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Padva Henry

( Director-General of the joint venture 'International Lawyers', senior partner of law firm' Padva and Partners)

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Biography Padva Henry
Internet access for me - the most mysterious phenomenon of this century, but probably the most promising. For the first time you access the Internet this year alone, I felt awe, and came out with a joyful satisfaction, learning about myself a lot of new. I want to experience similar sensations to all users web!

Henry P. Padva was born February 20, 1931, Mr.. Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Law and Kalinin Pedagogical Institute, since 1971, Mr.. - Lawyer of the Moscow City Bar Association, since 1985. - Member of its presidium and director of the Advocacy Institute at the Moscow Bar Association, since 1989, Mr.. - Vice-President of the USSR Union of Lawyers, since 1990. - Vice-President of the International Bar Association. Author of publications on issues of law, for his contribution to the development of Russia's lawyers in 1998. Gold Medal of. FN Plevako.

Henry P. Padva started legal profession in the former Soviet Union nearly 50 years ago. Has the authority outstanding lawyer, . the years of legal practice represented numerous clients, . among them - the major magazines and newspapers (Publishing House "Kommersant", . Ogonyok, . "Izvestia", etc.), . known local and expatriate companies ( "PepsiCo", . Citibank, . Renaissance Capital, . Cambridge Capital ", . Holding Moscow, . Center KNIT - Kaluga Gates, etc.), . famous people (family A,
. Sakharov's family in. Vysotsky, etc.), Menatep and other leading banks in Russia.

Among the well-known cases G. Padva - Protection And. Lukyanov (former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR), D. Jakubowski, E. Bychkova (former President Roskomdragmeta Russia), P. Borodin (Managing Director of the President of Russia), L. Weinberg (famous entrepreneur), P. Karpov (former Deputy Director General of the Federal Office of insolvency (bankruptcy)), A. Ivanenko (First Deputy Chairman of SPC RF), A. Bykov (Chairman of the Board of Directors smelter); representation in court the interests of Ms. Ivinskaya (case of inheritance Pasternak), a case of protecting the dignity of the American entrepreneur T. Dela, the case P. Pashkova associated with the legacy F. Chaliapin.

G. P. Padva - one of the organizers and initiators of the USSR Union of Lawyers, actively defended the status of the independence of lawyers in the former Soviet Union.

. Henry P. Padva is vice president of the International Union (Commonwealth) lawyers, . Russia unites lawyers and lawyers countries - members of CIS, . and vice-president of the International Union of Lawyers, . uniting lawyers of different countries of the world, with headquarters in France.,

. For a great personal contribution to the development of legal systems, long-standing practice designed to protect civil rights and individual freedom, in 1999, Henry Padva awarded Honorary Badge "Public Recognition".

. Throughout 2001, the most famous and loud affairs G
. P. Padva steel case of Pavel Borodin, . Anatoly Bykov, . Yevgeny Bychkov, . the suit Seliverstova to Guvakovoy and oak (the flat dead professor Ivashevo), . at the suit of the heirs to Ivinskaya Pasternak (Pasternak's mistress), . Grizaka (accused of murdering his wife and child, and acquitted by the court,

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Padva Henry, photo, biography
Padva Henry, photo, biography Padva Henry  Director-General of the joint venture 'International Lawyers', senior partner of law firm' Padva and Partners, photo, biography
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