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Evstigneev Evgenij Andreevich

( Lieutenant-General, USSR State Prize Laureate.)

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Biography Evstigneev Evgenij Andreevich
photo Evstigneev Evgenij Andreevich
Born April 2, 1921, Mr.. in Moscow. Father - Andrew Evstigneev Silantevich. Mother - Evstigneeva Anna Feodorovna. Wife - Evstigneeva Varvara Ivanovna (rod.23.12.1923), in an officer-paramedics took part in the Great Patriotic War. Son - Vitaliy Evstigneev (rod.8.11.1945), the retired colonel.

Ratna way EA Evstigneeva - is the way a soldier, an officer of the Red Army, the front, past the harsh road of war from first to last day, the General, one of the key commanders of the Armed Forces of the USSR. It tightly linked to hundreds of episodes: the first battle, wounded, retreat, landings, victory, loss of friends, training, exercises, tragic or dramatic operations of various sizes. So it was with thousands and thousands of soldiers. The fate of each of them as typical, as it is unique. Just as the fate of General Evstigneeva.

The war began for him in June 1941. on the southern front, where he directed, with behind the Moscow Military Artillery Special School and the 3rd Leningrad Artillery School. In 1941-1942. commanded the 1 st battery 850 artillery regiment 271 Infantry Division, artbatareey 76-mm guns, was the assistant chief of staff of the Artillery Regiment Infantry Division. Participated in the battles for the Crimea. In 1942 he was transferred to the Assistant Chief of Operations Branch of the Army Staff of artillery in the North-Caucasian Front. In 1942-1943 he. - Chief of Staff, the commander of a separate artdiviziona 76-mm guns, 103 Infantry Brigade in the Trans-Caucasian Front. In 1943, Mr.. - Commander of the individual artdiviziona 81 Red Banner of the marine infantry brigade, the landing party to the legendary land of Malaya, the release Abrau Durso and Anapa. Then there was the commander of the Guards Division 305 artillery regiment, took part in the landing in the Crimea, in the village Eltigen. In his role as interim commander of the artillery regiment of the Guards, and 305 artillery commander of the 117 Guards Rifle Division participated in the liberation of Ternopil. In 1944-1945. - Chief of Staff, 305 artillery regiment of the Guards 117 th Guards Rifle Division. The regiment fought for the liberation of towns and villages right-bank Ukraine, cities Berdichev and Brody, in battles on the Sandomierz bridgehead, crossing rivers Vistula, Oder and Neisse, taking g.Lukenvalde, release gg.Plasy and Pilsen. War EA Evstigneev graduated in Czechoslovakia in the post of Chief of Staff of Artillery 117 Guards Rifle Division, then was appointed Chief of Staff 536 artbrigady.

In 1946, the rank of Major to come to study at the Military Artillery Academy im.F.E.Dzerzhinskogo, from which he graduated in 1951. He served on the staff leadership positions: Chief of Staff of the artillery of the Guards Rifle Corps in the Kiev Military District (1951-1953 gg.), . Chief of the Operations Intelligence Division Artillery headquarters of the Moscow Military District (1953-1956 gg.), . Chief of Staff of the Guards cannon artillery division (1956-1958 gg.),

From 1958 to 1960 - the listener core faculty of the Military Academy of the General Staff of Armed Forces. Since then the modern educated officer, a combat artilleryman retrained in missilemen. Its share falls to feel on itself all the nuances of a strategic missile troops. In his role as chief of intercontinental missiles (MKP) in the operational management of the Headquarters SRF EA Evstigneev participated in solving many problems: the choice of areas for construction of military missile systems, . survey large areas of the Urals, . Siberia, . Transbaikalia, . Far East, . middle band, . Analyzing the characteristics of possible areas of deployment of positional MKP, . reconnaissance training cruises and their activities directly to targeted areas, . ensuring the timely preparation of the base construction, . installation and commissioning of combat missile systems with the production of launchers MKR on combat duty,

Division of ICI in 1963 as the most important unit of the Operations Department of the Chief of Staff of missile forces, was transformed into the Destination. EA Evstigneeva and under his command officers often had business trips, to deal with all sorts of inconsistencies and, where needed, decisively intervene and restore order. Simultaneously with the construction of missile divisions were formed, their accomplishment, training. As head of the Commission on the formulation of the regiments on duty EA Evstigneev and his officers had become universal, . understand the method of construction, . Mounting, . complicated equipment set-up, . in fighting crew, . the incoming alert,
. In the relationship with superiors is not always all went smoothly, had to engage in disputes with various units and services, demonstrate the importance of public works.

In 1962. He was appointed chairman set up by the Commander in Chief Marshal S. Biryuzova commission to check the combat readiness and status of missile divisions. During the Commission identified numerous shortcomings in the organization of combat duty, combat training, equipping and logistical support, in some places were not resolved issues of housing, food, cultural entertainment troops. The outcome of the commission, the CPSU Central Committee and the Government took a decision that provided to receive the regimental missile system simultaneously with the introduction of all the objects of the material-technical and socio-cultural destination. This was a radical shift in welfare officers and their families in the Missile Troops.

In 1966-1967. divisions and corps MKP fully completed their institutionalization by the number assigned to combat duty launchers under the plan the Supreme Commander. In the SMF was concentrated chief nuclear capability of the Armed Forces of the USSR, the U.S. advantage in nuclear missiles had been eliminated. Before the main headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces have now set new goals for the special exercises with improving methods of second and subsequent launches of MKP with land mine and combat missile complexes. Strategic missile troops were the initiators of the development of systems alerting, centralized command and control forces, the development and implementation of the system checks the operational status, regular exercise command posts, troop control. For the first time in the Armed Forces General Staff in the Computing Center was established to include it in the system of centralized command and control, . as well as to master and implement extremely reliable automatic control system (ACS), . introduced redundancy management,

As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable leaders of the SMF, in 1963, General EA Evstignev was appointed to the General Staff of the responsible position of chief of central command post of the General Staff of the USSR (CCU GSH). That was the beginning of his direct work in the system of command and control of the Armed Forces of the USSR. Having studied the experience of command and control of all branches of the Armed Forces, . EA Evstigneev and his assistants developed a management system with CKP GSH, . plan for its equipment with modern management and communication and reported to the suggestions the leadership of the General Staff,
. The proposals have found support in guided at various times by the General Staff M. Zakharova, Kulikova, N. Ogarkova, S. Akhromeeva, M. Povaliy, M. Kozlov. Thus was born the well-considered, well-protected and technically advanced system of central command post of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR, and CKP GSH is the main organs of operational management.

EA Evstigneev was initiated studies on the establishment of mobile management - road, rail, air, sea, river, which greatly increases the reliability of the entire system. When you create the air of command and control his good fortune to work with prominent designers, academicians V. Myasishev and GV Novozhilov. After working as head of the CCU GSH 7 years, Eugene A. made a significant contribution to the current system of command and control of the Armed Forces.

In 1978-1978 he. EA Evstigneev was the Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces of automated management systems, and in 1978. was appointed first deputy of the newly established 2-nd Department of General Staff, headed by prominent military exercises, General V. Druzhinin. Within three years, the Office carried out an intensive theoretical and practical work on creation of the modern automated systems and command and control systems and electronic warfare both in the industry, and the troops. Been developed provisions on electronic warfare, . one of the most important types of operational and combat support operations of the forces of the army and navy, . created the first modern automated systems jamming enemy radio-technical equipment, . been a number of experienced and specialized exercises, . which largely contributed to the successful establishment and development of new techniques of action electronic warfare,

. In 1981, . after the reform of the 2 nd administration, Lieutenant-General EA Evstigneev headed in the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff 5-e management, . which directs all components of management system elements, . bodies and control stations, . automated control systems and communications,
. Almost five years of work under the guidance of VV Varennikov and SF Akhromeeva Evstigneeva brought great satisfaction and benefit. It is here translated into practical outcomes of its vast experience gained in all previous positions of responsibility. In late 1986, it was decided to establish the General Staff, General Directorate of AMS and EW. His chief-deputy chief of General Staff of the USSR was appointed Lieutenant-General EA Evstigneev. In those years with his direct participation was completed and implemented the main ASU Armed Forces, . developed important for the state system of management of the strategic nuclear forces from the Supreme Commander to the immediate perpetrators,
. In order to refine multiple launches from the silo complexes Eugene A. spent six combat training launches, while the calculation at the command post directly to the silo complex combat. For many years he has actively and effectively cooperated with the Research Institute of the AA, headed by Academician VM Semenikhin.

EA Evstigneev - Candidate of Military Sciences, professor of Russia Academy of Military Sciences (since 1998), USSR State Prize Laureate. He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, . 3 Orders of Red Banner, . Order of Red Banner of Labor, . 2 orders of World War I degree, . 2 orders of World War II degree, . 2 orders of Red Star, . Order of Friendship, . 2 medals "For Service in Battle", . 11 commemorative medals of the USSR, . as well as 6 orders and medals of foreign countries,
. In 1985, Mr.. EA Evstigneeva was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the City Plaza (Czechoslovakia). During 8 years, from 1981 to 1989, EA Evstigneev volunteer was a member of the editorial board of "Military Thought", for 9 years - editor in chief "military radio". He is the author of several articles in these and other periodicals. Since 1989. present Lieutenant General, retired EA Evstigneev works Rossiyskom Committee of War Veterans.

In his spare time enjoys sports, reading, music, socializing with many friends.

Lives in Moscow.

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Evstigneev Evgenij Andreevich, photo, biography
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