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Krivosheytsev Eugene

( Mountaineer)

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Biography Krivosheytsev Eugene
photo Krivosheytsev Eugene
born August 11, 1969 in the city of Odessa in the Ukraine.

Height - 182.5 cm
Weight - 67-68 kg.

Prefers to train myself, because of the lack of a professional coach in Odessa on climbing.

Training - 5-6 times a week. Cyclical - 2-3 days + weekends.

Winter - Fitness Center Odessa. Travels to Poland, Czech Republic, g.Nikopol.

Summer - climbing on rocks, performances in competitions: Crimea, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy. Favorite place for climbing considers Crimea, especially the rock - "Nikita" and "Red Rock".

Mama - Natalia Feodorovna, practitioner. Father - Yuri L. - builder. Parents always zanimalissportom, my mother's passion - gymnastics. Pope-master of sport of volleyball, football, basketball. There is a younger sister, the same zanimaetsyaskalolazaniem.

Not surprisingly, the passion for sport was manifested in early childhood: boxing, swimming, sambo, chess. Always show leadership - zhelaniepriklyucheny and travel: he loved to drive hordes of boys pookrestnostyam Odessa. Never afraid of heights, characterized by boldness.

Climbing started with 15 years. First coach - Sitnik Mikhail Alekseevich.

In 1988, the Ukrainian Championship in climbing trudnostzanyal first place and comply with the norms Master of Sports SSSR.S 1988 service in the Armed Forces.
In 1991, the USSR Cup in Crimea took the 4 place in the speed climbing.
1992 - USSR Championship - 1 place in the speed climbing.
1992 - the USSR Cup - 3 place in climbing difficulty
Participation in the first international competition has brought a prize-winning 3 rd place in Bulgaria in the Cup Serdica.
Since 1993, participating in official competitions UIAA in the national team of Ukraine.
1993 - World Championships, Austria, Mr.. Innsbruck - 3 place in the speed climbing. Performs standard International Master of Sports.
At the World Championship-95, Switzerland, Geneva - took 4 place speed climbing and 16 place in climbing difficulty.
The first European Championship in 1996 in France, Paris, which started Zhenya not brought him good results - 12 place in the speed climbing
. But the World Cup Evgeni shows high and stable results in the speed climbing.

. 1993 - 2 place - Bulgaria, Albena
. 1993 - 1 place - Germany, Nuremberg
. 1993 - 3 place - France, Laval
. 1994 - 1 place - Russia, Moscow
. 1995 - 3 place - Russia, Moscow
. Since 1993, regularly participates in competitions "Rock Master" - Italy, Arco.

. 1993 - 1 place - speed
. 1994 - 5 place - speed
. 1995 - 4 th place - speed

. Eugene man cheerful, erudite and obschitelnyy.Vsegda liked to read books, listen to music, going to kino.Zachityvalsya fiction, attracted bard melodies.

. At the age of changing tastes, there is a revaluation of values: now if there is at this time after training and performances, loves to read philosophy, classic books, listen to classic rock, watch serious movies.

. Favorite hobby mineralogy - like once a geologom.Okonchil medium - Technical College, received the profession of electrician Courts
. Then he entered the Odessa State University in Geology and Geography Faculty. Userdnopoltora been engaged. He had resigned because of the impossibility of combining professional sport and study.

He likes to train with a strong partner: training-competition. Diversity of Climbing. Lyubitlazanie in difficulty climbing new routes, bouldering, speed climbing. By climbing "solo" otnositsyaotritsatelno. He believes that this is not a sport and a lifestyle that has a lot of chances. A master case "presents not only good surprises.

He loves the competition, they are particularly successful for him in Poland. In the national championships since 1988, holds leading positions. In 1995, the championship of Ukraine was the first difficulties in the second speed in the rivalry with an old friend on the team - Andrew Vedenmeerom.

In 1995, took 2 nd place in the rating of Ukraine in oboihvidah. Captain of Ukraine.

Climbing difficult routes - a favorite cause. Today passed:
"onsight" (from behind) - 6-8a in France and Italy. "after work" (after work) - 8a + - two routes in France and the Crimea - "Ironweed" 8b. Loves to travel and communicate with new friends.

And he wants to become a world champion in climbing, go to the U.S. climb and gain experience.

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Krivosheytsev Eugene, photo, biography
Krivosheytsev Eugene, photo, biography Krivosheytsev Eugene  Mountaineer, photo, biography
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