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Stenkovoy Maxim

( Mountaineer)

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Biography Stenkovoy Maxim
photo Stenkovoy Maxim
About it and about myself
Maxim Stenkovoy, Moscow, 1996.
I remember very well when Maxim first appeared in our training. A boy with curly hair and a cheerful smile, in my opinion, he came to record the fight, the hall was closed and he and his friends stare as we trained. In our proposal to try to climb the most ardent desire, he said. He appeared at the next workout, and now we saw him almost every day. Soon Pantyukhina Larisa S., our first coach, given the success of Maxim in climbing, transferred him from the group of newcomers to our own.

He quickly caught up with us without any problems mastered the group with those who trained for a couple of years more of his. Commencement of travel for competitions, training camps. First prize 3rd place in junior tournaments in Sevastopol and the implementation of the rules are the result of PBC his regular workouts. Together, we are trained and have a second coach Paukaeva Alexander Viktorovich, he became masters of sports of Ukraine and World junior champion.

Natalia Kudrenko, head coach of office Climbing in g. Nikopol, Maxim now has support in training process.

Everything is changing, and we. Now we live in different cities, we remain good friends, meet in competition and we are still binds climbing.
Max, on the passport Stenkovoy Maxim
Hello everyone who knows me and who does not know. I'm Max, on the passport Stenkovoy Maxim. Do not really want to strain the detailed story of his biography, but some, in particular, describe the main points.

Born August 16, 1982 in Ukraine. If you look in the horoscope, I Lev.

Preschool passed as one day, and when I turned 7 years old in 1989, I went to the first class. Probably the first 5 training classes left in my memory is not very bright print. Every day the same thing: the school before lunch, after - the lessons that I have diligently taught the remaining couple of hours spent with friends. So it was up to the moment when I enrolled in a section of rock climbing.
Maxim. Nikopol
New acquaintances, frequent visits were to my liking. The school gradually fades into the background. Over time, sport was the meaning of my life.

A lot of hours, going to training, and professionalism of the coach gave a good result. In 1998, I fulfilled the norm "Master of Sports of Ukraine, and then did not stop and in 1999 received the title of International Master of Sports. Competitions, which took place very often, do not leave time for lessons. Grown up, starting with 10 classes, was to communicate more with friends, with girls, in a word - resting. And so it went my school years, which surely everyone left a trace in memory.
Austria, Imst. World Junior Championships 1997.
After graduation in 1999 from the Dnepropetrovsk Institute on gymnastic coaches Faculty. Of course, studying at the Institute strain than in school, but in its own way interesting, especially when so many athletes in the group!

. In addition to climbing and learning, I love to rest with friends in a disco club, where a lot of interesting people, fun and music that influence my views, interests and style
. I love progressive rock and progressive music in general directions. When I look in the mirror, I understand that these trends impact on my appearance.
. For example hair, which every month undergo dyeing in different colors and patterns, pants that barely held the hips, sweaters, sweatshirts for three or four sizes larger than necessary, and finally a set of earrings in his ears.

. Maybe it until I'm 18 years old, but I have not tired
. In a city where I live, these people enough, do not like to be like the others, the more that girls like it, but what else should. Maybe some of my written does not seem serious, but on the other hand, think ... because I only 18 years!

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  • Maxim Stenkovoy, Moscow, 1996
  • Maxim. Nikopol
  • Austria, Imst. World Junior Championships 1997.
  • Stenkovoy Maxim

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Stenkovoy MaximStenkovoy MaximStenkovoy MaximStenkovoy Maxim

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    Stenkovoy Maxim, photo, biography
    Stenkovoy Maxim, photo, biography Stenkovoy Maxim  Mountaineer, photo, biography
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