nicholas II and his family.

Ladies' Committee headed by Board of Trustees and the Foundation of Repentance and Revival ", established Rossiyskim Assembly of Nobility. Ladies' Committee has a variety of charitable activities, including providing material support to home child at women's prison in Mozhaisk. The fund was established to raise funds both in Russia and abroad for the restoration of monuments Rossiyskim kings and emperors, destroyed during the communist regime. The first action of the Fund will be the re-establishment of the monument to Emperor Alexander III at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

He was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR and the Union of Journalists of the USSR.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Andrei Golitsyn Kirillovich, photo, biography
Andrei Golitsyn Kirillovich, photo, biography Andrei Golitsyn Kirillovich  The prince, leader of Rossiyskogo Nobility., photo, biography
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