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Andrew Vedenmeer

( Professional climber, world and European champion in speed climbing)

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Biography Andrew Vedenmeer
photo Andrew Vedenmeer
Born November 24, 1971, p Simeiz near Yalta (Crimea).
1995, 1996 - world champion in speed climbing.
Multiple champion of Ukraine in climbing. Arco (Italy) - Rock Master, the second place. Yielded 0.07 sec Netsvetaeva Vladimir - world champion in 1993. Became a champion at the World Cup in Moscow in 1995, defeating V. Netsvetaeva in doubles race.

Member of Ukrainian National Team.
Trainer on climbing in the children's sports club in Yalta.
Favorite Athlete - Salavat Rakhmetov.
Idol - Arnold Petit.
Favorite food - fried potatoes.
Favorite place training - Crimean rocks.
Training Mode - 15 hours per week.
Main mode of operation: 2 days off work 1 or 3 days work 1 day off. While preparing for a competition training twice a day.
Next start - Paris in January 1997.
It would be strange if the 24 year-old Andrew Vedenmeer not become world champion on climbing. Born in the village Semeiz (Crimea). Home Vedenmeerov stood at the top of the mountain cat.

Doing underwater hunting and diving. Could forever be by the sea, learning about the underwater world. He liked to move, climb the rocks and stones, childhood, full of adventure.

In complete harmony with nature could spend hours watching the flight of gulls, graceful and free. Dreaming to be free like the wind, clambered up the rocks where he could feel as high as the birds around.

Very soon fell in love climbing on free-standing small stones. Worthy future world champion 1995 and 1996 free time.

Undoubtedly climbing in Crimea has always been the most popular sport. Crimean rocks have many varieties: single, large and small rocks for bouldering, climbing arrays on top rope, with all the plates are introducing relief.

. Watching how the older kids are competing on the rocks of Cats, Andrew realized what sport he would like to engage
. Courage, determination, the rapid adoption of specific solutions, the alignment of the route, just the location of each clues to learn by heart. He loved to cook slopes friends, what they are cleared of large stones and lead the route in order. Later it became his home training base. Lot of competitions when held in Semeize. Andrei often socialized with podgotovschikami trails. Seriously, he started climbing 13 years, what would one day become a world champion. On the day of his 13 years of completed 1st adult level. However, lessons from the first coach - Fatchevoy became less interesting, and since 1988 he moved to train at the Yalta Coach to coach Panferova ms. Here life was in full swing. Climbing in winter were combined with alpine skiing, in summer - required outputs in the mountains, passing standards for diving and swimming.

. Margarita Panferova, . head coach of the national team of Ukraine on climbing, . able to support a desire to engage in climbing, Andrew and was able to convince his parents in, . that their son was extremely talented and mozhnt vasokih achieve the success in sport and should continue to train.,

. Under the leadership of Margaret Panferova Andrew started training again: "All absorbs like a sponge, completely focused on the movements and attentive to the advice of coach
. Its potential is huge, he trusted, and trusted coach, oversees training. He absorbs the information and uses it brilliantly.

Soon, it is reflected in its success, at age 16 he became the champion of Ukraine. By 1989, he was not only the winner of the Ukrainian championships and won all the junior competitions held then in the Soviet Union. In 18 years - Army. From 1989 to 1991: CSKA Alma-Ata by the famous climber Elias Yervant Tikhonovich. Through his personal involvement Andrei could in the national team of Kazakhstan, which consisted of the strongest climbers in the country, leaving at various training camps and competitions.

. In 1991, Andrew won a bronze medal in the final in the history of the USSR championship Climbing
. "After this year all began to call our country" former "Soviet Union", observant Margorita.

His return to Yalta was a triumphant. He instantly becomes the leader of Ukrainian National Team.

With the firm intention to win the gold medal, he trains for hours. Sacrificing mnogoimi simple pleasures of life. Simply, he chose a goal! He participated in many competitions and trained and trained ...

1993: first appearance in official competitions UIAA, the World Cup. Innsbruck, Austria: the disease before the competition, but he participates vseravno. 11 results. After that start in the next competition is always 4-5.

. 1993 - Stage of World Cup in Bulgaria, Albena 4 place in speed climbing.

. 1993 - Stage of World Cup in Germany, 5 place Ryurnberg speed.

. 1994 - Stage of World Cup Russia, Moscow 5 place speed.

. 1994 - Master Rock Italy, Arco 9 place speed.

. 1995: Geneve, Switzerland: sweet word - victory! The first in speed climbing and 16 place in difficulties
. (Margarita: "It's not important. It is very hard to act in two ways! ")

. Compliance with the master of sports of international class.

. 1995 Competitions Masters - France Arzhenter 13 place in bouldering.

. Again, 1995: 13 place in bouldering competitions in France, and invited to participate in competitions for the title of Rock-Master in Arco, . Italy. ( "Our climbers told, . that the statement in Arco - this is purely psychologically difficult: dramatic lighting, . music, . causes increased heart rate, . requires maximum concentration ...") Andrew was the second, . yielding 0.07 seconds Vladimir Netsvetaeva, . champion in 1993.,

. Moscow, 1995: Stage of World Cup
. 1 place speed. Gold medal!

France, Paris 1996 European Championships. Andrew Vedenmeer: Gold medal champion! (Andrew wanted to speak in two categories-the speed and difficulty, but the competition rules forbade combine two types of naturally he chose speed - his hobby.)

. In his piggy bank has 111 prize winners, 93 are international, and all-union competition, the championships of Russia and Ukraine.

. Now his height 182 cm, weight 65-67 kg
Osnavnaya of training on the simulator is at home in Yalta, on the fitness complex, the creation by Andrew. Dimensions simulator 1.5x2.5 meters.
General space training Crimean rocks.
Passion and love - the Crimean rock. Especially Nikita (Yalta), where he blazed a lot of new marshoutov, including 8b +, 8 Categories. Andrew schtaet that it was "absolutely fantastic place for training and climbing every level!"

On climbing walls Nikita in 1990 jointly with the French was made two routes eighth category of difficulty: Squadron 8a and draft Fantastic. Was created a series of new routes, including the eighth category of difficulty: "Breeze 8a", "Fantastic, 8a +, 8a Captain," "Centaur 8b-8b +", "Skiff 8b". Now, Andrew enthusiastically working on the route of "Matador", the approximate categories - 8b + / 8c. Routes Andrei differ technicality.

Andrew was a difficult route to the Red Stone - "Ironweed 8b". One type of climbing that he would prefer bouldering, so there are a number of Nikita created them bouldering routes. Sam loves to climb the routes over which to polamat head, ie. technically complex, forcing the vse work at the limit.

Because the. Andrew is an author and pioneer the most difficult routes in the Crimea, he delivers true naslozhdenie see how they work on them other climbers. Often, watching workouts other leaders and it gives him pleasure.

Most liked competition considers competition masters - "Rock Master in Arco Italy. "This competition shows, competitions holiday! Like the hospitality and kindness of the Italians. The fantastic beauty of the surrounding nature. Comfort and cleanliness of the town of Arco, "says Andrew.

Andrew - Train children's section of rock climbing sports club in Yalta. Boys are very fond of him. Why netN charming guy with an open and a sweet smile, not arrogant and sociable. He likes to do what he does: to climb on the rocks - where birds fly, free as the wind.

. Carried away and the creative personality: loves driving a car, underwater hunting, downhill skiing.

. Umet friends and valued friends, on this not immediately converge with people
. Extremely modest.
Tastes vary rarely.
Weakness - loves a good meal.
There is a dream to create a route on the rocks of the ninth category of difficulty and pass it.
He believes that the greatest achievement of his life still ahead.
Married. Panferova wife Margaret, "Sputnik and life coach" says Andrew.
Ideala athlete there is a collective image: he was impressed with dedication Legrand, modesty and kindness Arnoud Petit, wisdom and experience Jaky Godoffe.
The biggest problem that had to be addressed to Andrew is a question of funding. The first two years of participation in international competitions virtually at its expense. And now, even though he is a staff member of the national team of Ukraine on climbing the main funding comes from his visits to City Hall and the Crimean city of Yalta Roskomsporta.

Vedenmeer A.P. responsible for sakalnuyu base in Ukraine climbing Commission Fais Ukraine, the Commissioner of Yalta rocky area.

Very soon we had to leave the hospitable home Andrew and Margaret. But before we poschachtlivilos see the video film made by Andrew about the Crimea, nature, rocks, beauty. "Amateur Film", "with the natural constraint says Andrew. Fil wonderful, made with love to a beautiful and wonderfully mysterious place - the Crimea. Who knows, maybe the creation of such films will be the future of Andrew, the World Champion for rock climbing.

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Andrew Vedenmeer, photo, biography
Andrew Vedenmeer, photo, biography Andrew Vedenmeer  Professional climber, world and European champion in speed climbing, photo, biography
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