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Valery Nikolaevich Pershin

( Honored Master of Sports, multiple champion and winner of the USSR and Russia, the climber at the eight-Cho-Oyu)

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Biography Valery Nikolaevich Pershin
photo Valery Nikolaevich Pershin
Born on 5 November 1948. g.Irbite in Sverdlovsk region.
Honored Master of Sports, multiple champion and winner of the USSR and Russia, the climber at the eight-Cho-Oyu (1991, 1996), Dhaulagiri (1993), Shisha Pangma (1996), Lhotse Hd. (1997), Everest (1998).
Since 1995, Mr.. present - Deputy. Director SDUSHOR mountain sports in Ekaterinburg.

In 1966, Mr.. graduated from high school N11 in Artemovsk and in 1967. enrolled in the Urals Polytechnic Institute in the chair "Conveying Machines". He graduated from the institute in 1972. Climbing began studying at the institute in 1969. In 1971, Mr.. married. Wife Galina is also a mountaineering. Two dete1 - son, Michael, 1972 g.r. and daughter, Alena, 1974 g.r. From 1972 to 1974. - Served in the army as commander of a tank platoon.

In 1969. - First vertex Sofrudzhu in the Caucasus.

. Parallel gorovoshozhdeniyami actively engaged in climbing, and the greatest successes were in the latter.

. 1975 - III place in Krasnoyarsk, packs in the USSR Championship.

. 1976 - III place in the individual climbing the Championship AUCCTU in Sudak, vypolnilnormativ master of sports of rock climbing
. He graduated from the school instructors in a / l "Elbrus".

1977-1980 - working as an instructor in a / l "Dugoba."

1978 - The absolute champion of the tournament Abalakova on climbing. In the USSR team travel to France. Climb the arete Bonatti on Petit Dru (Mylovsky, Ivanov, Ilyinsky, Lapshin and Pershin).

1979 - III place in doubles race at the national championship in Yalta. Performed the standard MMR on mountaineering.

1980 - In conjunction with Balezino 1 month made 10 ascents 5.6 kat / tr. Performed the standard Master of Sports in mountaineering.

1981 - III place in bundles at the USSR championship on climbing in Armenia.

1982 - III place in bundles in the Championship in the All Sudak. The first expedition team Efimova on p.Engelsa (South-Western Pamir).

1983 - I place in the technical grade of the ascent to the peak of Blok.

1984 - participated in the collection of the USSR team in the Caucasus winter. Climbing on board the ice Shkhelda 5B cat / mp. In Hamburg score was on the 1 st place. Pobeda Peak, the first seventhousander. The fall of the USSR team - Japan, competition climbing + climbing Mount Fuji.

. 1985 - I place a full-time technical class at the Championship of the USSR during the ascent of the Free Korea on m-tu Bezzubkin.

. 1986 - Ice climbing p.Kommunizma
. Frostbite feet and hands, 3 months in the Institute Sklifasovskogo. In July - climbing team captain at p.Suraysha. In high-altitude class II place in the Championship of the USSR.

1987 - Participation in the selection of Kanchedzhangu in the USSR team. Winter collection Elbrus was successful. After climbing in the summer of p.Kmmunizma in the main team missed, probably a negative for the high impact treatment after frostbite in 1986. After collecting even went to p.Kommunizma on NE wall.

1988 - p.Aksu North. the center of the right of the bastion, the first ascent. The violation of the duration of the ascent (11 days, on no more than 10 days) in the Championship of Russia is not considered. Then - II place in the ice-class championship of the USSR in the Jets-Oguz.

1989 - Climbing in the High Tatras, in t.ch. Gerlahovky peak.

1990 - Zimneee ascent Ullu-Tau 5B. In the summer of participation in the qualifying collection of Cho-Oyu. Collection of glaciers. Moskvina. Climbing before that at p.Lenina. Before collecting in pair with Sergei Timofeyev one-day climb p.Korzhenevskoy for 14 hours from base camp to base camp. As part of this climb p.Korzhenevskoy and p.Kommunizma.

1991 - Preparations for the expedition on Cho Oyu ascent of Khan-Tengri and Pobeda. Climbing fall of Cho-Oyu on East Ridge (new route). Awarded the rank of master of sports of international class.

1992 - Participation in an international expedition led by J. Scott at Nanga Parbat (Pakistan). Planned a new route - Traverse Mazeno peaks with access to the top. For the acclimatization on the way down hit the rockfall. Flying over the rocks 1000 meters, miraculously survived.

1993 - Dhalagiri the North Face, new route.

1994 - Spring - McKinley on the western ridge. Autumn - Irkutsk part in an expedition to Everest from Tibet. Reached the altitude of 8,000 m. Weather conditions did not permit to climb to the summit.

1995 - p.Baruntze (7,220 m) on the Western Wall, the new route. Recognized as the best climbing season in the Himalayas. III place in the Championship of Russia, high-altitude class.

1996 - Spring - unsuccessful expedition on Annapurna on the way Bonington. Autumn - for one expedition to climb two eightthousanders Cho-Oyu and Shisha Pangma.

1997 - Spring - Home of Lhotse expedition from / to the edge, which had planned to climb to Lhotse Middle. Autumn - Ama Dablam. II place in the Championship of Russia, high-altitude class.

1998 - The ascent of Everest from Tibet in honor of 275 anniversary of Ekaterinburg.

1999 - France, the ascent of Mont Blanc on Aug. 11 on the day of solar eclipse.

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  • Pershin Valeriy

Photos of Valery Nikolaevich Pershin
Valery Nikolaevich Pershin

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Valery Nikolaevich Pershin, photo, biography
Valery Nikolaevich Pershin, photo, biography Valery Nikolaevich Pershin  Honored Master of Sports, multiple champion and winner of the USSR and Russia, the climber at the eight-Cho-Oyu, photo, biography
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