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Dmitry Oreshkin

( The head of Mercator Group, a leading researcher of the Institute of Geography RAS, Candidate of Geographical Sciences)

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Biography Dmitry Oreshkin
For me, the Internet - a source of information. I can not say that for me it's working environment, but it is - an important part of our professional. We are forwarding to their partners in the network image, we get mail from them ... This is an environment in which we exist, we make her breathe.. and sometimes suffocating. Rambler - is something about what I always tripping when I go to the Internet: this is the case when, like a broom Erofeev, all roads lead to the Kursk railway station ... that is, in this case, the Rambler.

Dmitry B. Oreshkin was born in 1953. Moscow. In 1970. He graduated from the 49 special school in Pushkin, then entered the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, where he played for the national team in football and faculty interested in paleogeography. With football really did not work, had in 1975 received a graduate of the Institute of Geography of the USSR and quickly defend the candidate on the ancient continental glaciation. From glaciations seriously failed too, had to do science journalism. Since it turned out so-so, but then came the restructuring and opened an unexpected demand for people able to distinguish the map of the Udmurt Republic of Buryatia. Soviet Union was not interested in such trifles, and suddenly it became clear that in different places people are dissatisfied with the authorities quite differently.

. This discovery led to the creation of Dmitry at the Institute of Geography of the analytical group, . which has usurped the name of a proud grandfather Mercator (1512-1594, . known to, . what, . as a little weak on the "fifth column", . pretended to be a Dutchman and engraved on copper the first maps of the world),
. The money earned during the shooting of pro Aral disaster, the group in 1993. bought the 286-th computer and began to draw electronic maps showing the results of the elections, rising crime, environmental crises and the consumption of vodka by Region. It should be noted enormous credit for intelligent young people, especially Andrei Skvortsov, who just finished the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University and taught the older generation to distinguish between the system unit from the monitor.

The decisive step in his life was taken in 1994 when in a fit of insane courage Dmitry E. Kiselyov Oreshkin called on NTV with the proposal to draw TV-card for "Itogi". He agreed, and since then, "Mercator" is constantly engaged in manufacturing of electronic cards for TV.

During this time, Mercator Group ...

Make an electronic atlas of crisis for Sovbezopasnosti Russia.
Was the CEC of Russia to organize a display in the media process and results of the five electoral campaigns at the federal level (including the last two - in the Internet).
Prepared for the CEC RF electronic version 8 of fundamental monographs from the series "Electoral Statistics.
She has published more than 200 newspaper, magazine, internet articles on the topic okolopoliticheskie in different languages.
Was some of the governors win or lose the election.
Wrote dozens of more or less closed analytical notes for the big bosses, who may have someone read it for the high doors.
Friends with "Meteo-TV, has learned to live weather maps and display them on all major television networks as the background for beautiful girls.
To the girls of "Meteo-TV" was not boring, led to the orbit of the popular television weather forecaster in Alexandra. Belyaev, who concurrently works as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geography RAS Science.
Really well advanced in the field of computer simulation for leading TV news channel Russia. This Mercator raised the "Kursk" sank "the station" Mir "," ramming "airplanes City Hall in Moscow and have done many more things that take on the video does not, and would like to see on TV. (However, Mercator Group notes that the recognition of Osama bin Laden - not her handiwork).
Become a networking group, which develops itself without asking permission. She herself is nominated for TEFI, won the competition for the best TV programs in several regions (for example, in Khanty-Mansiysk), went on state television CIS.

The main discovery, made by Dmitry Oreshkin in management: when you do not prevent people from doing their job, they will do it themselves. However, not all. The main thing - to understand who is "yes" and who is "no."

He is married to one wife with two children and a dog.

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Dmitry Oreshkin, photo, biography
Dmitry Oreshkin, photo, biography Dmitry Oreshkin  The head of Mercator Group, a leading researcher of the Institute of Geography RAS, Candidate of Geographical Sciences, photo, biography
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