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Hirshbihler Barbara

( German climber)

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Biography Hirshbihler Barbara
Climbing ee is the elixir of life.
. Despite the terrible blows of fate, she remained loyal to the mountains.
. Barbara Hirshbihler: silent star of German mountain climbing.

. Climbing routes "Pumprisse" and "Locker vom Hocker", climbing Drew on the western wall, Alpomayo in Cordeliers Blanco in Peru or winter ascent of the north wall ortlerite
. All this are the stages of climbing career to Score, agree, comes from a number of "normal consumer". In the archives of these chem voshozhdeniyaN some Barbara Hirshbihler. Teacher from poselka Shenau lying near Lake Kenigzee Berhtesgadenskih in the heart of the Alps.

Alpinistsy rock was fatally attached to the cradle ee. Ee father died in an avalanche, which buried several members of the German expedition in the Karakorum. This happened when Barbara was a sharp week-old. Despite this ee mother spent much time with her and with ee's brother Albert in the mountains. Albert quickly began serezno mountaineering and very quickly recognized a couple of successful ascent. He was the first partner in a bundle for his sister.

She has always been a voracious athlete. More precisely extreme athlete. Independence from that than it would not deal with: climbing, mountain biking, ee path always vel top. As she says on this subject:

"in front of me to be podem, otherwise I do not get pleasure from the movement".

Ee further career was almost zaprogramirovanna. Ee friends as well as life partner, Martin Lyaynauer persuaded ee tseleobraznosti classes in sport climbing. Since then, she started to systematically. But tournaments on artificial relief not particularly like her.

"Endless ride by car from stage to stage, climbing into the room ... No, this is not moe ".
In addition, she had to admit that such competitions, the starting stress requires special training.
"I was always a bit worse than we, and it seemed to me that this is beacause of a stupid mistake that I'm climbing allowed. A man makes silly mistakes always ".
Despite the fact that she got even better ten she went through a year of professional rock climbing. She looked into this life, but very quickly bored and returned to the outdoor.

Turning away from the sport she turned the same way from the "Promotion".

"Some can itself successfully" on sale ", thank God I do not have to do it, because I have another permanent source of income. Ideally, I would like to go on climbing for yourself. Routes and climbing is my passion, I need it. Does anyone else about my climbs vse me quite well ".
It is therefore neudevitelno that she was in the scene very well known, and for the general public an unknown person. In sportskalolazane for nee lost peace. The need for what would you nistalo pass route in the following competitions are pressing on the psyche and it nehochet afford it more. And she absolutely nenravitsya, it is a race to climb with someone. So she turns away from the competition and otdaet vse svoe time passing superslozhnyh routes on the rocks. Enumeration of tours that she was made to honor any man. The fact that Martin was the most difficult keys is first ee quite disturbing. The meaning of the degree of experience, a check mark in the notebook is unimportant.

Then fate deals a blow following: Martin breaks down during the winter traverse Watzmann and is divided into the eastern wall of the giant Dumping. Barbara can not get over. How could this happen, he walked most naikruteyshie wall in the Alps, but died on 2A at the threshold of his house ....

Start vse first and revise the whole heart of this tragedy was very difficult. In addition, some time after the breakdown of her husband died ee mother, who so strongly supported ee and gave strength to continue life. She idet on the first solo ascent. It feels bad to imagine another svyazochnika in place of Martin. Ee return to the mountains was completely incomprehensible to many. She responds to it that the mountains are not to blame for the tragic fate of the people close to her, and despite the vse they belong to one of the main components of ee life. She priznaet that for higher climbing goals she would have to forgo many other. It just do not want to.

She does not like to talk about himself, and during our conversation we talked much more about the people close to her, friends and about their accomplishments than about her. Nodes in our conversation took a very small part.

Barbara works as a teacher in school.

"I need this part of my life. It's like a counterbalance to my mountain life. Working with children is something very enrich, almost sacred. I get great pleasure from contact with children, the opportunity to give them that in good stead. Climbing this occupation is highly egocentric and does not make others benefit, and in school I can give a little something that individuals in the road and not only English, which I prepadayu ".
It has to organize his schedule is very tough, because, aside from work, she has a very wide range of interests. She goes to the opera, is engaged in photography and works in the center for troubled teens, we note not being paid for it nor penny. But the most important thing in life is ee mountain.
"Yes, this is a painful addiction, she says, but in life there are much worse pathological dependence".

Despite the fact that ee brother Albert is paralyzed after a failed breakdown he opdderzhal sister morally and materially when it met with a countryman Alex Huber in the first eight-ee. To Barbara with ee tendentsiee to an underestimation: nonsingular achievement.

"I myself do not see anything special on this mountain already stoooolko people were ..."
After visiting Tebete, it was The outstanding strength of Tibetans and therefore started a project to build schools in the area of Kailas. All proceeds from their tour with a slideshow, it takes at the expense of future schools.

Barbara is a very clear idea of what she wants in life. There are several goals that it wants to achieve.

"I go to the top, because I want to survive this neperedovaemuyu atmosphere that exists there."
But she had already worked quite well svoe relation to the ascent, during which the top ostaetsya elusive.
"If I were forced to retreat, then do it quietly. I do not live under pressure from what is achieved. I was at the top or not to do with my life nothing to do ".

In pozoproshlom year, after climbing Cho Oyu is men went to the Tian Shan, which went on to classics from the north to Khan Tengri. She came back with the best impressions of these mountains, and most importantly our people. There, it became clear my eternal nostalgia not so much in their native mountains (the Alps cover my ambitions to 150%) how many of the people and this neperedovaemoy atmosphere. Guitars, songs, Glacier .... She met there with many people. She tells me about zahleb Yuri Moiseev and other friends.

A couple of weeks, Barbara goes to Everest. She tries as part of a German expedition to climb the highest mountain in the world without using supplementary oxygen. Let's wish the success of this courageous and infinitely good woman.

Igor Ivashura, February 20, Berchtesgaden.

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Photos of Hirshbihler Barbara
Hirshbihler BarbaraHirshbihler BarbaraHirshbihler BarbaraHirshbihler Barbara

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Hirshbihler Barbara, photo, biography
Hirshbihler Barbara, photo, biography Hirshbihler Barbara  German climber, photo, biography
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