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( Athenian statesman, orator, strategist)

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Biography Pericles
444 - 429 years. BC
Xanthippe, the father of Pericles and his mother Agarista belonged to the most famous Athenian birth. Xanthippe became famous during the Greco-Persian wars. He commanded the Athenian fleet and defeated the Persians at Mycale promontory off the coast of Asia Minor. Agarista came from the same kind Alcmaeonidae that Cleisthenes, the famous political figure, whose laws are finished in Athens with the sole authority of rulers and established democracy. Already at birth Pericles, strong and healthy child, startled the unusual size and shape of the head. This shortcoming has remained with him all his life, and to hide it, the portraits of Pericles is always depicted wearing a helmet. But the writers of comedies in every way abused unusually large head of Pericles and called it Lukovitsegolovy.
Pericles received an excellent education. He taught and music and prosody. He listened to the lectures of the philosopher Zeno, who was a master and knew how to argue a number of clever objections put the enemy at bay. But most of all friendly with Pericles in Athens who moved from Asia Minor philosopher Anaxagoras, whom his contemporaries called "Reason". This person claimed that the events are governed not by the gods, and the mind through which one can understand the whole world around us.
Large knowledge and natural ability to make fine speeches of Pericles in form and deep content. His gait was measured, clothing has always been correct folds, it has always remained calm and balanced.
In his youth, Pericles was afraid of being ostracized because he was rich, belonged to the noble rolu and his friends were the most influential people in the State. In addition, said Pericles, like the tyrant once ruled Athens Peisistratos. Aged even amazed at how his voice and manner of speech resembled the speech of the Athens of Pericles tirana.Boyazn exile forced to move away from public affairs. But he participated in numerous campaigns and distinguished valor and bravery.
When Pericles was young, the leader of the Democratic Party was Ephialtes, on the proposal which had been deprived of power aristocratic council - Areopagus. Pericles was a close friend of Ephialtes and held the same political beliefs. The enemy had sent to Ephialtes assassin, and the leader of the Democrats fell from his hands. At the head of the Democratic Party has remained one of Pericles.
For forty years Pericles was one of those who stood at the head of state. After the expulsion of Thucydides his influence became so strong that the people entrusted to him the full administration of the state, and within fifteen years Pericles annually elected strategist. He cared about the welfare state, without any indulgence to the whims of individual citizens and not succumbing to the mass, when under the influence of the time it would take the wrong decision. Usually, he managed, with the support of the people, but it happened that he had to lead the people against their will in ways useful to the State. Thus Pericles was imitating a doctor who for the benefit of the patient causes him pain or gives a bitter, but the healing medicine.
When he died, friends and relatives, sitting at the bedside of Pericles, and remember how great was his prowess and intelligence. Forty years he participated in political life, oderzhivaya victory over the enemies of Athens. Friends said, thinking that the dying man lost consciousness and did not hear them. Suddenly pripodnyalsyai Pericles said: "You praise me for being committed and many others, but about the very great that I did not say anything. After all the years of my reign, no Athenian was not executed on my order ".
Only when Pericles died, the Athenians realized what a remarkable leader, they lost. Even the opponents were forced to admit that the great authority of Pericles, based on the love and support of the people, was saving bulwark of the State. Many people do not notice it until Pericles was alive, but now, when he died, it became clear to everyone.

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Pericles, photo, biography
Pericles, photo, biography Pericles  Athenian statesman, orator, strategist, photo, biography
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