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Lopukhin Vadim O.

( Prince, Vice-Marshal Rossiyskogo Nobility.)

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Biography Lopukhin Vadim O.
photo Lopukhin Vadim O.
Born in 1955 in Arkhangelsk, in the family captain. VO Lopukhin married and has two daughters. Senior - Maria, a student at the Medical Academy. Younger, Evdokia, seven years

. Vadim O. Lopukhin - representative of the ancient Russian aristocratic family, . which takes its lineage from 1022 from Prince Kasogs Rededi, . which mentions the "Tale of Bygone Years" - the oldest Russian chronicle and unnamed author of the first literary work of Russian literature "Lay",
. First Lopukhins been mayor of Novgorod the Great, and five centuries ago, "left" to serve the Grand Prince of Moscow Ivan III. Lopukhins visited and boyars, and Okolnichy Russian Tsars, and the governors, and heads of orders, and later - generals and admirals, in prominent public positions. Lopukhins honored with his attention of the Russian royal house - in 1689 maiden Evdokia Lopukhina was wedded to the young King Peter the Great and was the last Russian empress - the next empress wore the imperial title and was inozemkami. A century later, the most prominent statesman of that time Minister and Attorney General Peter V. Lopukhin was granted the title of Most Serene Prince. True, this branch of the princely kind Lopukhins soon extinguished, but Russia's two Emperors returned the title race.

He graduated from the Arkhangelsk Medical Institute, and then, in Moscow, clinical internship and graduate school, successfully defended his dissertation and became a candidate of medical sciences

. Since 1984 - Researcher and lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology at several Moscow medical institutions of higher education after several years of teaching and work, . In 1989 he was appointed head of a maternity home Savior Perovsky Hospital peace and mercy, . and for ten years has been in office, . continuing teaching career as lecturer,

Prince VO Lopukhin - by more than one hundred scientific publications, winner of the youth award named after MV Lomonosov.. We are now preparing to defend his doctoral dissertation.

In today Nobles motion Vadim O. participated since 1990, since that year when, in May on the first constituent assembly of nobles was established this social class corporate social organization. First Vice-Marshal, he became in 1991 and since then has always remained a close ally and assistant leader Rossiyskogo nobility Prince Andrei Golitsyn Kirillovich.

Working Rossiyskom Nobility Assembly, Prince VO Lopukhin became one of the internationally recognized leaders of the modern Gentry movement in Russia, a supporter of its integration into the international movement of Nobles. As a representative Rossiyskogo Nobility, he often travels to foreign countries, in the provinces of Russia, where the act or the establishment of regional Nobility. Chapter п?пЎя?я?п?п№я?п?пЎпЁпЎ Imperial House, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna entrusted Prince Vadim O. Acting Coordinator grand visits to Russia. In this capacity, he works hard on the preparation and conduct tours of the Most August persons to land of their ancestors.

At the invitation of the media often gives interviews on professional issues and the nobility weekly, magazines, appears on radio and TV programs. He is coauthor of three documentaries about Rossiyskom Imperial House.

Scientific enthusiasm Prince VO Lopukhin can be considered pathological physiology. He is also interested in Russian history, classical music.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Lopukhin Vadim O., photo, biography
Lopukhin Vadim O., photo, biography Lopukhin Vadim O.  Prince, Vice-Marshal Rossiyskogo Nobility., photo, biography
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