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ALBERT II (Albert)

( The King of Belgium from 1993)

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Biography ALBERT II (Albert)
photo ALBERT II (Albert)
King Albert II was born in Brussels, in the castle Chateau du Stuyvenberg, June 6, 1934. King Albert II, won the title of the birth of the Prince of Liege, is the son of King Leopold III and Queen Astrid, born Princess of Sweden, and the great-grandson of King Albert I and Queen Edlizabet.

August 29, 1935 The Prince lost his mother - Queen Astrid was killed in a car accident in the town Kussnaht (Kussnacht) in Switzerland.

May 10, 1940, when Belgium was occupied by Gemaniey, Prince Albert, accompanied by his elder sister, Princess Josephine-Carlotta, and his elder brother, Prince Baudouin, went first to France and then to Spain. At the request of the Government of Germany princes returned to Belgium on Aug. 2, 1940. They continued their education until 1944 at the royal castle in the Ardennes. In June 1944, . when there was allied invasion of Normandy, . Leopold III, . Princess Lilian, . wife of Leopold III, 1941, . and the royal children were deported to Germany, . and then at Strobl, . Austria, . American Army liberated from their May 7, 1945,
. Because of the political situation in the Belgian King Leopold III and his family could return home soon, and left Austria in October of that year to settle in Switzerland, where they remained until July 1950. Prince Albert, meanwhile continued his education at Geneva College.

King Leopold III, accompanied by Prince Baudouin and Prince Albert, he returned to Belgium, July 22, 1950. Shortly after returning home King Leopold III decided to abdicate in favor of Prince Baudouin, who became thus the King Baudouin I.
July 2, 1959 Prince Albert married Donna Paula Ruffo di Calabria of the Italian family, consisting of kinship with the Italian royal family. At King Albert II and Queen Paula have three children: Prince Philippe, born April 15, 1960, Princess Astrid, born June 5, 1962, and Prince Laurent was born Oct. 19, 1963.

In 1962, Prince Albert was elected Honorary President of the Belgian Office for Foreign Trade. In the 31 years tenure Prince presided over almost a hundred economic tasks in the world and visited many Belgian companies active in the export. In 1984, Prince Albert established a fund for training of foreign professionals. In addition, Prince Albert is the president of the General Fees General Bank Savings and Pensions (since 1954) and president of the Belgian Red Cross (since 1958).

In the execution of a variety of functions, Prince led projects in urban planning, protection of the countryside, tourist attractions and monuments. In 1969 he was invited by the Council of Europe take the place of the President of the Conference of European Ministers responsible for the protection of cultural and architectural heritage.

In 1993, the brother of Prince, King Baudouin I, died. August 9, 1993 Prince Albert took the oath before the Parliament of Belgium and became the sixth King of the Belgians
Signing the new Constitution of February 17, 1994, King paid a visit to Parliament. In addition, he participated in various events organized on the occasion of new elections.

In the course of his daily audiences in the palace of the King meets with representatives of political, economic, social, cultural and sporting life of the country. Each year, King is hosting more than twenty Heads of State and representatives of international organizations.

A variety of events held with the participation of King Albert's more than a hundred times a year in different parts of the country, allow the King to stay abreast of all that worries the people of Belgium. However, some activities of the King have for him a special interest, such as unemployment, education, or general welfare. Also, the King keeps track of all private or public projects in the field to address these problems.

As chief of the armed forces of Belgium, King Albert II has the rank of Lieutenant General and Vice-Admiral. He takes an active part in developing and reforming the structure of the armed forces, and makes decisions in the field of military activity in Belgium at the national and international levels

. His Majesty King Albert II visited a public official visits to Luxembourg in March 1994, Sweden in May 1994, Spain in September 1994, Denmark in May 1995, Germany in July 1995, Finland in June 1996 and Japan in October 1996.


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ALBERT II (Albert), photo, biography
ALBERT II (Albert), photo, biography ALBERT II (Albert)  The King of Belgium from 1993, photo, biography
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