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Khorosheva Galina Ilinichna

( Deputy Head of Administration of Volgograd region)

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Biography Khorosheva Galina Ilinichna
photo Khorosheva Galina Ilinichna
Born January 18, 1946 in the city of Chelyabinsk in the working family. Father - Good Ilya Kuzmich (1910g.rozhd.), Almost all his life he worked at the Stalingrad (later Volgograd) Shipyard. Mother - Khorosheva Anna (1914g.rozhd), reared six children: four sons and two daughters. All of them now live and work in Volgograd.

After finishing school in 1964, Galina Khorosheva worked for three years older Pioneer School N 118 Volgograd. With YCL never parted until 1980 and the best years of his life considers this the time. Instructor district and municipal committees Komsomol secretary, first secretary of the Central District Komsomol Committee and secretary of the Volgograd Regional Committee of the Komsomol - positions that Galina took in those years. His first government award - medal "For Valiant Labor" she received for leading Volgograd Student construction teams, at that time one of the best in the country.

Then there was the Party work - head of the department of science and educational institutions in Volgograd city Party.

Since 1987, the GI Khorosheva works in the executive branch - Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs. In 1991, during a particularly severe economic downturn in the country and the urgent need to protect citizens, Galina Ilinichna is the initiator of the service in Volgograd social welfare. Heading is the direction of city government, it has developed a clear system for the functioning of social institutions to provide assistance to veterans, the disabled, children, the poor - all those who need it. Under its direct patronage of the first time in Volgograd, the city opened an orphanage and center of the temporary stay of persons in crisis, a network of social and health stations, forming a system of working with families

. Studying in absentia, GI Khorosheva consistently graduated from Volgograd Pedagogical Institute Serafimovicha specialty "teacher of Russian language and literature, the Higher Party School in Saratov, Volgograd Academy of Public Service

In January 1997 she was invited to the post of Deputy Head of Volgograd Regional Administration of Social Affairs. Since then, her main concern - three-million region, thousands of concrete problems of social welfare, health, culture, sports, family and youth. Largely thanks to the GI Khorosheva as vice-governor in the last two years have substantially reduced wage arrears to workers of budgetary sphere and pension arrears, to begin their timely payment. Great help in this regional authorities have Volgograd Branch of the RF Pension Fund and Mandatory Medical Insurance, which oversees the activities of Galina Ilinichna.

Under its direct patronage in the area for two years already implemented three pilot projects funded by the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The first of these involves calculation and payment of child benefits through social welfare agencies, which allowed to exclude double and even triple payments to recipients of benefits and save significant budget funds. The second project - the payment of so-called benefits of poverty most poor. Volgograd method of providing targeted assistance, the Bank recognized the most successful, because, based on the principle of targeting, it allows to cover the most needy purely. The third project - the institution of Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child. Volgograd Region has become one of the first regions of Russia, which was introduced this post.

GI Khorosheva become one of the initiators of the creation of extra-budgetary fund of free and concessional medicines for poor people, does everything to ensure that the network of medical institutions in the area expanded. And the result is. Over the past two years in the Volgograd region were opened: not inferior in their capabilities best western clinics cardiology center, . uronefrologichesky Center, . Center for Mental Health of Children and Adolescents, . new district hospitals and clinics,

Under the supervision of GI Khorosheva active Institute of arts and culture, children's music experimental theater, Volga orchestra of folk instruments, new creative teams. "His mother" playfully styled Galina Ilinichna many of Russia and Volgograd artists. She takes an active part in organizing their annual Volgograd plein air, together with the fraternity in Moscow, Volgograd.

Meaning of his life Galina Ilinichna considers the work complete and return the case to people who believe it, hoping it. It is "man command" and in no way an outside. In most people appreciate honesty and decency, the main value in life finds friendship. Has a good library. He loves reading the classics and detectives to listen and sing the bard.

GI Khorosheva - master of sports of cycling sport. In love with the mountains, has a bit of climbing - at the time she obeyed Elbrus and Kazbek. Prefers to spend holiday in the North Caucasus.

Lives and works in Volgograd.

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Khorosheva Galina Ilinichna, photo, biography
Khorosheva Galina Ilinichna, photo, biography Khorosheva Galina Ilinichna  Deputy Head of Administration of Volgograd region, photo, biography
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