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Elagin Vasily I.

( Mountaineer)

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Biography Elagin Vasily I.
Honored Master of Sports Since 1989.
Born in Moscow in 1953, worked in the sports club SCI VDFSO, s1992g. - Director of the company's own "Double V". Climbed to an eight Kanchedzhanga (1989) and Cho-Oyu (1999).
In 1973 - the "newcomer". Since 1977, Mr.. already ascent of the highest category of complexity, first in the Caucasus, then, as expected, in the Pamir and Tien Shan.
Master of Sports since 1983, "Snow Leopard" - from 1988. Has in stock about 50 complex and high-altitude climbing wall. Among them first ascents:
1981. - P.Leningrad (Peter the Great Ridge) on the south-western wall of the glacier Lipsky (ruk.V.Kolomytsev), 2-nd place in the championship of the Union in the high-altitude class.
. 1982 - Ushba North, the path Kolomytseva on the north - west wall, 2-nd place in the ice class.
. 1983
. - Cold Wall (Yazgulem Ridge) on the North Face (hands. V. Kolomytsev).
1985. - Sabah (Pamir-Alai, Turkestan Range, Valley Lyaylyak) on the North Face (hands. V. Bashkirov), 3rd place in the altitude-technical class.
In 1986. - On the training program to the Himalayas - winter ascent of the rib p.Kommunizma Borodkina through the Pamir plateau firn. In the same year in the summer of the first ascent of Khan-Tengri North wall (hands. Koroteev); p.A.Bloka (Turkestan Range) on the "post" North Wall (hands. V. Bashkirov).
1988. - Traverse p.Vazha Pshavela - p.Pobedy - p.Voennyh Topographers 6B cat / mp, head (in group E. Klinetsky, Koroteev, A. Sheinov).
In 1989. - The second Himalayan expedition. The team, led Elagina (E. Klinetsky, Koroteev, A. Sheinov) on April 9, climbed the main summit of Kanchenjunga (8586 m) on a new path with a bridge between the main and central peaks. This was the first success of the expedition. Then led the team traversantov (3.Halitov, G. Lunyakov, Koroteev, V. Balyberdin) coming from the South summit (8.491 m) through the Central (8.478 m) and Home to West (Yalung Kang, 8.505 m). Travers went for 2 days, 1 st and 2 nd May, with May 1 st was hiked 3 vertices. During this sporting achievements awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports and the master of sports of international class, was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.
In 1991. was one of the active organizers of the Moscow expedition on Annapurna, as the team captain was involved in the exploration and processing towards the chosen route from the south. Down from a height of about 7,300 m, accompanying a sick Sheinovo. Four men from the expedition reached the top of the route Bonington.
1992. - McKinley on the West edge. From the base camp and back in 12 hours.
1995. - Petit Dru (American direct).
1999. - Cho-Oyu in the expedition Fais Moscow.
Instructor since 1984, working first in the climbers' camp "Shhelda", since 1985. by 1989. - Instructor of the PCB in the Central Caucasus.
Amateur thrill not only in mountaineering.
In February - March 1992. for 40 days with two companions (Makovnev, Ryabov) was about 1000 km along the coast of the Chukchi Sea to "Buranov.
In June 1993, Mr.. down ski hills Klyuchevskaya & Stone in Kamchatka.
In May 1994,. - Ski descent of Mount McKinley.
In August 1994,. participated in the filming of "Ushba", which lasted from the camcorder to go south-eastern wall ( "Mirror"), Ushba, the path Monogarova. Participants: V. Bashkirov, V. Yanochkin, Yashin, A. Babitsky.
In January 1995, Mr.. was a famous rally-marathon Granada - Dakar (about 10 thousand. km).
In 1988. descended from p.Lenina skiing (in company with E. Klinetskim and B. Yanochkin).
1996. - Traveled 7000 miles through the deserts of Namibia, the Kalahari.
1997. - Not using asphalt, crossed Australia on SUVs.

Photos of Elagin Vasily I.
  • Elagin Vasily I.
  • L. Abramova, and B. Elagin. Cho Oyu, 1999
  • Elagin Vasily I.
  • Elagin Vasily I.
  • Elagin Vasily I.
  • N. Black and V. Elagin. Cho Oyu, 1999.

Photos of Elagin Vasily I.
Elagin Vasily I.Elagin Vasily I.Elagin Vasily I.Elagin Vasily I.

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  • Olga for Elagin Vasily I.
  • Case "poised" to this page. Rada's long acquaintance with Basil Yelagin - personality, a man of deep, with an amazing philosophy ... Health and good luck!
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    Elagin Vasily I., photo, biography
    Elagin Vasily I., photo, biography Elagin Vasily I.  Mountaineer, photo, biography
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